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Analysis of emalkay


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Analysis of emalkay

  1. 1. Emalkay ‘Fabrication’ is a narrative music video, it tells a story through visual narration. The lyrics are in sync with the images andillustrations played throughout the music video, it begins with a man walking into a building, presumingly his house, with the useof a long shot to establish the setting of the video. Dark colours are heavily used to ensure focus on the character, also strobelights highlight the features within the video which contribute to the narrative.Joe Gow identified six central genres of music video all of which are defined in terms of their relationship to the display of theperformance. He quotes ‘the anti-performance piece-videos which do not contain performance of the song’, this applies to‘Emalkay-fabrication’ due to its narrative.
  2. 2. Youtube provides video responses which enablesviewers to have their own say on every music video.Anyone can comment on the video, however somecomments are not objective ; some are subjectivedue to the lack of reference to the music artist ortrack. Video responses can be seen as a positive andnegative feature of youtube; it is an open forum topersonal feelings about the video, however viewerscan criticise the music video as much as they want.Comments such as ‘this is dirtier than a nun doingpower squats in a field of cucumbers’ and ‘filthy’suggests viewers are of a younger audience. It alsosuggests that by describing the video metaphorically,viewers have reacted positively. Due to the narrativeand connotations of Emalkay ‘Fabrication’ drug use ismentioned which reflects the representation ofEmalkay and its music, also the type of targetaudience who listen to this genre of music.Overall, the video responses to this music video havebeen positive. It is evident, that from the type ofvocabulary used, a young audience who enjoylistening to genres such as dubstep and drum andbass have watched this video. Additionally there is ahigh rate of responses due to the amount ofcomments made about the video, reflecting there is aclear relationship between the artist and theaudience.
  3. 3. This sidebar of each music video uploaded to youtube navigates viewers to other music videos of the same artist of similar genre.These All of these music videos are of the same Suggestions increase the awareness artist ‘Emalkay’ or similar music artists and knowledge of other artists, all which viewers of youtube have chosen artists featured within the ‘other to view next. suggestions’ panel are signed to UKF music (dubstep and drum and bass genre record company). This also increases the awareness of the record label. Each preview of music videos on the sidebar shows who the video has been uploaded by and how many viewers have viewed the video.‘Modestep’ is seen to be of a similar artistto ‘Emalkay’ within the dubstep genre ofmusic.