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Family History project

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  1. 1. FAMILY HISTORY Jazmine Mendoza
  3. 3. My fathers side is from Zacatecas, Mexico
  5. 5. My Grandma moved to the United States in the year of 1950. My Grandpa moved in 1945.My Grandma had moved to PasadenaMy Grandpa moved to Los Angeles
  6. 6. Then they met and both moved to El Monte together in 1962.
  7. 7. Together they opened a small Mexican Food restaurantWithin time they had to close it because it wasn’t doing so well.My Grandmother was a homemaker and my Grandpa worked for a company that made parts for airplanes.
  8. 8. FOOD They ate traditional Mexican food - Carne Asada , Pork, Chicken - Tortillas - Rice and BeansExcept for Fridays, they couldn’t eat meat for religious reasons.
  9. 9. RELIGIONMy Grandparents were raised Catholic in which they chose to stick with that religion. - Although they weren’t very religious, my Grandma went to Church sometimes on Sundays.
  10. 10. MOVED…After their family started to grow (They had 7 children) they decided to move.They moved in 1975 to Hacienda Heights
  11. 11. TRADITIONS Every Christmas our family makes tamales On Christmas Day everyone goes to my Grandparents house to open gifts and eat.
  12. 12. TODAY Until this day my Grandparents still live in Hacienda Heights They still live in the same exact house they did when they first moved
  13. 13. MY MOTHERS SIDEMy Grandma was born in Santa Barbara , Chihuahua, MexicoMy Grandfather was born in Columbus, Chihuahua , Mexico
  14. 14. UNITED STATES My Grandpa came to Deming, New Mexico when he was 5 years old My Grandma came to Juarez, Mexico around the same age; 5 years old.
  15. 15. THEY MOVED AGAIN They both moved to El Paso, Texas when they were teenagers; about 15 years old. Then they eventually met around the age of 18 years old
  16. 16. WORK My Grandma worked at a Grocery store My Grandpa worked at Diary corporation -My Grandma then started working for the same company too.
  17. 17. FOOD They ate traditional Mexican Food and American food. - Rice and Beans - Tortillas - Carne Asada etc. - Hamburgers - Pizza. Etc.
  18. 18. RELIGION They were both Catholic - They were not very religious but they did go to church on Sunday every now and then.They did not eat meat on Good Friday
  19. 19. THEY MOVED… They got married in 1962 They moved to L.A; they lived there for about 5 years. Until their family starting growing. They then moved to La Puente and lived there for about 16 years.
  20. 20.  My grandparents then moved to West Covina because the La Puente area wasn’t a very good area to live in. They lived in West Covina for about 15 years until…. My Grandma passed away due to cancer. My Grandpa sold the house the following year.
  21. 21. TODAYMy Grandpa lives in Chino CaliforniaHe actually lives about 5 blocks away from my house.My moms side of the family doesn’t have passed on tradition -For holidays we sometimes get together to celebrate, however it’s very rare when we do.
  22. 22. BOTH SIDES OF MY FAMILYToday both sides of my family all live very close together. - Everyone lives in the same city. My moms side all lives very close in Chino/Diamond Bar area. - My Dad’s side of the family all live in the same area as well. They all live in Hacienda Heights.