Jayne's media library talk University of Ulster


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Media 2nd years 26 October 2011

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Jayne's media library talk University of Ulster

  1. 1. Media 2nd year Finding Stuff Jayne Dunlop
  2. 2. Covering…….. Reading lists Library Catalogue Journals and Electronic Journals Media & Film Studies subject guides DVDs Film Index International Citing – Harvard Style
  3. 3. Reading List
  4. 4. To access scanned articles/chapters
  5. 5. Click heading
  6. 6. Location, location, location
  7. 7. CatalogueBooks, Ebooks, journals, DVDs,
  8. 8. Electronic Journals
  9. 9. When you don’t know where to start….
  10. 10. Subject GuidesVia Portal/ Learning Resources tab/ SubjectGuides/Arts
  11. 11. Film Studies
  12. 12. Media Studies
  13. 13. SearchingDefine your search terms clearly and simply “The portrayal of young people in the media in Northern Ireland”. What are the key words or phrases? Synonyms youth/adolescent/teenager Ulster Broadcast (media), radio, TV, (television)
  14. 14. Spelling variationsRemember Americanisms Colour or color Theatre or theater Movie or film
  15. 15. Limit your search Year range Geographical area Language Type of publication
  16. 16. AND This means that all terms must appear in the results This will NARROW your results down e.g. youth AND media AND Northern Ireland
  17. 17. OR This means that any of the alternative terms can appear This will BROADEN the search out e.g. adolescent OR youth
  18. 18. NOT/AND NOT This will EXCLUDE terms This will NARROW the search down Use this with caution! E.g. broadcast media NOT radio
  19. 19. TRUNCATION This will keep you to find all variations of a word Most databases use the * symbol but always check the HELP section to be sure e.g. adolescen* will find adolescent, adolescents and adolescence
  20. 20. Remember Plan your search strategy in advance Be prepared to be flexible Make use of the HELP features in databases Evaluate your findings Record your search strategy Record your results
  21. 21. Film databases Film Index International International Film Archive JISC Media Hub (for others see subject pages)
  22. 22. Film Index International
  23. 23. Quick search help
  24. 24. Quick search for “A streetcar named desire”
  25. 25. Film details
  26. 26. Articles about the film
  27. 27. CitationReference the articles/books/films you have consulted to: give credit to other authors concepts and ideas Provide evidence of the breadth and depth of your reading enable others to locate the references easily avoid being accused of plagiarism Harvard http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/library/citing_referenc es/docs/Citing_Refs.pdf http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm
  28. 28. Blog – Arts or Researchers for resources
  29. 29. Twitter for service announcements, stoppress items.