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Evaluation plan

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions
  2. 2. A. The overall topic of our documentary is about the evolution of technology and how technology has evolved over the years.B. The three episodes would be about:1. The evolution of computers- How computers have become smaller and the increase of more portable forms/mobile forms of computing. Also how computers have now become a part of technology (positively and negatively. 2. The Evolution of video games- How video games have become more interactive, violent, improvement of images and the change in representation of gender. 3. The evolution of Mobile phones- How mobile phones have become smaller, they are no longer used to just make phone calls, they can do a number of functions that a computer can do.
  3. 3. Newspaper adverts – Real products
  4. 4. Double page spread – Real product
  5. 5. How/why they use/develop/challenge formsForms Usetypography (font style size & organisation) One or three colours Different size font to show priority
  6. 6. How/why they use/develop/challenge formsForms Usevisual Simple layout todesign/layout make it easy to(composition) readphotography Minimal colour to draw reader in
  7. 7. How/why they use/develop/challenge conventionsConventions Usecatchy title “Breaking into Tesco” and “Awards 2010” – understand the theme of the topicplacement and At the bottom orstyle of text side to look at the(titles/subtitles/par images firstagraphs)
  8. 8. How/why they use/develop/challenge conventionsConvention Use Developcatchy/unique Picture is placed at an The backgroundphotography and concepts angle to draw the readers contrasting with the to the text images of the cameras bringing the reader to the text
  9. 9. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge forms• a. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of forms) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS/ADVERTS
  10. 10. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge formsForms Usetypogra We made our titlephy stand out from the(font subtitles by the sizestylesize &organisation)
  11. 11. Forms Developvisual Layout of imagesdesign/layout communicate the(composition) theme of evolutionphotography Bold colours to draw reader in
  12. 12. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventions• A. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of conventions) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS/ADVERTS
  13. 13. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventionsConventions Use Developcatchy title Used a simple title for the advert We developed the titles in that reveals the topic the double page spread by creating a word which relates to the subject of technology
  14. 14. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventionsConventions Developcatchy/unique • Developedphotography and photography byconcepts placing the images so that they communicate an evolution of technology • Developed the advert by having the images coming out from the sides rather than the middle
  15. 15. Conventions Developplacement and style of text • We used the channel 5 font in both the advert(titles/subtitles/paragraphs) and double page spread to be consistent • In both the double page spread and advert we also used red which is the colour of the channel 5 logo
  16. 16. 4. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge formsForms Use Challenge Developvisual design/layout Challenged channel(composition) 5 adverts by having a captionphotography Used a main image to dominate the page which is typical of channel 5 advertstypography (font The time andstyle size & information aboutorganisation) the documentary is at the bottom of the advert.a. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of forms) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGESPREADS/ADVERTS
  17. 17. 5.How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventionsForms Use Challenge Developcatchy title We used a rhetorical question rather than simply using a sentence/statement as our titlecatchy/unique The concept of thephotography and photographs relate toconcepts themes of the documentary which is the old technology versus new technologies.placement andstyle of text(titles/subtitles/paragraphs)A. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of conventions) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGESPREADS/ADVERTS
  18. 18. .A How do real media products (real TV documentaries use, develop or challenge forms of real media products?Form Use/Develop/Chall Description & Example from real enge purpose TV documentary1. Sound Non-diegetic and Sound that is E.G- In Michael diegetic sound appropriate to a Moores sicko particular scene.2. Transitions3. Camera shots/angles4. Hand-held camera5. Establishing shots6. Framing
  19. 19. B. How do real media products (real TV documentaries) use/develop/challenge conventions of real media products?Conventions Use/develop/challe Description & Example from real nge Purpose TV documentaries1. Montage To show the audience a range of different clips that shows them what will be happening in the documentary.2. Interviews with experts3. Archival footage4. Text/titles5. Real footage7. Reconstructions
  20. 20. C. How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge formsForm Use/develop/cha Example from your TV documentary llengeSoundTransitionsCamerashots/anglesFraming
  21. 21. D. How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge conventionsConventions Use/develop/challe Example from your TV documentary ngePublic interviewsInterview withexpertsText/titlesCutawaysBackground musicPresenter
  22. 22. 2.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  23. 23. Content and concept of images• Images used communicate changes in technology - old technology versing new technology which is explored further in the documentary• Use of binary codes in our double page spread to relate to technology• Images and clips of different technologies which relates to our series• Constant reference to technology in both the ancillaries through images, text and titles and the documentary
  24. 24. Style• Similar titles used in both the advert and double page spread• Same colour scheme (grey, black and red)• Topic of the subtitles are not included in the documentary, so this gives our audience more information without being repetitive.
