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Jazmine Kane Portfolio

  1. 1.  Introduction Jungle Books Piggy Bank Project Mini-Adventure Works Project
  2. 2. This portfolio is designed to give examples of my SQL Server 2008 skillset. I completed a six month intensive, hands–on, project orientedprogram through the SetFocus SQL Master’s Program. I gainedknowledge and valuable experience in T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS putting theSQL Server skill set to use in a simulated work environment. I alsolearned administrator responsibilities such as security, mirroring,replication, snapshots and isolation levels.
  3. 3. Jungle Books was an T-SQL assignment where we were givena series of statements and wrote SQL queries. Some wereuser inputs followed by a button click.
  4. 4. In this example the userwill input five in thetxtMinimumToal for field. Itdisplays all the recordswith a total greater than orequal to 5. The totalrepresents the sum of allquantity order amountsper ISBN.
  5. 5. This example gives a reporton credit cards that haveexpired and credit cards thatwill expire soon. The outputdisplays the expiry date ofthe card for records with anexpiry date prior to 30 daysafter the current date indescending order.
  6. 6. This example displays thelargest number of items soldper order. The outputdisplays the total number ofitems they ordered by thelargest quantity first.
  7. 7.  The goal of this project was to implement a functional bank database. The interaction with this database is done with user stored proceduresand views. The customer procedures were built to create and update customeraccounts.The account stored procedures were built to create checking andsavings accounts, close or re-activate accounts, deposit, transfer, orwithdrawal-purchase funds, and update interest rates. ATM vies were created so the customer could get their accountbalance, transactions, account history and customer summary. DDL triggers were implemented to guard against unwanted table andview changes.
  8. 8. This is an example of a stored procedure to create a checking orsavings account. When opening an account, the initial depositrequirement must be greater than $20.
  9. 9. The account table must beupdated reflecting that anew account was opened.
  10. 10. The transactions tablemust also be updated toreflect the deposit that wasmade into the account. Ifany errors occur it will becaught by the catch block.
  11. 11. This is an example of a stored procedure to deposit funds ina specific account. The deposit amount must be greaterthan $0.
  12. 12. The deposit transaction is inserted into the transactions table and theaccount balance is updated in the account table. If any errors occur itwill be caught by the catch block.
  13. 13. This view allows a customer to view their accounthistory .
  14. 14. This view allows a customer to get their currentaccount balance.
  15. 15. This is an example of a trigger which does not allow thedeletions or alterations of tables or views.
  16. 16.  The Mini-Adventure Works project is a load process. The SSIS packages were built to import data from.CSV flat files. An SSRS report was designed and deployed to thereport server.
  17. 17. The Import Products package imports products from a comma delimited file.The packages either inserts or updates rows in the products table. .
  18. 18. The Import Order package imports order details and header information from fourcomma delimited files to the proper table. The processed files are moved toanother folder when the package is ran. The results are emailed to a specifiedrecipient.
  19. 19. Data Flow
  20. 20. Data Flow
  21. 21. This report shows the vendor sales per year. The report includestotals per year and per vendor and the grand total. The report canbe filtered by shipping method.