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Issue 507

  1. 1. Здравствуйте, дорогие получатели рассылки! Предлагаем Вам 507-й выпуск электронной рассылки для кыргызстанских выпускников программ Госдепартамента США. Вы получаете данное сообщение потому, что Вы либо являетесь выпускником программы обмена, спонсируемой правительством США, либо Вы запросили данную информацию. В настоящее время в списке получателей рассылки зарегистрировано более 1000 электронных адресов. Электронная рассылка для кыргызстанских выпускников программ Госдепартамента США предназначена для информирования о мероприятиях, проводимых для выпускников, а также для распространения новостей и объявлений от АЙРЕКС, АКСЕЛС, Посольства США в Кыргызстане и других организаций о вакансиях, грантовых программах, стипендиях для учебы и стажировок и других возможностях для личного, академического и профессионального роста. Информация рассылается один раз в неделю. Вы вправе распространять ее среди всех заинтересованных лиц. Для Вашего удобства, теперь выпуски электронной рассылки доступны по адресу: Если Вы желаете распространить какую-либо информацию по данной рассылке, пожалуйста, отправьте соответствующее сообщение на адрес alumni- не позднее 13:00 каждую среду. Сообщения, отправленные напрямую на электронный адрес рассылки, блокируются. Сегодня 2 июля. В этом выпуске: 1) ANNOUNCEMENTS/ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ: 1. RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME FOR OSCE COUNTRIES IN COPENHAGEN OR VIENNA. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 2. ADVANCED ACADEMIA FELLOWSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS 2014 IN SOFIA, BULGARIA. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 3. LUNG HEALTH MEDIA TRAINING BARCELONA, SPAIN 2014. DEADLINE: JULY 18, 2014 4. THOMSON REUTERS VIDEO NEWS COURSE IN TBILISI, GEORGIA. DEADLINE: AUGUST 1, 2014 5. CALL FOR ARTISTS! RESIDENCE SUPPORT PROGRAM 2014-2015 IN JAPAN. DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2014 2) VACANCIES / ВАКАНСИИ: 1. VACANCY: RESEARCH FELLOW, THE INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION (IPPA). DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2014 2. VACANCY: DIRECTOR OF LEGAL AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA, BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN. DEADLINE: JULY 14, 2014 3. VACANCY: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT/CASHIER, USAID/KYRGYZ REPUBLIC (USAID/KR), OSH, KYRGYZSTAN. DEADLINE: JULY 14, 2014 4. VACANCY: PROJECT MANAGER, DCA CA/EIDHR PROJECT ENTITLED “SIMPLIFYING CIVIL REGISTRATION, SECURING HUMAN RIGHTS”. DEADLINE: JULY 4, 2014 5. VACANCY: PROGRAM COORDINATOR (TWO POSITIONS), THE CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA, DEADLINE: JULY 10, 2014 6. ВАКАНСИЯ: HR-АНАЛИТИК, ЭЛ ГРУП КОНСАЛТИНГ, БИШКЕК, КЫРГЫЗСТАН. ************************************************* ANNOUNCEMENTS/ ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ ************************************************* 1. RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME FOR OSCE COUNTRIES IN COPENHAGEN OR VIENNA. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 Deadline: 1 May /1 October Open to: graduate students of political science, law and international relations from universities in OSCE countries Fellowship: housing, stipend of 564 Eur monthly Description The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly International Secretariat regularly engages eight or nine graduate students of political science, law and international relations from universities in OSCE countries as Research Fellows. The primary duty of the Fellows is to conduct substantive research on various projects for the Assembly and to provide assistance to its officials and staff members. Research Fellows regularly prepare briefing reports for parliamentary delegations, including for election observation missions and official visits by Parliamentary Assembly Members. They also assist in the planning and execution of meetings of the Assembly, work with Assembly Committees, follow the work of OSCE Field Missions, and assist in the drafting of various Assembly
  2. 2. reports. In addition, Fellows are at times asked to help draft speeches and statements and write papers on special projects undertaken by the Assembly’s Secretariat. They also assist with day-to-day practical work in the office such as copying, filing and other necessary chores. Fellowship Fellowship positions are granted for six month periods. Housing is provided free of charge and all Research Fellows receive a small stipend of 564 euros per month, which covers minimum living expenses in Copenhagen or Vienna. Students join the International Secretariat in order to gain practical experience in the field of international affairs, and the Assembly, in turn, benefits from increased language capacity as well as a strong research capacity. Eligibility The Secretariat mainly recruits graduate students between the ages of 21 and 26 with strong research and writing abilities and a solid academic background. Specific interests in the politics of the OSCE region, and particularly the former Soviet Union, are desirable. Excellent written and spoken English is required as this is the working language, and one other official OSCE language (French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish) is