  25. 25. Target AudienceWho they are:• 16-24 year olds• Interested in different types of Ancillaries: technology and documentaries • Advert – will be advertised in the• Interested in popular culture metro which is a free newspaper available through public transport. This is relevant as 74% of those under 24 in London ownDocumentary: an oyster card which allows them• On at 9pm to fit in with channel 5 to use public transport. (source – schedule tfl.)This makes our audience easily• This time is also to fit in with Ofcom accessible by advertising in the guidelines as certain clips cannot be metro. shown before the watershed. The • The metro also allows us to attract documentary will contain some clips not a wider audience as their suitable for a younger audience such as audience is 18-44 year olds. clips from 18+ games.
  26. 26. IdentChannel 5 start at the beginning of the documentaryto link with the channel 5 logo on the advert
  27. 27. Advertising and MarketingBranding:Our advert is to be advertised in the metro, which is the first step to attracting our targetaudience. They would see the advert and gain information about the documentaryAfter the advert gains popularity we will then create and advertise the double page spreadto give more information about our documentaryThis will also attract a wider audience who would hopefully be interested in ourdocumentary – the next step is to air the documentary on channel 5.
  28. 28. Budgeting:A double page spread costs £8400 toadvertise in Time Out An advert in the metro would cost £8876 for the size and colour we want if it is just printed in London. However, we want to attract a larger audience so we will advertise nationally which will cost £10 906 Total of advertising costs - £19 306
  29. 29. 3. What have you learned from youraudience feedback ?
  30. 30. Draft 1 Audience Feedback• 1. Not clear and effective + sound was bad, not that many examples.• 2. showing a montage of games• 3. Presenter speaks too fast, not interactive, music needed and bad sound• 4a. The way technology of games has changed.• 4b. Development+effects• 5. Games are attracted to boys• 6. Not colourful clothes, speaks too fast• 7. No music used, sound bad couldn’t hear parts• 8. Good, liked the type writer part.• 9. Titles/credits good – interview – know who they are• 10. interesting information, but it was too quick to understand.
  31. 31. Audience Feedback Questions Advert Draft 2/3/Final Draft1. What do you think of our advert? Is it clear and affective? How? Why? Draft 2: Video games clear and effective. Draft 3: Yes, it shows the change of technology over time Final Draft: The writing stands out more than the pictures2. Are the images clear? -Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft advert ancillary, our target audiences have agreed that the images are clear.3. Is the text clear and easy to read? - Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft advert ancillary our target audiences have agreed thatthe texts were easy to read4. Does the advert relate to the overall topic? What does the image and textcommunicate to you. -Some of our target audiences do not agree, that the advert relates to the overall topic, such asin Draft 2. However in Draft 3, our target audiences suggested that it is straight forward, as well as our FinalDraft.5. What could be done to improve Draft 2: All technology versus new. Draft 3: Images of the games on the consoles. Final Draft: The black writing needs to stand out more
  32. 32. Audience Feedback Questions Double Page Spread -Draft 2/3/Final Draft1. What do you think of our double page spread. How and why is it effective? Draft 2: Not really Draft 3: Good range of old and new technology, it is creative and rhetorical Final Draft: Effective images, relate to topic, stands out.2. Is the layout of the images and text clear? Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft double page spread ancillary, our target audiences have agreed that the images and text were clear.3. Are the sizes of the images and text appropriate. Our target audiences have agreed that they were appropriate sizes.4. Is the text easy to read? Our target audiences have agreed that they were easy to read.5. Does the double page spread relate to the overall topic of technology. How? Our target audiences have agreed that our double page spread relates to our topic, through the use of images, such as the binary codes and the difference types of technology platforms that we have shown as examples.6. What could be done to improve. Draft 2: Better images to communicate evolution Draft 3: Font change to communicate technology Final Draft: Nothing, it was good.
