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Main Image Although there are other images on the contents page which invite the reader to continue reading the magazine, ...
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Mixmag contents page 2 analysis


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Mixmag contents page 2 analysis

  1. 1. Main Image Although there are other images on the contents page which invite the reader to continue reading the magazine, the main image is the most attractive. Personally I think this picture has been used to emphasise a certain theme of youth and recent music culture. The fact that ‘ Don’t stay in! Go out! Have fun!’ has been used alongside the photograph, connects the quote to the image. This image relates to the ‘Don’t Stay In!’ sub-heading feature of the contents page. Regular features that appear in a magazine refers to furniture, also used to mean the graphic devices used to indicate differing sections of the magazine or a page. Skyline The skyline runs across the top of the page. For ‘Mixmag’ the skyline displays the name of the music magazine, the month and year of the issue and ‘contents’ to instruct the readers that this is the contents page. Also, the skyline uses all different fonts which has been primarily used to add creativity to make it more appealing to the target audience. Columns ‘ Mixmag’s’ contents page is on a double-page spread which consists of two pages. It features one column; flush left which compliments the layout and design of the music magazine. Sub Headings Sub-headings of the magazine are classed under fashion, tunes, tech, Don’t Stay In! and regulars. This indicates that editors of the magazine have researched on what kind of subjects to include so that readers can be attracted; ‘fashion’ may be targeted at readers who are interested in the latest trends, ‘tunes’ may be targeted at readers who are particularly interested in the music industry, which is one of the main features in a music magazine. ‘Tech’ may be targeted at readers who have an interest of technology, ‘Don’t Stay In! suggests this is not a regular feature of the music magazine but is an advertisement and ‘regulars’ may be targeted at regular monthly readers who are used to the house style and features. ‘Big questions’ included under the ‘regulars’ sub-heading suggests an agony column; a regular feature where reader’s letters about personal problems are answered. Usually written by an agony aunt but there are some agony uncles. Other features Alternative features such as a small copy of ‘Mixmag’s’ front cover contributes to the layout of the contents page. The image is presented under ‘contents’ which suggests it is reflecting the front cover to the content page. Display advertising is another feature of ‘Mixmag’, advertisements in which large type or images are used to attract the reader’s attention in distinction of classified advertising. One of the images links to the ‘fashion’ section of the magazine, whereas the other links to the ‘tunes’ section of the magazine. ‘Mixmag’ has also used the white on black effect which increases the contrast of the images and highlights the fonts and colours used. Contents analysis, page 2.