desirable. Computer skills for word-processing and research are also necessary. All Fellowships demand a six month time commitment. Application The deadline for the Autumn intake is 1 May of each year. The deadline for the Spring intake is 1 October of each year. Applications must include: the completed Application Form a short cover letter; a curriculum vitae; a transcript of grades; two letters of recommendation; and a recent photograph. Please submit completed applications to: Dana Bjerregaard Assistant to the Secretary General OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Tordenskjoldsgade 1 1055 Copenhagen K, Denmark Tel.: +45 33 37 80 40 Fax: +45 33 37 80 30 E-mail: For more information visit the official website secretariat/staff/research-fellowship 2. ADVANCED ACADEMIA FELLOWSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS 2014 IN SOFIA, BULGARIA. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 Deadline: 1 October 2014 Open to: non-Bulgarian citizens holding PhD Fellowship: monthly stipend 700 Eur, accommodation, travel allowance, research allowance Description Center for Advanced Study Sofia provides in-residence fellowships of two- to five- month duration to post- doctoral non-Bulgarian researchers. Junior as well as Senior scholars are invited to apply for the period 1 October 2015 – 28 February 2016. The selected Fellows will take part in the regular Fellow seminars and the other scientific events organized by the Centre (workshops, conferences, lectures, etc.) and are invited to present and discuss their project in lectures or seminars. The results of their work shall be summarized in a paper (in English), to be published in the electronic CAS Working Paper Series. Eligibility • Be non-Bulgarian citizens; • Have completed a PhD in the fields of the humanities and social sciences; • International research experience (participation in projects and refereed conferences) and publications in peer-reviewed academic editions are strong advantages. • Fellowship • A monthly stipend of 700 euro (liable to 10% income tax) to cover living expenses related to the stay in Sofia.
  3. 3. • Accommodation in Sofia, comprising living quarters and working space. The Fellows will also have free access to the CAS library and electronic resources/databases. • Travel allowance (400 euro) • Research expenses (100 euro p.m.) Application Application deadline is 1 October 2014. All application documents Application Form, Reference Form and Application Checklist should be presented in English and sent by e-mail to with a subject entry “Advanced Academia Fellowships”. For further information visit the official website fellowships-for-international-scholars-1691.html 3. LUNG HEALTH MEDIA TRAINING BARCELONA, SPAIN 2014. DEADLINE: JULY 18, 2014 Deadline: 18 July 2014 Open to: journalists Venue: 27 October - 1 November 2014, Barcelona, Spain Description The Journalist to Journalist Lung Health Media Training is a three-day intensive training followed by full access to the 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health—the premier international gathering of lung health researchers and others. ellows attend the Union World Conference on Lung Health immediately following the Media Training (October 27 – 29). This year’s Conference, continuing through November 1, focuses on “Community-Driven Solutions for the Next Generation.” The J2J Media Training gives fellows extra tools and sources to get stories from the Conference. (For more details on the Conference, The training and conference will cover lung health and related issues, including tuberculosis, TB/HIV, asthma, COPD, diabetes, tobacco control and the impact of air pollution. Journalists will learn about these diseases, the extent and impact of the problems they present and the new research, solutions and innovations that are in the pipeline. Eligibility Journalists interested in learning more about covering lung health issues can apply for this fellowship. Costs Fellowships cover conference registration, travel expenses, hotel accommodations and a per diem. Selected journalists must have at least three years of reporting experience that includes health coverage. Application The deadline for applications is 5 PM EST July 18, 2014. Only online applications are accepted. In order to apply, register barcelona-spain-2014/#RegForm If you have any questions or write to: For more information, click barcelona-spain-2014/ 4. THOMSON REUTERS VIDEO NEWS COURSE IN TBILISI, GEORGIA. DEADLINE: AUGUST 1, 2014 Deadline: 1 August 2014 Open to: journalists from Central Asia Venue: 15-19 September 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia Description The Thomson Reuters Foundation offers a weeklong training program to teach journalists creative approaches to producing television news stories.Training course will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 15-19 September 2014. This five day training course teaches creative approaches to producing TV news stories. Subjects include research, writing for TV, camera work and editing. Lectures are supported by practical exercises and video examples. The class is run by senior Reuters television journalists. Participants will learn to research, write for television, conduct camera work and edit. Lectures will be supported by practical exercises and video examples.