  33. 33. C.The purpose of our documentary is to informpeople about changing technologies. We areeducating our audience on how computers,games and phones now differ from thetraditional forms. We will show this bycomparing the traditional forms to the newerforms.
  34. 34. D.Who is your target audience How did you decide on choosing a target audience?Our target audience is young people aged We decided to choose a target audience16-24 years old. Young people that watch of this age range because ourTV and have interest in popular culture in documentary would be shown at 9pmorder to understand the references being and some of the material shown in ourmade in our documentary. documentary might not be suitable for an audience under the age of 16.
  35. 35. E.• Our target audience would want to watch our documentary because its educational and informs them about how certain media products have changed and how it is affecting society.
  36. 36. How we attracted our audience through forms andconventionsList of Forms used Why would your target audience be attracted to your documentary through forms? Shot distances Music Transitions
  37. 37. List of conventions used Why would your target audience be attracted to your documentary through the conventions? Presenter  We chose to use a young presenter Voiceover wearing young casual clothing. This Cutaways would attract our audience because Montage the presenter is dressed in a way that Background music isn’t intimidating or off putting.  We used voiceovers in order to illustrate some of the footage shown to show variation in the way the documentary is presented so that our target audience doesn’t get bored.  The montage at the beginning will entice the audience to want to watch the rest of the documentary because it gives them an insight as to what the whole documentary would be about.  The background music will make the documentary more enjoyable especially when there are images with no voiceover from the presenter.
  38. 38. Draft 1 audience feedbackConventions Good use of interviewsMusic There should have been music when there was no sound.Sounds The presenter had a clear voice. At one point the presenters voice overlapped with the expert sociologist, so that needs to be fixed.Mise-en-scene The presenter had very simple clothes.Other comments: WWW EBI • Incorporating footage of • Elaborate more on themes. video games. • Fix overlap • All themes of the documentary were picked up.
  39. 39. Draft 3 audience feedback Name: Marie-Teresa Age: 18Conventions We interviewed an expert sociologist to ask her opinion on the representation of gender in video games.Music The music was too low.Sounds It was very hard to here the presenter due to the fact that the background noise was too loud.Other comments:WWW• The different images of video games and smart phones.• The comparisons between old and new video games.• The documentary gave an insight in to what the whole documentary would be about without giving to much away.
  40. 40. Names: Annie Draft 3 audience feedback Tracy Age: 17 Conventions Music The song choice was appropriate but not sure if it would attract another age group. Interview styling We asked members of the public questions. Sounds The presenter couldn’t be heard at the beginning because of the background noise. The voice of the presenter needs to be clearer. Shots Film making was good but the tilt shot of the school sign wasn’t good because there was a vehicle interruption. Mise-en-scene The presenters clothes were bland- the colour of the clothes were too dark.Other comments: EBI:WWW: • The beginning of the documentary was engaging.• The topic of women being sexualised in video games was clear • The presenter dressed in more colourful clothing.• The title coming up on a typewriter was good because it’s old • Ask more members of the public on their and the topic is about evolution of technology. opinions. • The other topics in the documentary weren’t made clear.
  41. 41. Final draft audience feedbackConventionsMusic The music was goodInterview stylingSounds Music related to the theme of technologyShots Good shots, eg close up of mobile phonesMise-en-scene