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So you know a linguist


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For those who ask how many languages we speak

Published in: Education, Sports, Technology

So you know a linguist

  1. So youknow alinguist… Jodie Martin
  2. Did you ask them howmany languages theyspeak?
  3. Did they forward you this presentation?
  4. see there’s two types of linguists.
  5. 1: Speaks many languages (also called a ‘polyglot’)
  6. And often features in science fiction
  7., a lot of us get into linguistics because we learnt or speak another language.
  8. But we get asked that question all the time.
  9. ALL. THE. TIME.
  10. So it might help if you understand there’s another type of linguist
  11. language Type 2: a scientist
  12. We studypronunciation
  13. study writing
  14. / We study words and word histories
  15. We study old languages
  16. We study new ways ofcommunication
  17. We study teacher talk
  18. student writing
  19. We study successful communication
  20. study not so successfulcommunication
  21. Most linguists aren’t grammar nazis
  22. Think of us aslanguage hippies
  23. Who get REALLY excited over an aspirated p, or the history of a word, or using “Dude” as a gender-neutral greeting.
  25. So give a linguist a hug.They probably need it.