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Music director research


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Music director research

  1. 1. Music Video Director Research
  2. 2. Joseph KahnJoseph Kahn is an American music video, advertising andfeature film director, who is known especially for beingawarded multiple Music Video Production awards. Theseachievements consist of winning several MTV VideoMusic Awards, in 2002 he won his first Grammy forEminems "Without Me" video which also won the MTVVMAs Best Video of the Year, as well as Best Direction.He started directing in 1999 where he started his ownproduction company, Supermega, which is listed under HSIproductions. Kahn has also directed commercials forAcura, Bacardi, BMW, , Vodafone, Budweiser, PlayStation,and other well recognised brands.Despite both filmography and videography careers being highly successful, Joseph Kahn has also succeeded in the commercialindustry. In 2011, he launched an Old Navy music video style campaign which attracted over a million YouTube hits in the firstweek. Joseph Kahn also has his own website which heavily promotes himself as a music video, advertising and feature filmdirector. The website includes his biography, music videos, TV spots, films and recent news regarding Joseph Kahn and his career.After researching Joseph Kahn, I have become increasingly aware of his many achievements and how he has made his markwithin the media culture/society. I really like the multi-specialised director due to his commitment and passion towards musicand film. Kevin Thomas of the Los Angles Times stated: "The irony is that for pure cinematic artistry it arguably outdistances someof the more prestigious current offerings. It is a very knowing venture, marking the feature debut of music video veteran JosephKahn."
  3. 3. The music video, advertising and feature film director has worked with many diverse music artists, such as:Dr.Dre, Gwen Stefani, Destiny’s Child, George Michael, Blink 182, Christina Aguilera, Chemical Brothers,Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Moby. All of these artists each have reached their peak within a certain era,reflecting the fact that Joseph Kahn has successfully promoted their star persona, also he has continued topromote himself as a multi-media director.What I really admire about Joseph Kahn’s work Is that he enables each music artist to seem individual fromthe others. For example, the music video he created for Lady Gaga in ‘Love Game’ has attracted 81,543,256hits partly because of its quirky narrative. Personally I think that Lady Gaga is known to have ‘out of theordinary’ generated music videos to match her star persona; all of her music videos so far have displayed acreative and unusual style , reflecting Joseph Kahn having the ability to maintain Lady Gaga’s reputation.
  4. 4. “Gravel Pit” by Wu-TangClan, is my favourite musicvideo in which Joseph Kahnhas created and directed.The first time I saw the videoback in 2000, I wasimmediately attracted to thenarrative and editing. I likethe setting of thevideo, 2000 BC, due to thefact most music videos areset within the present tense.Joseph Kahn has maintainedhigh quality in editing andperformance throughout themusic video. Although hedirects many diverse musicgenres, “Gravel Pit” is aperfect example of how hehas managed to representthe hip-hop band entirely.The idea for the narrative ofthe music video isindividual, as well asinfluential.
  5. 5. Joseph Kahn Official Website: