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How did you attract/address your audience?


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How did you attract/address your audience?

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?In our media product, the two-minute opening to our thriller film, “Envy”, we triedto appeal to a certain target audience, which is really important to do in the veryopening of the film that we made as a group. To attract the audience, we had tomake sure our key features were met. We aimed for a movie based on a targetaudience of teenage girls, with a rating of 15 so the audience age is not toorestricted and we wanted to keep the category of age as 16-25 year olds. Once wehad figured out the targeted audience we had to think of the different aspects thatwould attract this audience and how these would help to maintain the interest ofthe viewers.
  2. 2. Emphasis on Gender• Close ups of use of make up• Close up of female body parts i.e. eyes and lips• Emphasis’s on female protagonist• Allowing are target audience to connect with the protagonistReason behind this?- Considered what different things affect teenage girls and what they have in common with each other’s lives. We thought of the fact that girls tend to be insecure and have insecurities, usually this could depend on their appearance for example. This links in with the idea that girls are usually not very confident or have different types of confidence issues, which is exactly what our whole film is based upon and the idea behind the film.
  3. 3. Sound• Use of piano, drums and bass• Music sets up the atmosphere, comes across as creepy and sinister• Silence – is seen as one of the most effective tools, we used silence in the form of having no dialogue. This not only didn’t give to much away but it also shows the disturbing atmosphere of the sequence.
  4. 4. Our film has a twist in it, which is not shown in the first two minutes of the opening of our media product. We didn’t want to give away too much of the film so we kept the details to a bare minimum in the opening so that there would be many questions that the audience would ask themselves such as “what is wrong with the girl?” and “why is she doing that to herself?” Throughout the film, these questions are unravelled and the answers become clear, but our audience needed to be attracted and drawn in at the very beginning of the film so that they would want to watch the rest of it despite not knowing the full story behind the film. When watching the first two minutes of a film, you expect your attention to be grabbed straight away or you tend not to be interested and you lose concentration. We didn’t want this with our film, so we made sure it was slightly confusing to the viewers so they would want to know what happens. We wanted our teenage, female audience to be drawn into our film straight away so we made the main character to be relatable to the audience. Our main character is an insecure teenage girl so the audience would instantly relate to her like we all do when we watch films, but the difference is, throughout the film, the audience will then realize that the girl is not what she seems to be, she is not just insecure, she is insane too. This will affect the relationship between the audience and the character because she is not what she appears to be, which is like most characters in films.
  5. 5. Key moments that would attract our audience to our film are moments such as: - the blood going down the drain - people who are into the goriness of a film would find this part interesting, also people who like films that hold mystery and suspense, as the audience doesnt know where the blood is coming from.
  6. 6. - the low angle shot of Mawata burning the picture - shows that the onceinnocent looking girl we saw in the high angle shot is actually moresinister than she seems and the audience are drawn to the mysterybehind her story.
  7. 7. - the focused shot of the lipstick - draws in the female audience wewant, as the make up emphasiss on the gender of the character andwhat the film is about.
  8. 8. - panning shots of celebrates - people might even want to see the filmbecause of the pictures on the wall. In a way it is quite misleading as theaudience could think these celebrities star in it, but it draws in a naudience that may like the celebrates shown.