  4. 4. Eligibility In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria: • Applicants must be broadcast journalists from Central Asia and currently working as a journalist or regular contributor to broadcast media organisations; • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a commitment to a career in journalism in their country, must have at least two years' professional experience; • have a good level in spoken and written English; • If you have been on a Thomson Reuters Foundation training programme within the last two years you will not be eligible to apply; Costs The Thomson Reuters Foundation offers bursaries that will cover accommodation and travel expenses for participants who are traveling to Tbilisi. Bursaries would include economy travel expenses (for participants travelling to Georgia) and accommodation. This arrangement is subject to variation. Application • A biography of up to 250 words outlining your career. • Two recent examples of your published work, preferably relevant to the course for which you are applying, with a brief summary in English (if necessary). TV/Radio journalists can send in their scripts and a brief summary. • A statement of between 250-500 words describing any experiences you have had in presenting television/radio programmes, reporting, script writing, producing/video-editing. Explain how you hope to benefit from the course for which you are applying. In order to apply, register The official web-page 5. CALL FOR ARTISTS! RESIDENCE SUPPORT PROGRAM 2014-2015 IN JAPAN. DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2014 Deadline: 31 July 2014 Open to: artists Residency: flights, accommodation, materials, per diem covered Description Akiyoshidai International Art Village invites you to submit a proposal for the international artist residency program, located in Yamaguchi, JAPAN. The residency would be for 55 days during 2015 (16 January – 11 March, 2015) and the participants are asked to create a series of workshops, lectures or participatory activities for artists as part of their residency. Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV), designed by the architect, Arata Isozaki, was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing a platform for artists in residence as well as for a variety of art forms and cultural activities. AIAV’s main hall has a capacity of approximately 300 and its residence hall can house 100, and the village also features a restaurant, seminar room, studios, gallery, and café. AIAV is located far away from the noise of everyday city life and is surrounded by natural resources. Isozaki himself referred to it as an “archipelago”, (an expanse of water with many scattered islands), and it consists of many different facilities. The term ‘village’ suggests that AIAV is not a one monolithic structure but rather a collective of small neighboring buildings reminiscent of a traditional Japanese village. Eligibility Artists who must be able: • to stay at AIAV during the designated period of time. • to participate in all pubic programs, e.g. open studio, presentations and talks and to create new work. • to participate in the exchange programs for local community, e.g. talks, lectures and outreach programs. • to provide images and documentations, e.g. pictures and videos, for publicity and archiving in accordance with AIAV’s request. • to take part in educational programs at local schools and universities in English or Japanese. • to work and live independently. • to present the results of the residence program, e.g. exhibitions, reviews or talks outside Japan within a year after the program.
