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Youth subcultures


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Youth subcultures

  1. 1. A youth subculture is a youth-based subculture with distinct styles, behaviours, andinterests. Youth subcultures offer participants an identity outside of that ascribed bysocial institutions such as family, work, home and school. Youth subcultures thatshow a systematic hostility to the dominant culture are sometimes described ascounterculturesExamples of youth subcultures:●Punks●Chavs●Emos●Ravers●GothsThe study of subcultures often consists of the study of the symbolism attached toclothing, music, other visible affections by members of the subculture, and also the waysin which these same symbols are interpreted by members of the dominant culture.Socioeconomic class, gender, intelligence, conformity, morality, and ethnicity can beimportant in relation to youth subcultures. -Wikipedia
  2. 2. Victor Karani holds a distinctive, uniquestyle and youth culture. His backgroundis multi-cultural; Kenyan, Swiss andAmerican . His image can be portrayedas being independent, gifted andadvanced, and his style can be seen assophisticated. His passion andcommitment is reflected in his music,especially in his lyrics.As the music artist currently studies atSAE (sound audio engineering institute),this creates a large influence , however Ialso think that his lifestyle is the biggestinfluence. Victor fits perfectly into thecategory of hip-hop/ conscious rap ashe promotes the style and youth culturefound typically within the genre.
  3. 3. I have chosen these images because Ithink they represent Victor and his style/youth culture the best.
  4. 4. The main aim of the style and subculture aspect of the music video is to continuously representthe music artist within the hip-hop genre. My chosen artist, Victor Karani typically represents amusician who enjoys informing others about his life and current affairs. By researchingthoroughly into Victor’s lifestyle, I am able to classify him into a certain stereotype; this will workboth ways as the audience will understand his lifestyle and culture, as well as myself.While researching youth subcultures and stereotypes, I came across an overview on hip-hop and‘gangster rap’ which I found interesting as I think Victor does notintentionally mean to promote:“Gangsta rap is one aspect of hip hop culture. Hip hop has given youth in the ghettoes a newidentity, one that has arisen in opposition to mainstream culture. This hip hop identity is now aworld-wide phenomena, the cutting edge of global youth culture. The "gangsta" identity bothrepresents the drama of the streets, but also the "merchandizing of the rhymes of violence" byprofit hungry media companies. As KRS-1 and others tell it, the media companies promote themost outrageous stereotypes of "violent, vicious" Black youth while ignoring the rappers whorepresent the positive and political side of ghetto life.”
  5. 5. Hip hop fashion is a distinctive style of dress originating with African American youth onthe scene of New York City, Philadelphia, the San Francisco BayArea, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta and St. Louis among others. Each city contributed variouselements to its overall style seen worldwide today. Hip hop fashion complements theexpressions and attitudes of hip hop culture in general. Hip hop fashion has changedsignificantly during its history, and today, it is a prominent part of popular fashion as awhole across the world and for all ethnicities.This research has given me further ideas on the styling of my music artist and video.Despite Victor representing the hip-hop image very well, if he dresses to suit his cultureand ethnicity to his track , it will compliment the music video thoroughly. 1980s 1990s Gangsta style
  6. 6. Music artist style: black/navy jeans, Music video: heavy use of black & white baseball cap? ‘in the making’ studio shots? expensive jewelry exposure of typical plain t-shirt /baggy jacket conventions of hip-hop such as graffiti conflict imagery (class, society) This hand movement refers to heaven or the stars.I am influenced by the contrast betweenblack & white, I think that it represents astronger style for both the music videoand the music artist.