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Second chance group


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Second chance group

  2. 2. Enrollment Curriculum Staff Reputation
  3. 3. Second Chance group will partner with NGS to:  Market & Recruit  Enroll Students  Revise & update curriculum  Vet & hire faculty  Develop courses in LMS  Develop online & hybrid courses  Site supervision
  4. 4.  SCG will develop a marketing plan for the MSM program  SCG will market & recruit students for the MSM program  SCG group will fill two student cohort groups of 20 students each
  5. 5. Integrated marketing Permission marketing Engagement marketing Drip™ marketing
  6. 6. Timed, planned, targeted follow up campaign
  7. 7.  SCG will work with NGS and students to enroll in the MSM program  SCG will assist cohort students to gather, complete and submit qualified applications to the MSM program
  8. 8.  SCG will conduct an academic review of all the course and curriculum in the MSM program  SCG will update and revise courses to rigorous academic standards that will satisfy NEASC, best practices for online education, and business requirements for hiring MSM graduates
  9. 9.  SCG will recruit, experienced, qualified adjunct faculty to teach in the MSM program  SCG will vet the faculty and submit for NGS approval
  10. 10.  SCG will develop course support using an open source LMS  The LMS will provide faculty & students with an online resource to enhance delivery of instruction and the learning for the students
  11. 11.  SCG will develop hybrid and online courses  The hybrid and online courses will be rigorous and maintain the quality of student learning  Hybrid and online courses will assist students completing their degree and extend the reach of NGS
  12. 12. Before we started marketing & recruiting:  929 Fall 2007 While at BSU, our marketing & recruiting plan enrollment success:  1,790 Spring 2008  1,713 Fall2008  1,870 Spring 2009  1,877 Fall 2009  2,021 Spring 2010
  13. 13.  SCG will provide site supervision to assist students with courses and registration  SCG will work with NGS to locate and attain facilities for remote classrooms
  14. 14.  Recruit 2 cohorts groups of 20 each  Adjust tuition to work for military and business tuition reimbursement programs  $16,500 tuition for 12 course/36 credits/MSM in QM  $660,000 Revenue from 1st cohort groups A 60/40 revenue sharing agreement 