  5. 5. Residency Selected artists of the Akiyoshidai International Art Village will be provided with the following: Travel expenses: • a round trip from your address to AIAV • Round trip tickets for international flights, domestic flights and/or domestic railway tickets) • Accommodation at AIAV (private room with bath/toilet) • Studio (assignment will be arranged by AIAV: artists may have to share with others) • Production expenses: 200,000 yen • Per diem: 2,800 yen x days of the program Application To apply, please send your entry to by 31 July 2014. Application can be downloaded here residence-support-program-2014-2015-j.html Link to the official website ************************************************** VACANCIES / ВАКАНСИИ: ************************************************** 1. VACANCY: RESEARCH FELLOW, THE INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION (IPPA). DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2014 Department: Institute of Public Policy and Administration Duty Station: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic Timeline: 1 September 2014 – 1 September 2016 Deadline: 31 July 2014 The Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA), launched in 2011 as the first initiative of UCA’s Graduate School of Development, aims to foster stimulating, innovative and rigorous inquiry into public policy issues related to the socio-economic development of Central Asia. The Institute contributes to sound public policy and administration in the region by: • Conducting research on regional issues drawing on local and international expertise; • Publishing and disseminating credible, peer-reviewed findings; • Offering professional development to governments and civil society; • Tailoring undergraduate and graduate programs to meet emerging demands for policy analysis; and • Sparking insight and debate through outreach and engagement events. • IPPA research and training initiatives focus on • Economic policy, including regional economic relations and trade, economics of development, and regulatory and microeconomic policy; • Efficient spending and management of public services in three areas central to human welfare and government budgets: education, health and social protection; and • Good governance, including the development of evidence-based policies through effective and inclusive processes. Main Duties and Responsibilities: • Produce research reports, journal articles, policy papers, briefing notes, and other materials as required; • Participate in the design and implementation of interdisciplinary, applied research within the thematic areas outlined above; • Contribute to IPPA capacity building programmes as teacher/trainer; • Provide substantial input into development of IPPA’s work plans, research questions, project concept notes, training materials, and field research guides; • Participate and contribute to coordination of research dissemination and follow-up activities; • Work closely with UCA's Development and Donor Relations Department to develop research proposals and manage external research grants; • Develop IPPA as a knowledge and resource hub for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers interested in public policy and administration;
  6. 6. • Other relevant duties as required. Required Qualifications and Experience • PhD in economics, public policy, public administration, political or social sciences, or interdisciplinary area; candidates who have almost completed their PhDs will be also considered; • Demonstrated independent research skills and publications in refereed journals; • Strong quantitative and qualitative research skills including processing large databases, developing surveys, conducting interviews/focus groups etc.; experience in econometric modeling is an asset; • Teaching experience is desirable; • High motivation for development of research partnerships; • Ability to work in developing economy environment and effectively communicate with partners and stakeholders from different cultural and educational backgrounds; • Familiarity with policy processes and policy community with a focus on Central Asia; • Willingness and ability to travel both across the region and internationally, sometimes extensively; • Good written and oral communications skills in English and Russian; knowledge of Central Asian languages is an asset. Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by 31 July 2014. For more information and other job opportunities, please visit our website: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 2. VACANCY: DIRECTOR OF LEGAL AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA, BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN. DEADLINE: JULY 14, 2014 Duty Station: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic Deadline: 14 July 2014 The University of Central Asia is seeking a Director, Legal Affairs and Government Relations who will be responsible for provision of leadership and management to the Legal Affairs and Government Relations function across UCA. Main Duties and Responsibilities • Responsible for the protection of UCA’s legal and accreditation status in the Founding States, legal compliance, planning and operations, including contracts and MOUs with its property development contractors, real estate matters, UCA’s institutional policies and procedures, and agreements with partner universities and AKDN partners. • Ensure that UCA policies and practices are in compliance with the International Treaty, local, regional, and international agreements and laws. • Ensure that UCA facilities, programmes, intellectual property, privacy, research, and publications are protected under applicable local and international laws as appropriate. • Oversee UCA’s legal risk management requirements. • Provide legal advice and review for all UCA units and operations (e.g. construction, human resources, finance, and government relations). • Advise on institutional relations with governments in the Founding States, working with AKDN Resident Representative Offices as necessary in this regard. Required Qualifications and Experience • Advanced degree in law or other relevant field. • A minimum of 10 years of progressive experience that demonstrates success in the field of contract law, commercial law and construction law, with a substantial international or institutional background, preferably with international organizations or expertise in laws relating to contracts, commercial transactions, construction, insurance, procurement, and real estate development; particularly in an international context. • Excellent negotiation skills and interpersonal skills to function autonomously and effectively in a multicultural environment at senior levels as well as extensive negotiations experience relating to international transactions, including international financing transactions. • Experience in formulating and applying legal policy for international organizations and multi-national projects.
