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Personal selling byjb


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definition, types, advantages & disadvantages, etc.

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Personal selling byjb

  1. 1. A product that is well conceived and produced through the Combination of the most modern technologies and the best of inputs cannot sell itself. There is the need for the existence of such product to be made known to the target market. A good or service should respond favorably to the marketing mix which will result to the full performance of any good or service in the market. However, an important element of the marketing mix is promotion, otherwise known as marketing communication. This is the element that brings the existence of product or service to the awareness of consumers or clients. It further educates potential and actual buyer of a product on the Selling benefits, availability, price and9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal usage, 2
  2. 2.  Personal Presentation by the firms’ sales force for the purpose of making sale and building customer relationship. Personal selling consists of interpersonalinteractions with customers and prospects to make sales and maintain customer relationships.  (Marketing management, 12th edition) By P. Kotler and Armstrong  Personal selling is a promotion via sales pitch by a sales representation to aprospect or by a retail assistant to a customer, guaranteeing e xposure to self-selected member of a target market.  Marketing By Crosier, 1994)9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 3
  3. 3.  Personal selling is oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale.  The personal selling may focus initially on developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately PERSONAL end with an attempt to "close the sale". SELLING9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 4
  4. 4.  Personal selling is one of the oldest forms of promotion. It involves the use of a sales force to support a push strategy (encouraging intermediaries to buy the product) or a pull strategy (where the role of the sales force may be limited to supporting retailers and providing after-sales service). Generally Insurance Companies and Direct Sale Markers use personal selling to promote their products and services by the help of his commissioned based individual distributors. 9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 5
  5. 5. Kotler and Armstrong, (2008)posits that personal selling is thepersonal communicationbetween a firm’s sales force andcustomers for the purpose ofmaking sales and buildingcustomer relationship.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 6
  6. 6. Is the interpersonal part of the promotion mix that can include:  FACE- TO- FACE COMMUNICATION  TELEPHONE COMMUNICATION  VIDEO OR WEB CONFERENCING9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 7
  7. 7.  Personal Selling involves selling through a person-to- person communications process.  The emphasis placed on personal selling varies from firm to firm depending on a variety of factors, including the nature of the product or service being marketed, size of the organization, and type of the industry.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 8
  8. 8. Wotruba has identified five distinct stages of personal selling evolution: 1. Provider Stage: Activities are limited to accepting orders for the suppliers available offering and conveying it to buyer. 2. Persuader Stage: Selling involves an attempt to persuade market members to buy the supplier’s offerings. 3. Prospector stage: Activities include seeking out selected buyers who are perceived to have a need for the offering as well as the resources and authority to buy it.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 9
  9. 9. 4. Problem-solver stage: Selling involves obtaining the participation of buyers to identify their problems, which can be translated into needs, and then presenting a selection from the supplier’s offerings that corresponds with those needs and can solve those problems.5. Procreator stage: Selling defines the buyer’s problems or needs and their solutions through active buyer-seller collaboration and then creates a market offering uniquely tailored to the customer.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 10
  10. 10.  TRADE SELLINGThe four types of personal involves the increase in the volume selling are: of the company’s sales by 1. trade selling, 2.missionary selling providing promotional assistance to 3.selling, technical selling the intermediaries. Trade Selling is business selling selling products to wholesalers and retailers for resale purposes. Ex. Organic food, natural products, fertilizers, etc.  Trade Show - an exhibition or fair at which manufacturers display their products for the benefit of visiting wholesalers and retailers.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 11
  11. 11. MISSIONARY SELLING  NEW BUSINESS SELLINGA missionary type of sales job is used to obtain new accounts for theinvolves convincing someone who producer. This involves the salesmenhas never used a product to buy it. looking for new opportunities or newEx. Selling financial planning or users for his company’s product in hislife insurance and other financial territory. Ex. Car shopping usually startsproducts typifies the missionary with online research. Consumerssales job. The missionary involves perform research on makes, models andeducating someone about an idea car prices. They also read reviewsor concept and convincing them written by model owners. Positionto have faith in that concept. yourself in the market to use the Internet not only as a reference source, but also as a method for selling cars. 9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 12
