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Notorious big


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Notorious big

  1. 1. The ‘XXL’ masthead is on ared background. The whitecontrasting with red makesit stand out; seeing as it’sthe title of the magazine itis the largest (writing) onthe page. This allowspotential buyers to identifythe magazine with ease.XXL magazines revolve aroundHip-hop. The Notorious wearing an expensive coatwith a jumper beneath –portraying a wealthy imageconforming to the convention.Along with the designersunglasses his outfit wouldcost a lot, appealing to theyounger audience who admirethe lavished lifestyle led bysuccessful rappers. The magazine is targeted for a young to middle aged male.
  2. 2. Because the Notorious B.I.G. isdead, his name (and contentassociated in the magazine withhim) is in the largest font colouredwhite to ensure substantialawareness to the viewer. ‘R.I.P. 15Years’ is likewise written the sameto make it obvious to the readerthat this particular issue isimportant and a celebration of an‘UNBELIEVABLE’ artist. The phrasebelow the rappers nickname ishighlighted red with a blackbackground. The red – associatedusually with danger – in this caserepresents importance and theblack background once again raisesvisual awareness.
  3. 3. The black background of the magazinecreates an ominous feeling, and the slimwhite border around the edges creates aframed picture effect. The colours usedare also very masculine. In addition thebold smooth text also conforms to amasculine stereotype.All the sub–story’s are also in whiteand the contrast with the blackbackground allows for an easy read.The font size is smaller as the story’simportance is margined by the mainissue however capital letters broadenthe importance.The stern facial expressions on TheNotorious B.I.G.’s face create anintimidating presence ofsuperiority; one perceived to setthe mood of Hip-hop around theperiod he was alive.
  4. 4. The baggie jeans, t-shirt and ‘SOX’ hat represent the stereotypical attire of young black males from poor neighborhoods in California (Compton, Watts etc.) The graffiti on the walls in the background emphasises inner-cityImage of the artist on the right features.hand side of the page, illustratingclearly what, and who the article Jewelry further connotes theis about. It grabs the readers gangster image portrayed byattention – it is the biggest thing artists in hip-hop.on the page.
  5. 5. The article begins with large gold text. Not only does this attract us but the colour corresponds with the verb ‘sweltering’. The layout of the page is fairly basic, however the contrasting colours of white and black have been utilized effectively in order to increase the attention onBold, black writing in a larger Two columns of writing certain pieces offont makes it stand out. Its make the article text.emphasis is necessary as it is an look ordered organised.important quote relating to thearticle.
  6. 6. Jadakiss’ body language gives animpression that he ‘means business’ –relating to the sub-heading, ‘Jadakissfills in all the blanks’. Black strips areused for the background of the sub-heading and writing below the picture.Black is a very blunt colour and ismasculine, which allows the ‘expected’male reader to relate to the magazinemore than a woman.The text is on the right hand sideof Jadakiss, allowing for a morepresentable presentation. Thereare 20 features listed – morethan enough for the reader tobe able to reach a firstimpression of the magazinescontent.
  7. 7. The masthead is clearlyvisible. A plain feeling hasbeen created by using blackand white colours. Blackcolour co-ordination (theattire and writing) has beenused to emphasise thedesired masculine audience.The style of writing reinforcesthis.The artist is wearingjewelry, a common featureof all hip-hop artists.A basic layout ensures maximumawareness of all features.