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Question 5- How did I attract/address my audience?

Question for As media coursework evaluation

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Question 5- How did I attract/address my audience?

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience Jayda Bambury
  2. 2. During the development of my media product. I was provided with the opportunity to display the opening sequence to a small audience, and hand out a shot questionnaire to fill in after viewing the product. The viewing was of the first rough edit and was lacking footage and simple edits that had not been completed yet. The audio still had the directors instructions and background noise that was loud and overwhelming.
  3. 3. After collecting the feedback questionnaires, I focused on improving and completing my media product. Seen as everything had been shot I was unable to film again due to time. However I was able to adjust and improve the product that I had received from the feedback.
  4. 4. Taking in account the feedback, I was able to develop my editing skills that made the product run more smoothly. In terms of the music, I added a copyright free jazz/hip hop sound that accompanied the scenes well. Editing was one of the improvements stated on the feedback questionnaire. I combined transitions e.g. dissolve and fade in and out into black to improve the continuity of the product, also I was able to adjust the sound so the directors instructions would no longer overwhelm the actors voice.