  7. 7. • Outstanding English-language communications skills (written and oral), including presentations, facilitation and conflict mediation skills and excellent interpersonal skills to function effectively in multicultural environments. • Cultural and gender sensitivity, flexibility, and multidisciplinary approach to work effectively with diverse constituencies at the local, regional, and international levels. • Ability to identify and competently manage services procured from external counsel • Ability and willingness to travel extensively within and outside of the Central Asian Region to address issues relevant to the core duties and responsibilities of this position. Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references (including their complete contact details) to by 14 July 2014. Please use: “Director, LAGR” as the subject header. For more information and other job opportunities, please visit our website: 3. VACANCY: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT/CASHIER, USAID/KYRGYZ REPUBLIC (USAID/KR), OSH, KYRGYZSTAN. DEADLINE: JULY 14, 2014 Major Duties: Under the general supervision of the USAID/KR Mission Director or his/her designee and administrative supervision of Project Management Specialist (Osh Office) the incumbent performs the full range of cashiering work and other related financial work in support of payment operations, and other administrative duties in support of USAID/KR Office in Osh: 1) responsible for the physical control of funds advanced from the USAID/CAR/Almaty Class B Cashier in accordance with all security requirements in accordance with the US Government regulations and procedures; 2) responsible for the accounting and reporting aspects of funds advanced; 3) prepares cashier’s forms and documents supporting all imprest fund transactions; 4) maintains official files and Cash Accountability Records; 5) ensures that only the authorized payments are made from the imprest fund when sufficiently obligated funds are available; 6) makes payments for goods and services such as local transportation, postage stamps, small purchases, telephone bills, residence and office utilities, gasoline, and vehicle maintenance, and office equipment maintenance; 7) collects from employees, contractors, and others official collection such as reimbursement of telephone fees, authorized use of official vehicles, etc.; 8) prepares periodic analysis and reports on the amount of VAT due for refund to USAID/KR; 9) upon receipt of telephone bills from telephone companies conducts identification of telephone calls (official/personal), and prepares analysis of telephone bills; 10) responsible for full range of administrative and GSO functions in the USAID/KR Osh Office, and serves as primary point of contact and coordinates with Office in Bishkek and USAI/CAR Almaty; 11) provides travel support to visiting officials and office staff: procures airline tickets, arranges for the airport pick-ups/departures and hotel reservations; 12) arranges for meetings and/or special events as required; 13) maintains the Office filing system; 14) maintains time and attendance for all members of the Osh Team, ensuring the timely submission of individual time sheets for the office to the USAID/KR Mission Director for approval; 15) serves as a receptionist, responds to inquiries; 16) other duties as assigned. Minimum qualifications/selection criteria: • Education, skills and experience (60%): University degree in business or public administration, accounting or other relevant field. Minimum two years of progressively responsible professional level experience directly relating to office management, public administration, financial management and accounting or other related fields. Minimum one year of experience in accounting, vouchering, or bookkeeping, and/or as cashier or bank teller is preferred. Experience in direct handling of cash items, use of cash accountability and control is preferred. One year of experience with an international organization is highly desirable. Of critical importance is the ability to analyze and evaluate financial/administrative information and data. Computer proficiency (MS Office, Word, Excel, etc). • Teamwork/Interpersonal and Communication Skills (30%): Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work as a team member in a diverse team environment, to establish and maintain contacts with appropriate level host country government officials and Embassy counterparts. • Language skills (10%): Excellent (Level IV, fluent, oral and written) English and Russian language skills. Kyrgyz language skills are highly desirable. To apply: The successful applicant must fully meet the minimum qualification requirements. Qualified individuals are requested to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae addressing each selection criterion detailed above with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item; and names, contact numbers, and addresses of three professional references. Candidates for trainee levels and applications on file may be considered. Packages should be received at the Executive Office (EXO) USAID/CAR, 41, Kazibek Bi St., Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan; Tel: (7-727) 2507612/17; Fax: (7-727) 2507634; E-mail: by 6 p.m., Monday, July 14, 2014. A copy of the Position Description is available in EXO/Personnel (ext. 6353). USAID/KR reserves the right to obtain from previous employers relevant information concerning the applicant's past performance and may consider such information in its evaluation. If an applicant does not wish USAID to
