Task management System (TMS)


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Simple and Effective TMS helps to manage and track task, business projects or processes.
A Complete Solution for
Project Planning
Strategy Implementation
Document Sharing
EOD,EOW,EOM Activity
Reminders & Accountability

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Task management System (TMS)

  1. 1. Task Management: Is it for ME?  How some people manage to be so organized!!!  Fed up managing stuffs with repetitive work schedules???  Your team lost tracks on what to do next who is suppose to do it????  Looking to Increase your company’s productivity  Then “Task Management is Meant for you……………….”
  2. 2. Task Management It is a complete Solution for Project Planning Document Sharing Strategy Implementation EOD, EOW, EOM Activity Office & Work Management Reminders & Accountability
  3. 3. Objective of Task Management  An effective and efficient Task Management Includes Principal Of “Getting Things Done”  Highly configured work flow  Can be deployed in-house or through cloud  Design your own process and put control over them.
  4. 4. Login on Cloud • Individual Login
  5. 5. Dash Board • Individual user wise dash board • Shows user wise pending task with its deadline • Project wise pending work detail
  6. 6. Employee Role • Create a role as per employee designations and work profile . • Create a Designation or assign a role of your •By employee role we can employee as per their area of bifurcate his reporting status. work and template designed
  7. 7. Employee Registration • Registration of the employee detailed information •Contact number and email compulsory to be added for correspondence. •Set employee hourly rate to get project costing. •Employee role setting.
  8. 8. Template : A Blueprint of your Business Process or Projects • Template creation as per the business process • Create the milestones and task for the business processes • Employees can get the pre-defined work flow regarding projects or process.
  9. 9. Process Category of any Particular Template • Create process category of your task list •Customized design mile stone of your project with percentage wise • Set Recurring business process or project activity • Recurring by Daily /weekly/Monthly Yearly •Employee don’t need to remind recurring schedule .System will generate task as per predefined flow
  10. 10. Define activity check list for your process • Make a list of activity for your process or project . •Assign activity to specific employee with verification and due date settings. • All this activity will default apply to project or process when its business template will assign •System will generate all recurring activity for employee . So no need to bother about recurring schedules • You can set your EOD system by this .
  11. 11. New Project Creation •Create a new project with its detail. • Assign the DUE DATE and Budget for the project. • Use benefits of predefined process or project templates. • Project wise employee involvement. • All concern employees with the project get intimation and detail about project by email. • All the to-do and task will be automatically generated in the project or process as per predefined template and assign to employees.
  12. 12. Project Lists • Overview of the Project Lists of your business • Individual Employees can have a snapshot of all the project lists assign to them.
  13. 13. Project/Process Mile stone or Activity category • Get an Overview of the To-do Lists or mile-stones of any project or process which is pre-defined in the template set before . •Get the status of pending task count and percentage of work done in that particular project. •Create your own To Do list with due date as per customized requirement.
  14. 14. Task List of To Do ,assign to employee • Create task lists of the particular project or process. • Task list can be created or auto generate as per predefined template • Pre and Post defined reminder setting to accomplished task by due date. •Employee wise pending task list. •Over due task reminder by mail and SMS.
  15. 15. Task Logic, Discuss points, Documentations • Employee can fill all discuss points regarding this task. • As a document user can attach file also. • Common platform for documentation of task •Related employee will get email alert on the updation of this document.
  16. 16. Task log entry • Employee will fill log entry of their assign task . • All log will be allocated with time period • Employee complete task will be verified by superior. •Regenerate incomplete task . •Transfer task to other employee through intimation by task owner. •Task wise log history .
  17. 17. Easy Task Generation • Simple steps to create miscellaneous task for employee. •No need special analytical skill to create task. • Customized as per task types • Assign the task to any users with due date of the task.
  18. 18. Document Sharing  Upload the document for back up or share the document with the employees • Secure document management • Assign the employees to whom the document are to be shared. •Up to 20 MB size document can be share.
  19. 19. Reminders • Create Reminders for important work, appointment or any other misc. work •Employee can create self reminder or assign to other. •Daily , weekly , monthly reminder setting available. •Reminder received by SMS and mail • Reminder execute by three fixed time slot.
  20. 20. Facilities : Project wise searching • Individual project wise searching available on every page of software. •Get all detail about project status , like pending task , to do list etc.
  21. 21. Facilities : Employee wise work status • Individual employee wise work load searching available on every page. •Employee wise pending task list and work load .
  22. 22. Employee work log. • Snapshot of the work of different employees as per the schedule of the day. • Get an overview of total daily working hours of the employees and pending report or the logs thereby
  23. 23. Reports
  24. 24. Settings
  25. 25. Customized SMS & Email Reminder templates
  26. 26. Role wise security settings
  27. 27. Reminder on Email & SMS
  28. 28. Daily Employee work report on mail by day end
  29. 29. Add a Task via Email Accessible Anywhere and Anytime Using email, you can easily assign a task to your employee.