Online Reputation Management (ORM)


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Jazzap Introduces the Guide to Online Reputation Management (ORM). The Guide will demonstrate businesses how to assess, build, track and monitor their online reputation.The Answers to questions Like Why do you need an Online Reputation?, Who cares about your Online Reputation?,How can a Negative Online Reputation Affect you?,How do you assess your online reputation?,How Build Your Reputation, etc. All the Questions Simply answered by Online Reputation Management Agency Mumbai.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  1. 1. JAZZAP Pvt. Ltd.Online and Offline Marketing Agency
  2. 2. The subsequentOnline ReputationManagementGuide will demonstrate Businesseshow toAssess, Build, Track and MonitortheirOnline Reputation.Online Reputation ManagementLet’s Start…
  3. 3. When prospectiveare searching for YOU on the InternetCustomersWhat do they see?ClientsEmployeesAnd OthersOnline Reputation Management
  4. 4. I hate this Site !!!Number 2 listing of your Site or BrandAnd Blah Blah..One or twoOne or two bad thingsBad ServiceBad QualityAfter Sales SucksI like product “a”Its Usefulnice thingsThey see Stuffs like…On GoogleORORORAOnline Reputation Management
  5. 5. People believe“Search Master”what they See and Read.And especially when its on theOnline Reputation Management
  6. 6. Soooo ! ! ! !Why do you needOnline Reputation ManagementThe Big QuestionOnline Reputation Management
  7. 7. If you don’t Control your Brand“As Simple as that”A.k.a.Someone else will…ONLINECompetit rsOnline Reputation Management
  8. 8. There are more Opportunitiesthan ever before to quickly RankIf you don’t Protect yourselfSomeone can easilyPost Comments Make a video Create a blog postFile a complaintPromote your competitionDevelop a hate siteand more against YOU…Negative or Insulting results.Consumer CourtForumsOnline Reputation Management
  9. 9. Managing Online Reputation shouldn’t be taken Lightly.It is a Mean of Defence and it is The Best Practice.If you value Your Reputationyou need to put a reputation management strategy in placeAs Soon As PossibleOnline Reputation Management
  10. 10. Who cares about your Online Reputation?One of the most frequently asked questions.Your online reputation can be seen in a number of ways.•Whether You’re Selling a productSomeone is going to turn to a SEARCH ENGINE to Learn and Know more about YOU.•Looking For An InvestorOr•Trying To Score a Date•Seeking EmploymentOnline Reputation Management
  11. 11. The most common groups who care about your IMAGE are:•Prospect Consumers•Current or Future Business partners•Stock holders•Investors•Marketers•Journalists•Prospective employers•Co-workers•Personal contacts•And the “Competitors”Online Reputation Management
  12. 12. .As damaging as an industry-wide boycott of your products or servicesHow can a Negative Online Reputation Affect YOU ?No one likes a Negative Image, Similar is the Concept of Online Reputation..The consequence of a negative online reputation may be as delicate as auser clicking on a Competitor’s search result instead of yoursORIt’s like some walking towards your Shop and buying from the Shop next to you.That’s Gonna Hurt Right ?Online Reputation Management
  13. 13. How do you Assess your online reputation?Most users won’t even bother to look past the first page or two ofsearch results, so you only need to look at a couple pages for eachkeyword on the major search engines. Start with simple searches onGoogle, Yahoo and MSN for all that apply:.Your Name.Company.Brand(s).Product(s).Handles / UsernamesOnce you’ve searched for the relevant keyword phrases on each search engine, use a simplespreadsheet or list to determine whether you need to manage your online reputation andwhere you need to.Online Reputation Management
  14. 14. Now that you’ve recorded the top thirty search results for each relevant keyword phrase andsearch engine, tally the results. You want to record how many were Negative, indifferent andhow many weren’t about you. These numbers will tell you whether you need to build or manageyour online reputation.If it Favours you then well and GoodIf NOT then…If you find that you have a number of search results ranking for your name/companythat aren’t about you (especially in the top 10), OH boy that’s a Problem.You will need to start building your ReputationWhen consumers, shareholders, employers, the media, etc.are seeking information about you, you want them to find relevant and positive results.Now to the important point,How Build Your Reputation ?Online Reputation Management
  15. 15. How Build Your ReputationProtect Your NameThe first step to building your online reputation is to REGISTER YOUR USERNAME all across thenet. Purchase all relevant domains and sub-domains.If you haven’t yet, also register your username with these five essential socialnetworks; then Hurry Up:•Facebook•MySpace•LinkedIn•Twitter•PinterestUse a service like to quickly check and register yourname, handle, company, products, high profile employees, domain, etc. across more than twohundred social networks.Next Up Step TwoOnline Reputation Management
  16. 16. Once you’ve secured your username, you need to protect it. If it’s a personal account,manage your privacy settings. Keep Open what you want to share and Hide what youdon’t want to.Set Privacy SettingsFor e.g.:Step ThreeOnline Reputation Management
  17. 17. Monitor Online ReputationAn important component to building your online reputation is to monitor what isalready being said. You can use the Free Tools likeFeed Reader, Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, etc.orPaid ones Trackur.Many other tools are available in the market that are especially Customized andDesigned to track mentions at real-time basis with quite accurate data. If youwish to know more about to particular Tools Contact us.Step FourOnline Reputation Management
  18. 18. Get InvolvedWhat’s being said about you? It’s time to get involved.“Talk, Communicate, Evaluate, Explain, Take Suggestions, Respond“Besides building your credibility, each of the following suggestions will help strengthenyour rankings in the search engines.Now that you’ve secured your usernameSet up your profiles and created ways to track your keywordsYou have to dive into the conversation.Beside Accessible Own Your NegativesRespond to CriticismAndOnline Reputation Management
  19. 19. Be AccessibleMost reputation problems start because the user isn’t able to effectively communicate with the business orindividual. Then, in frustration, they turn to “simpler” channels like Twitter, blogs or complaint sites. To helpcombat this, display accurate contact information on and off-site. If you can’t respond within 24 hours, tellusers that you will get to them within a specific time frame. Provide multiple forms of contact information.Some users will not want to contact you through email or the telephone. Make both options available tothem.Own Your NegativesWhy would you ever purchase the domain [companyname] Because if a user is searching for analternative to your brand or looking to express frustration, wouldn’t you like a chance to win them over? Byranking for your negatives, you give your company one last chance to convince a user why they should staywith your service or give your product another try. You should also purchase negative domains so thatothers can’t make a simple hate site and rank on domain relevanceRespond to CriticismOnce you start monitoring your online reputation and you discover there are negative comments beingmade, how should you respond? If someone is genuinely upset, contact them and try to resolve the issue.Don’t get defensive, just apologize and give them something comparable to the situation whether it’s apromise that they’ll be treated differently in the future, a refund or free products/services. If the userappears to be a troll, a response may not be the best solutionOnline Reputation Management
  20. 20. Managing Online Reputation shouldn’t be taken Lightly.It is a Mean of Defence and it is The Best Practice.If you value Your Reputationyou need to put a reputation management strategy in placeAs Soon As PossibleAs We suggested BeforeOnline Reputation Management
  21. 21. If you find yourself facing a serious reputationmanagement problem besides the given,Contact us for top endOnline Reputation Management ServicesWe are Professionals at itOnline Reputation Management
  22. 22. This is Just A TeaserTo Know More AboutONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT(ORM)JazzapDrop a Mail at and We’ll Contact you.JUSTOnline Reputation Management