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This is my PowerPoint for my computer concepts class I how you love because I like to share a lot my photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.

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  1. 1. Methods Or Websites Jazmine Roberts
  2. 2. Facebook • Facebook is really where you share media, photos and music. • If you want your friends to see your photos or listen to music that you like Facebook is the best website to share stuff to. • It get an first expression on yourself. • Facebook is the first to your employers
  3. 3. Instagram • Instragram is a website where you share photos and videos you can’t really share music • It’s a great website to show your friends and family is up to on a daily • It’s a great way to expression your feelings • Instragram is a great way to communicate with photos and videos
  4. 4. Dropbox • You can’t really share video’s or music to the drop box you can only share photos • Dropbox I love it because you drop your pictures in and you can just leave it in the box until later • Dropbox is the best website out there for photos • Dropbox is a great way to share photos so friends will see • Dropbox is where you can make your face look funny