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Deep dive into the new features of share point online & onedrive for business part i


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Deep dive into the new features of SharePoint Online and One Drive for business

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Deep dive into the new features of share point online & onedrive for business part i

  1. 1. Deep dive into the new features of SharePoint Online & OneDrive for business – PART 1 Jayanthi P | MCTS ,C# Corner MVP SharePoint & Office 365 Developer
  2. 2. WHO AM I  C# Corner MVP, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  SharePoint Developer  Specialized on SQL Server, Asp. Net, Dynamics CRM & Power BI Jayanthi P Jayanthi P
  3. 3. AGENDA End Users SharePoint Modern Experience Modern Lists & Libraries Sharing Improvements Developers SPFx Administrators New SharePoint Admin Center Idle Session Timeout Site Scoped Conditional Access Policies ATP for SharePoint
  6. 6. SharePoint Modern Experience Office 365 and SharePoint Welcome Page SharePoint Site Pages SharePoint List Document Libraries New User Interface
  7. 7. It’s like Upgrading your car  Mobile Friendly & Responsive  Easier to Use
  8. 8. WHAT'S GONE ? • Ribbon • “Get Started with your site” • Tree View • Publishing • Custom Master Page • Custom CSS via AlternateCSSUrl web property • Custom JavaScript embedded via User Custom Actions • Target Audience
  9. 9. But its not about What’s Gone
  10. 10. SHAREPOINT CUSTOMIZATIONS SharePoint Customizations - Complicated to Simple SharePoint Designer InfoPath SharePoint Workflows Sandbox Solutions Office UI Fabric PowerApps Microsoft Flow SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Custom Actions
  11. 11. What I can do with Modern Sites?
  12. 12. TEAM SITES & COMMUNICATION SITES Team Sites Communication Sites Invite your Team Very similar to Team Sites Manage News, Documents and lists in a very straight forward way Same Features/Same Experience Manage the layout of the pages and add a whole set of web parts in a dynamic way Simply a different template with navigation on the top instead of the left of the page Mobile Experience Same Feature Present behind every Office365 Groups, Yammer Groups and Teams Small different features like full width zoning for example
  13. 13. WHEN TO CHOOSE TEAM SITES AND COMMUNICATION SITES? Connect/Collaborate/Create Showcase/ Share Services /Story
  14. 14. Can I create My own Site Theme in Modern Sites?
  15. 15. PAGE DESIGNS • Office UI Fabric Custom Theme Generator -us/fabric#/styles/themegenerator
  16. 16. Rich Text Editing (RTE) Updates Make your text appear more like you like
  17. 17. Want to know how many users visit your SharePoint sites and what exactly they are viewing or editing?
  18. 18. Site Usage Report
  19. 19. Like a page, see the number of views, likes, and comments on a page, and see the people who have liked a page. SOCIAL BAR
  20. 20. SharePoint is still SharePoint! How can you not love SharePoint?
  22. 22. WHAT'S NEW IN DOCUMENT LIBRARY? Pin important items to the top of the library for improved visibility Copy and move files Ability to view and directly edit document metadata Import files from other libraries Microsoft Flow Integration Option to Upload Folders Library Views management
  24. 24. WHAT’S NEW IN LIST ? Quick actions for commonly used Lists tasks PowerApps & Flow Integration Predictive Indexing Attention Views
  25. 25. FILTERS PANE Replaces Metadata Navigation & Filtering  Classic meta data navigation settings carry forward to filters pane  No more fall back to classic Consolidated filtering UI  Click the filter icon to open the filter Pane  Access filters for a particular column using the columns header Pin Columns you want to Filter Often  Column Drop down->Column Settings->Pin to filters pane->Everybody see the same set of filters
  26. 26. CLASSIC MODE FALLBACK Feature that caused a fallback to classic mode Current Status XSLLink Customized Still falls back to classic Columns in view or Form:Publishing HTML,Image,Publishing Hyperlink,External Data,GeoLocation Still falls back to classic List Templates: Tasks,Survey,Discussion Board, Calendar,Forms,Asset Library Still falls back to classic JSLink on the view or Form Still falls back to classic CustomAction on the list includes ScriptBlock or ScriptSrc Still falls back to classic Multiple Web Parts on the list view page Still falls back to classic
  27. 27. Improving the ways which you share and work together
  28. 28. Collaborative your content with external vendors, clients or external customers  Sharing with authenticated external users  Sharing with anonymous users  Sharing only with external users in your directory EXTERNAL SHARING
  30. 30. What SPFx Why Another method/way to build solutions for SharePoint  Client Side SharePoint Development  Responsive and mobile-ready  Works for SP Online and SP On-Premise(SP 2016 Feature Pack2)  Instant application debugging using Workbench without SharePoint site.  Instant SharePoint site debugging using workbench (which is uploaded in SharePoint site)  Automated process for deploying the updates  Opens a way to use different JavaScript frameworks sharepoint-framework-part-1
  33. 33. HOW TO KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE Idle Session Time Out  Configure a threshold at which a user is warned and subsequently signed out of SharePoint or OneDrive after a period of inactivity. Set-SPOBrowserIdleSignOut -Enabled $true -WarnAfter (New-TimeSpan - Seconds 1200) -SignOutAfter (New- TimeSpan -Seconds 1500)
  34. 34. ACCESS CONTROL Site Scoped Conditional Access Policies  Device-based policies for SharePoint and OneDrive help administrators ensure corporate data is not leaked onto unmanaged devices such as non-domain joined or non- compliant devices by limiting access to the content to the browser, preventing files from being taken offline or synchronized with OneDrive. Restricted Domain Sharing Control  Limit sharing invitations to a limited number of email domains by listing them in the allow list or opt to use the deny list, listing email domains to which users are prohibited from sending invitations
  35. 35. Safe links, safe attachments, spoof intelligence and advanced anti- phishing capabilities Collaborate in a safer manner by preventing user from opening or downloading malicious files. Takes up to 30 minutes for this functionality to spread to all Office 365 datacenters. ATP for SHAREPOINT
  36. 36. ROADMAP roadmap?filters=%26freeformsearch=SharePoint
  37. 37. CONCLUSION SharePoint is back in the game
  38. 38. Part II  SharePoint Hub Site  Delve  OneDrive for business Sync Client  Files on Demand  File Types and URL Length  OneDrive Administration Part III  SharePoint Migration Tool  Overview of Graph API