‘ATM’ is a shorter version of the title of the
magazine ‘Atmosphere’, the producers of the
magazine may have done...
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Dizzee rascal ATM front cover analysis


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Dizzee rascal ATM front cover analysis

  1. 1. Masthead ‘ATM’ is a shorter version of the title of the magazine ‘Atmosphere’, the producers of the magazine may have done this to become more attractive to the younger target audience. The target audience can relate to slang type words rather than formal. Main Image The artist’s star persona is the main feature of the image of Dizzee Rascal; it expresses his attitude and ambition towards his music character and how he wants to be perceived by his fans. Dizzee Rascal’s body gesture suggests he is serious about his music, also he respects the readers and fans of himself and the magazine. This main image is strong according to the colour chosen for the singer’s item of clothing, which creates informality. Many from the target audience may be influenced by his dress sense. Freebie Free gifts are an attractive feature of a magazine. ‘ATM’ has included this on the front cover to invite readers to listen to the free CD; as well as purchasing the magazine. For this issue of ‘ATM’ the free CD is the main element of the magazine which is promised to persuade more readers, potentially resulting in circulation. The freebie compliments the style and layout of ‘ATM’ suggesting the magazine is up-to-date and following the latest fashion. Cover Lines Words such as ‘free’ and ‘in the mix’ are used to appeal to the target audience, they also attract potential readers with the type of language used. The left third Within ‘ATM’s left third it includes what is featured in the magazine. Each band is clear to the audience by the layout of the magazine and how it is represented. Compared to other magazines this left third does not consist of many articles or cover lines; this may be because of the general style or fashion genre of this magazine. Features Each feature of the magazine represents what it is about, for example the background is subtle but compliments the main image and magazine features. The cover mount is one of the main features of the magazine, the ‘free gift’ attached to the cover of the magazine attracts the target audience. There are many features of ‘Atmosphere’ which could potentially increase the circulation of the magazine such as the cover mount, main artist and bands included.