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Lit ict mash up 2013


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Sharing ideas at the Southland Literacy Association Tips for Teachers night

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Lit ict mash up 2013

  1. 1. Lit/ICT Mash Up Recount Writing
  2. 2. The Mash Up Overview... Written Language Maintaining and monitoring the structure and language features used in daily recount writing. Oral Language Reading recount to Skype buddy and providing feedback for buddy writing. Listening Learning and using effective listening skills. Google Site Composing recount on Super Writers Google Site using iPad or computer. Skype Once a week skyping to complete writing process with the use of specific feedback. YouTube Provides students engaging resources to hook interest.
  3. 3. Written Language Making Weekly / Daily journal writing a meaningful context
  4. 4. Using Learning Intentions Every Monday students are given a learning intention for the week. - Whole Class / Focus Group L.I & S.C - Specific next steps - Maintaining editing via an edit check bookmark - Independent Learning
  5. 5. Learning Intentions Provide... Reference, example, interest in task
  6. 6. Integration of iPads 2 iPads = 2 students composing their recount onto the Google Site using the iPad. Timeframe Mon - Thurs Thurs - Fri students read work written by their buddy and complete feedback form, making specific links to learning intention.
  7. 7. Skype Friday Every Friday the students who have been the Super Writers for the week will use the class audio booth to Skype while classroom instruction continues.
  8. 8. Use of Google Site Check out the site - L.I and S.C - Resource pages - Students individual pages - Comments for buddy feedback - Examples provided by teacher - Links to writing sites
  9. 9. Google Site advantages Collaborative Team Teaching approach Provides evidence of students learning and achievements Visual resource that can be referred to anytime and from anywhere
  10. 10. Students Voice - enjoyable - fun to write for other students - WALT’s help keep me focussed - it is great to choose my own topic
  11. 11. Teachers Voice - Writing for an audience other than classmates - encourages students to extend themselves for a specific audience - Individual ownership of writing, feedback and Skype sessions