Analysis of survey results


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Analysis of survey results

  1. 1. Analysis of Survey Results
  2. 2. My initial target audience were males aged between 18-21.56.3% of respondents were male; I targeted more males than females due to the nature of the music artist. 75.0% were aged between 18-19 18.8% between 20-21 6.3% between 22-23This has increased the validity of my results as most respondents were within my target age group. What genre of music would you class my music video/artist as? 88.8% classed the genre of the video as hip/hop 11.2% classed the genre of the video as R&BDespite hip/hop and R&B appearing as similar genres of music, I am happy that I succeeded in representing Victor Karani as a music artist of the hip/hop genre.
  3. 3. Do you think the music video clearly represents Victor Karani as a music artist? 81.3% agreed fully 18.7% agreed sometimes I am extremely pleased with these results as they show there is a direct link between the music artist and his star persona. I added a clip at the end of the music video in effect of Victor’s personality; it shows that he can be serious about his music as well as being himself.Does the music video remind you of any other similar narrative music videos? 12.5% agreedOne respondent specified “Eminem stan. Nature of the black and white video.” This response is not entirely valid as it does not apply to the narrative of the music video. I am not surprised that most respondents were not reminded of any other similar narrative music videos due to its uniqueness.
  4. 4. Do you think the camera angles and type of camera shots are conventional of this genre of music? 75% agreed fully 25% agreed sometimesI took risks in order to attempt to make the camera angles and type of camera shots conventional of hip/hop and conscious rap music videos. I am pleased with these results as it shows most of camera angles and shots worked well. Is appropriate clothing used? 87.5% agreed I researched quite deeply into youth subcultures and the styling of the artist which reflects the percentage of respondents who agreed that appropriateclothing was used. In order to increase this, I think that I could feature close- up camera shots of his clothing.
  5. 5. Is the editing effectively used within the music video? 81.3% agreedI am very pleased with these results and responses as I did notentirely follow the flat plans due to a change in setting and country,making it more difficult and time consuming. The response, “it usesa good mix of different cut away shots but isn’t overcomplicated”reassures me that although I didn’t entirely follow the flat plans,the editing still went well.
  6. 6. Is there a link between the setting and the music artist? 73.3% agreed Although there are aspects of the setting which suggest the music video has not been filmed in England, it is not entirely clear. However the respondents who know Victor haveidentified the setting as being Switzerland. In order to inform others that the video was filmed in Switzerland, I included a clip at the end of Victor saying that he was in Switzerland.
  7. 7. Overall, how would you rate the music video?I am quite pleased with the overall rating of the musicvideo. Personally I would have liked more respondentsto class the video as ‘good’ instead of ‘average’ as Ispent a lot of time editing, however I agree that I shouldhave followed the flat plans a bit more and been moreorganized with the planning