  12. 12.  TECHNICAL SELLING trying to highlight certain features of a product or service, in the hopes that it will connect with the buyer on that level. Here’s an example of Technical Selling. A computer programmer walks into COMPUSA and is approached by a salesperson. The programmer is not looking for assistance from the salesperson in the form of, “You probably want something black, easy to use, and that everyone on your block is probably using”. He is likely looking for something more technical, in the form of, “The RAM on this computer will speed up your applications allowing you to develop your programs with greater ease”. This technique focuses on the intellect of the other person.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 13
  13. 13.  Personal selling process 7 The steps include;consists of several steps that Prospecting(Kotler and Armstrong, 2008). 1. Pre-Approach 2. Approach The objective of these steps 3. Presentation and is to get new customers and Demonstrationobtain orders from them. 4. Handling objections 5. Closing the Sale 6. Follow-Up9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 14
  14. 14. 1. Prospecting: The salesperson identifies qualified potential customers.2. Preapproach: The salesperson learns as much as possible about a prospective customer before making a sales call.3. Approach: The salesperson meets the customer for the first time.4. Presentation: The salesperson tells the “product story” to the buyer, highlighting customer benefits.5. Handling Objections: The salesperson seeks out, clarifies, and overcomes customer objections to buying.6. Closing: The salesperson asks the customer for an order.7. Follow-up: The salesperson follows up after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 15
  15. 15.  The responsibilities of a salesperson are categorized under different head by different authors. One classification divides this responsibilities into two groups- Service Selling & Developmental Selling. However, the most widely accepted is the one suggested by Anderson, which is as follows:1. Order Taking  Once the initial sale has taken place, the creative seller may be replaced by an order taker, whose role is much more casual.2. Creative Selling/ Order Getting  Creative selling jobs may require the most skill and preparation. In addition to prospecting, the salesperson must assess the situation, determine the needs to be met, present the capabilities for satisfying these needs, and get an order.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 16
  16. 16. 3. Order Supporting  They are not directly involved in selling products but acts as a support staff for the front-line sales personnel. They are of two types: ▪ Missionary Salespeople ▪ Technical Specialists  The missionary reps introduces new products, new promotions and/or new programs, with the actual order to be taken by the company’s order taker or by a distributor representing the company’s goods. e.g. Medical Sales Representatives  Technical Specialists assists the order-oriented salespeople in selling products by providing technical information about the product and technical assistance for installation, design of the product etc.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 17
  17. 17. Likes Dislikes Knowledgeable Unprepared Empathy Uninformed Well-organized Aggressive Promptness Undependability Follow-through Poor follow-through Solutions Presumptuousness (Going beyond what is right or proper) Punctuality Walk-ins Hard-work Compulsive talkers Energetic Problem-avoiders Honesty Lack of personal respect9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 18
  18. 18.  ADVANTAGES: 1. Allowing for two-way interaction- In selling situations the message sender (e.g., salesperson) can adjust the message as they gain feedback from message receivers (e.g., customer). 2. Tailoring of the message- It is Flexible . So if a customer does not understand the initial message (e.g., doesn’t fully understand how the product works) the salesperson can make adjustments to address questions or concerns. 3. Lack of distraction 4. Involvement in the decision-process 5. Source of research information 6. Has an interactive nature of personal selling that makes it the most effective promotional method for building relationships with customers, particularly in the business-to-business market. 7. Personal selling is the most practical promotional option for reachingcustomers who are not easily reached through other methods.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 19
  19. 19.  DISADVANTAGES 1. Inconsistent messages 2. High cost - It is expensive maintaining this type of promotional effort due to the high per-contact cost involved. Costs incurred in personal selling include high cost-per-action and training costs. 3. Poor reach- Can not reach mass audience 4. Potential ethical problems/Intruding nature of the method/ Conflict - The biggest disadvantage of selling is the degree to which this promotional method is misunderstood. Most people have had some bad experiences with salespeople who they perceived were overly aggressive or even downright annoying. 5. Job turnover in sales is often much higher than other marketing positions 6. Labour intensive/Numerous calls or salestalking needed to generate sale9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 20
  20. 20.  1. Physical Quality  2. Mental Quality  3. Integrity of character  4. Knowledge of the product and the company  5. Good behavior  6. Ability to persuade9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 21
  21. 21. I t is said that selling makes the World go around . For it is somebody who sold some thing to someone else who in turn sold it to us . Let us consider the case of food products . The fertilizer company sells urea to the farmer who sells his produce to the food processing firm like Pepsi or Britannia; who after processing the agricultural produce , sells it to the wholesaler who in turn sells to the retailers and they sell the same to us .Had it not been for the salesperson, the standard of living of an average person would have been much lower. Selling is crucial to economic growth, political systems and an individual’s and family ‘s life-styles .It is so fundamental that every time we try to convince others, we sell. In such cases we sell ideas. Politicians sells ideologies .Research scientists sell researchers Any time we Advocate an idea, a cause or a product , we sell.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 22
  22. 22. >>> end. Editsbyjbluberas.9/24/2012 Promotional Mix: Personal Selling 23