  8. 8. contact a current employer for a reference check, this should be stated in the applicant’s cover letter, and USAID will delay such reference check pending communication with the applicant 4. VACANCY: PROJECT MANAGER, DCA CA/EIDHR PROJECT ENTITLED “SIMPLIFYING CIVIL REGISTRATION, SECURING HUMAN RIGHTS”. DEADLINE: JULY 4, 2014 DanChurchAid (DCA) works in Central Asia 1996 and is one of the major Danish INGOs. DCA is an international development and humanitarian organization working for the poor and vulnerable people in more than 30 countries around the world DCA is committed to rights-based and gender equality development and works to strengthen these aspects both internally and externally. DCA is HAP certified and thus prioritizing transparency and accountability in all our work. DCA is a member of the ACT Alliance DCA's work in Central Asia on three thematic areas: Active Citizenship/Good Governance, Right to Food, and Disaster Risk Reduction. DCA also responds to emergencies and humanitarian disasters. The Project Manager will be responsible for managing of the DCA CA/EIDHR project entitled “Simplifying civil registration, securing human rights” through efficient, proactive and effective management of the project and project staff. Job title: DCA EIDHR Project Manager in Kyrgyzstan (DCA EIDHR KG PM) Contract Duration: 15 July 2014 – 28 February 2016 Working hours per week: 40 Duty Station: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Reporting to: Programme Coordinator Expected Start Date: 15st of July 2014 or soonest possible Main tasks: • In cooperation with DCA, the Project Manager ensures that the project is implemented according to the General and Specific conditions of the European Commission. • Keeps DCA Programme staff informed about all substantive and administrative matters related, directly or indirectly, to the project. • Prepares bi-annual plans based on project document and input from the implementing partners, target groups and other stakeholders. • Monitors the project expenditures in cooperation with DCA Financial Officer (DCA FO), partners’ Project Managers and Financial Officers. • Promotes participatory approach and mobilization of project target groups and beneficiaries and reflects them in reports. • Monitors and evaluates the progress of the project in close coordination with the Project Management Team. • Properly monitors DCA and partners’ reporting practices and maintains electronic and paper filing system according to EU requirements. • Compiles narrative reports and ensures that correct and timely reports, including financial reports, are submitted to DCA programme and finance departments. • Organises periodic review and planning meetings in collaboration with the partners’ project team and DCA Programme Officer. • Oversees procurements in close corporation with DCA and project partners’ FOs, PMs through established Project Procurement Committee. • Liaises with partners’ management and DCA to ensure optimal implementation following the rules and regulations of the EU. • Liaises with respective local authorities, EIDHR projects and other relevant stakeholders. • Represents DCA whenever assigned by the DCA Management. • Facilitates communication within the project according to the Communication Chart/Organigram established under the project. • Takes active and constructive part in the teamwork at the DanChurchAid regional office as well as suggest possible improvements to the work at the office. • Builds and develops meaningful and effective relationship with partners at all levels, other NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and regionally, and with other people of importance to DCA’s work, related to key communications issues. • Participates in: - networks and alliances of relevant Civil Society Organizations and movements as well as INGOs, NGOs and CBOs - relevant Central Asia Programme Platform meetings - relevant partner visits with programme officers Key qualifications / Experience required: • Master’s degree or equivalent in in political/social science or law, public administration or law • At least 3 years of relevant project management experience
