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  1. 1.  Type Public Company  Industry Restaurants Retail coffee and tea Retail beverages Entertainment  Founded Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington  Founder(s) Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, Zev Seigl  Headquarters Seattle, Washington, U.S  No. Of Locations 20,891 in 62 Countries  Key People Howard Schultz (Chairman, President & CEO) INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. Products 1. Coffee 2. Tea 3. Pastries 4. Frappuccino Beverages 5. Smoothies Revenue $13.29 billion Employees 1,49,000 Subsidaries 1. Starbucks Coffee Company 2. Ethos Water 3. Evolution Fresh 4. Hear Music 5. La Boulange Bakery 6. Seattle’s Best Coffee 7. Tazo 8. Teavana 9. Tata Starbucks INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Mission Statements “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” Coffee Partners Customers Stores Naighberhoods Shareholders
  4. 4. Brands Tazo Tea • Founded in 1994 • Offering finest botanicals and teas from all over the world. Seattle’s Best Coffee • Founded in 1970 • Offering great cup of coffee every day, no matter where they are (lower price compare to Starbucks)
  5. 5. Brands Evolution Fresh • Founded in 1992 • Offering retail stores offer juices and foods that are alive with fresh‐picked flavor and bursting with bright color and vibrant, pure taste La Boulange • Founded in 1999 • Offering skillfully crafted authentic French pastries and breads made from scratch using high-quality, fresh ingredients
  6. 6. Brands Teavana • Founded in 1997 • Offering new tea enthusiasts like it’s “Heaven of Tea” customers are introduced to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of super-premium.
  7. 7. Target Market Coffee lovers who have passion on coffee. Young generation who want to gather with friends. Office staff and students who need to catch up with task schedule. Adventurous person who willing to try new things
  8. 8. Planning Sourcing ManufacturingDelivering CHAIN OF SUPPLY
  9. 9. Retail Locations Kiosks within different Store Online Media Channel of Supply
  10. 10. Key Success Product Quality Third Place To Go Customer Satisfaction Starbucks Community Social Responsibility Innovation Advertising
  11. 11. STARBUCKS’s Main Competitors Stores Countries Revenue Starbucks 20,890 62 13.3billion US $ Dunkin' Donats 10,083 36 0.54billion US $ Costa Coffee 1,700 28 1.4billion US $ The Coffee Bean 900 23 0.45billion US $ • Starbucks celebrate their first ranks in global largest coffee chain brands with highest countries expansion, number of stores and Revenue. • Number of countries and number of store might related to the huge sale volume of Starbucks compare to Dunkin’ Donuts, Costa Coffee and The Coffee Bean. 1st Starbucks 2nd Dunkin’ Donuts 3rd Costa Coffee 4th The Coffee Bean
  12. 12.  January 2011, 50:50 joint venture with Tata Coffee  19th, October 2012- Opens first store in India in Mumbai  Presently, 15 outlets in India – 7 in Delhi, 8 in Mumbai  International Products + Indian style product offerings such as Tandoori Paneer Roll, Elaichi Mawa Croissant, Murg Tikka Panini and Chai Tea Latte to suit Indian customers  Competitors in India Include: Café Coffee Day, Barista and Costa Coffee IN INDIA
  13. 13. • Leading retailer and roaster for brand specialty coffee in the world • Known for providing superior products and services • Consistent high quality of service • Limited number of strong competitors • High market share and market growth SWOT Analysis: Strength
  14. 14. • High pricing because of the quality ingredients used • Strong presence in the U.S. - more than three quarters of its cafes located in the domestic market • In order to reduce business risk, expansion is needed SWOT Analysis: Weakness
  15. 15. • High growth of economy and market in Asia, especially in India & China • Could diverse their product not only in coffee • The potential employees are educated people which make it easier to train them • Strong financial support SWOT Analysis: Opertunities
  16. 16. • Increasingly dependent on international markets for growth, especially Canada, Japan, and U.K. • Europe, the largest single market in the world, poses a number of challenges for Starbucks SWOT Analysis: Threts