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A presentation by Nate Aune at the LinuxTag Conference 2007. With the rise of podcasting and sharing multimedia content online, there is a growing need for tools that help content producers publish multimedia to their website. We will discuss Plone, a popular open source CMS, and the Plone4Artists suite of products which streamlines the process of publishing of videos and podcasts.

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LinuxTag presentation: Multimedia and Podcasting with Plone

  1. 1. Podcasting and Multimedia with Plone LinuxTag - June 1, 2007 Berlin, Germany Nate Aune
  2. 2. Who is this guy? • Musician - saxophonist and composer • Hacker - Open source developer • Consultant - Web content management (Plone)
  3. 3. Code for beer Snow Sprint 2004
  4. 4. Play for beer Grosetto, Italy
  5. 5. Agenda • What is Plone? • What is Plone4Artists? • Overview of features • Example sites • Demo • Questions
  6. 6. What is Plone? • Open source content management system • Built on top of Python programming language • Protected by the Plone Foundation, similar to the Apache Foundation • Strong multilingual support, workflow, open standards, scalable • Used by Free Software Foundation, Ubuntu Linux, Creative Commons, Open Source Development Labs, Nokia, eBay, CIA
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. What is Plone4Artists? • Grassroots project to build an out-of-the-box portal solution for artist communities • Built on top of the Plone, an open source CMS • Publish multimedia content and podcasting • Assign Creative Commons licenses to content • Community tools - rating, commenting, profiles • Easy to install and pre-configured
  10. 10. Why is this important? • Lack of free and open source tools for building online communities with video, audio • Alternatives: MySpace,YouTube, Google Video = CLOSED • Need control over server and OPEN access • Need better tools to aggregate audio, video, podcasts, events • Need for microsites to serve and nurture local communities
  11. 11. Features • Drag-n-drop addition of content (WebDAV) • Upload content via Flash upload tool or Java applet • Extraction of audio/video metadata (ID3) • Playback of audio and video in browser • Podcasting and vodcasting (RSS 2.0)
  12. 12. Features cont... • Transcoding (convert video to Flash) • Creative Commons licensing • Artist/band portfolios • Community: tagging, rating, commenting, blogs
  13. 13. Example sites • Community sites • • • • • Demo multimedia products at
  14. 14. Drag-n-drop via WebDAV WebDAV mounted Plone folder Drag-n-drop to Plone
  15. 15. Drag-n-drop photos Drag-n-drop photos Plone/PIL auto-resizes photos to WebDAV folder
  16. 16. Drag-n-drop MP3s Drag-n-drop MP3s to MP3s appear in audio container WebDAV folder
  17. 17. Metadata extracted Song Metadata Plone4ArtistsAudio (from iTunes) auto-extracts ID3 tags
  18. 18. Embedded Flash MP3 player Music player extended
  19. 19. Video in Plone • Supports all major video formats: • Quicktime • Windows Media • Real • Flash • Playback • Native players installed in browser ( • Flowplayer for FLV Flash files
  20. 20. Video playback
  21. 21. Creative Commons licenses
  22. 22. Community contributions • Tagging • Rating • Commenting • Blogging
  23. 23. Products All the software products created for the Plone4Artists project. Plone4ArtistsSite Auto-configures a Plone4Artists site by installing and configuring all the products. The full package includes Plone4ArtistsAudio, Plone4ArtistsVideo, Plone4ArtistsCalendar and ContentLicensing, so you don't have to download those separately. Plone4ArtistsAudio Upload a normal File to your Plone site, and Plone4ArtistsAudio will detect it as an MP3 or Ogg file and quot;decoratequot; it with metadata. ArtistSite ArtistSite provides the core content types for building an artist community website: artist, group, sitemember, recording and audio file. Plone4ArtistsTheme Custom skin/theme for the Plone4Artists package. Plone4ArtistsVideo Upload a video file to your Plone site and it is automatically detected as a video file, and an appropriate player is used on the view page. You can also add videos that are hosted at Google Video, YouTube,, etc. and they will be embedded in your Plone site. PloneFlashUpload
  24. 24. Global Team of Developers
  25. 25. Russ Ferriday (russf) Wales
  26. 26. Alec Mitchell (alecm) Los Angeles
  27. 27. Lennart Regebro (regebro) Paris, France
  28. 28. Jonathan Lewis Tokyo, Japan
  29. 29. Sasha Vinčić (sashav) Malmo, Sweden
  30. 30. Christof (reco) Nate Aune Peter Holzer NYC (natea) (hpeter) Boston Zurich
  31. 31. Jodok Batlogg (batlogg) Dornbirn, Austria
  32. 32. Vincenzo Barone (wooda) Naples, Italy
  33. 33. Rocky Burt (rocky) Canada
  34. 34. Plone4Artists links • Plone4Artists • • Subversion repository • • Mailing list - send an email with ‘subscribe’ as the subject to • • IRC - irc://
  35. 35. Plone4Artists sprint • • Intense 5 day hackathon/powwow/jamsession • Volunteer developers meet in BostonAll are welcome! Free to participate. • July 18-22, 2007