  9. 9. • General knowledge and sensitiveness in the area of human rights, gender, advocacy and internal migration issues • Experience in Project Monitoring and Evaluation using LFA tool • Ability to communicate clearly (verbal and written) in English, Kyrgyz, and Russian • Initiative, ability to work independently, sound judgment and demonstrated good interpersonal relations with staff members from different social backgrounds Preferred qualifications and experience • Expertise in developing Monitoring and Evaluation system for projects • Networking and partnership building All interested candidates should send a cover letter, 2 recommendation letters, CV in English with indication “Project Manager” title not later than 17:00 Bishkek time, 4 July 2014 to DCA Programme Coordinator Ms. Dina Urazbaeva at and or submit all the documents in a sealed envelope to the following address: 215, Manaschi Sagymbai Street, Bishkek. Only candidates meeting the essential requirements will be invited for the written test and interview. Note that DCA is an equal opportunity employer, therefore all interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and religious, political or ethnic affiliation. 5. VACANCY: PROGRAM COORDINATOR (TWO POSITIONS), THE CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA, DEADLINE: JULY 10, 2014 The Continuing Education Center, American University of Central Asia, is seeking two Program Coordinators responsible for planning and coordinating all operational facets of CEC’s programs. The Continuing Education Center offer a wide spectrum of programs and courses including but not limited to: language, management, marketing, finance, communication, and computer courses with course flexibility and a variety of delivery methods to meet the needs of people of different ages, with different lifestyles who want to fit our educational programs in their schedules. More detailed information on the website Program Coordinator Essential responsibilities: • Responsible for working with customers, registering students, receipting money, answering the telephone, providing information to the public regarding program offerings, setting up rooms for events, and preparing and serving food as needed. • Responsible for coordination scheduling of CEC’s and supervision projects, development and implementation of ongoing project management and review • Maintain accurate files and records for each continuing education program: classes, students, and instructors on computerized registration system • Performs other related duties as assigned Qualifications: Education: A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in marketing, journalism social science or related field is required. Experience: Minimum one -two years of experience working in an office environment. Related Skills and Knowledge: • Excellent interpersonal and management skills • Excellent written and spoken skills in English, Russian; fluency in Kyrgyz is highly desirable • Demonstrated ability to work well both independently as well as part of a team • Ability to function under pressure, prioritize competing demands with minimal supervision and handle numerous tasks simultaneously • Excellent organizational, administrative, analytical skills • Proven track record of taking initiative and problem solving Interested candidates should send their resumes to and by July 10, 2014. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. 6. ВАКАНСИЯ: HR-АНАЛИТИК, ЭЛ ГРУП КОНСАЛТИНГ, БИШКЕК, КЫРГЫЗСТАН. В аналитическую команду Эл Груп Консалтинг требуется HR-АНАЛИТИК. Требования к кандидату:
  10. 10. • Высшее экономическое/финансовое образование, желательно по направлению «Математический анализ». • Опыт работы минимум 3 года в сфере управления персоналом/компенсации и льготы. • Отличное знание компьютерных программ MS Office, умение работать с базами данных и с большими объемами информацией в Excel. • Обязательное знание русского и английского языка. • Знания и понимание работы направления «Компенсации и льготы»: o система грейдирования, оценка должностей, построение иерархии должностей и организационной структуры; o анализ рынка труда, работа с данными Обзора заработных плат; o разработка, мониторинг и внедрение Политики оплаты труда; o разработка, оценка эффективности Программ премирования; o знание трудового законодательства; • Аналитическое мышление, внимательность, ответственность, организованность, ориентация на результат, умение выстраивать конструктивные и долгосрочные отношения, работать в команде; • Умение работать с цифрами и документами (в том числе — с большими массивами информации). • Самостоятельность. Основные обязанности: • Поддержка и сопровождение Аналитического направления: o актуализация базы данных; o оказание экспертизы для улучшения и оптимизации процесса; o мониторинг процесса реализации проектов и своевременное информирование о сроках, об условиях успешного окончания проекта; o перевод с английского на русский и наоборот необходимых документов; o информирование и консультирование клиентов по услугам Компании, в частности по условиям и услугам Аналитического направления; Эл Груп предлагает: возможность для профессионального роста и реализации себя в качестве высокопрофессионального консультанта в сфере HR. Заинтересованным кандидатам просьба высылать резюме на эл.адрес: ******************************************** END OF THE 507TH LISTSERV ISSUE *********************************************