Analysis of modestep sunlight


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  • Analysis of modestep sunlight

    1. 1. I really like this music video as it includes both a studio performance and narrative. It contradicts the daily routines of pensionerswhich illustrate the video; activities such as getting drunk, taking illegal drugs and going to gigs are stereotypical prospects of ayouth generation.In comparison to Emalkay ‘Fabrication’ and Nero ‘Guilt’, not every music video from Modestep features a full narrative, only thetop-rated tracks. From my research I found that the reason for this is that the predicted views and sales of certain tracks are nothigh enough to fulfill the budget of a music video, in addition the track may not qualify within for example ‘the top 20 chart’ andmay attract only a certain type of audience.
    2. 2. Andrew Goodwin states ‘there is a relationship betweenthe lyrics and the visuals (with visuals either illustrating,amplifying or contradicting the lyrics) of a music video.The music video for Modestep ‘Sunlight’ signifies arelationship between the lyrics and the visuals, thesevisuals contradicting the lyrics in a way that the wholegenre of the video is not taken literally, for example theliterature of the lyrics expect the audience to be preparedfor a music video which features visuals within the lyrics.The visuals contradict the lyrics completely by surprisingthe audiences’ expectations of the video; typically afterlistening to the song you would visualize the music videoto feature general youth expectations.However, this music video represents the band’s imageand identity well by making the video humorous , alsocontradicting the subject of youths and what they do intheir spare time.The lyrics for ‘Sunlight’:Put on those shadesAnd wave to yesterdayThe sunlight hurts my eyes[x?]Sunlight hurts my [x5]Sun [x?]The sunlight hurts my eyes [x?]Dont look to the skiesEyes [x5]
    3. 3. The narrative of the music video manipulates an everyday routine of elders. Establishing and over the shoulder shots are used inorder to create a relationship between the narrative and the audience, this may appeal to a younger target audience as the use ofrecreational drugs are shown.At 0.39 there is a shot through the CCTV camera, these camera techniques link to Andrew Goodwin’s characteristics of music videos,that there is likely to be references to voyeurism, where viewers are granted an exclusive interaction with the subject group.The song is known as Sunlight (2011) in download sites because the song was modified by the band from a 2010 demo versionwhich was not released commercially.