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Jazz Tyrril-Smart 2012 Visual Resume


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Over the past 14 years Jazz Tyrril-Smart has had extensive experience in event management and marketing for a variety of companies such as not-for-profits, event management firms, national associations, unique venues, government and the corporate sector.

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Jazz Tyrril-Smart 2012 Visual Resume

  1. 1. Jazz Tyrril Smart
  2. 2. and this is the 2.0 versionof my resume
  3. 3. I live hereBRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
  4. 4. I love turning THIS
  5. 5. …into THIS
  6. 6. and I have done THAT all over HERE
  7. 7. EVERYTHING from small board room MEETINGS
  8. 8. to LARGE outdoor events for THOUSANDS
  9. 9. Who haveI done thisfor?Not-for-ProfitsNational AssociationsVenuesGovernment SectorCorporate Sector
  10. 10. What have Ilearnedalong theway?learn·edadjectiveConnected or involvedwith the pursuit ofknowledge, especially ofa scholarly nature.
  11. 11. Advanced Diploma of Event Management 2009, One Step Further
  12. 12. Diploma of Business Marketing2010, Southbank Institute of Technology
  13. 13. Continuous ImprovementEvent ProductionAdvanced Venue CreativeAdvanced Project ManagementMarketing, Public Relations & RelationshipsJournalism WorkshopSmart Marketing WorkshopCreating an Effective Business WebsiteSocial Media MentoringDigital Business StrategiesInvestigate & Design eBusiness SolutionsHarnessing the Power of Social MediaCloud ComputingSearch Engine OptimisationLocal Search MarketingSmart Phone & iPhone App DevelopmentQR CodingInterior DesignAttracting and Securing Champions
  14. 14. Whatmakes metick?TechnologyCollaborationGood DesignEvent ArchitectureDynamic WorkCulture
  15. 15. I’m a teamplayer!team·worknounCooperative orcoordinated effort onthe part of a group ofpersons actingtogether as a team orin the interests of acommon cause.
  16. 16. I love achallenge!out·comenounA conclusion reachedthrough a process oflogical thinking.
  17. 17. Getting themessageout·mu·ni·ca·tionnounThe imparting orinterchange of thoughts,opinions, or informationby speech, writing, orsigns.A document or messageimparting or transmittingnews, views, information,etc.
  18. 18. I’m aDreamweavercre·at·ingadjectiveTo cause to come into being,as something unique thatwould not naturally evolve orthat is not made by ordinaryprocesses.
  19. 19. Strongmoralcompassin·teg·ri·tynounAdherence to moraland ethical principles;soundness of moralcharacter; honesty.
  20. 20. I’m unique,not thecookiecutter type.o·rig·i·nal·i·tynounThe quality or state ofbeing original.Ability to think or expressoneself in anindependent andindividual manner;creative ability.
  21. 21. I’m aGlass HalfFull.pos·i·tiv·i·tynounThe state or characterof being positive: apositivity that acceptsthe world as it is.
  22. 22. Promotions Technology Savvy Event ManagementRelationship Sponsorship Marketing CommsManagement Budget My Web Management Skill Set Development Brand Management PR Social Advertising Design Media Skills Project Sales Management
  23. 23. But don’t take my word for it...But don’t take my word for it
  24. 24. “ Jazz has been great to work“ with because she understands how a A pleasure to know such a website is valuable as a marketing ”pure working machine, I found Jazz tool & how to use be both effective & superproductive in the face of major Robert Jesshopeadversities & deadlines.Rodd Sanchez ”Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist Business Development Manager, Digicon “ Jazzs experience & attention to detail is nothing but exceptional. Jazz’s ability to “ Jazz is incredibly efficient. She has to be with the huge number of tasks demanded of her. I wish I interpret a brief into an innovative, creative yet modern event within a specific budget is first class. I learnt knew how she manages to achieve a lot whilst working with Jazz, so much, so beautifully while still specifically event experience and being so warm and friendly! Jazz is the one who makes it happen. Megan Hills ” professional demeanour. Tammy Frethey ” Sponsorships Governance Adviser, Content Collaborator & Marketing, Queensland Rail Ethical Practice
  25. 25. So, REACH out & make CONTACT – we could be a great TEAM!