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4. Mathematics Quiz - You Can’t Solve Me


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This is part of a Mathematics Quiz that we conducted at our school. For more information, visit

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4. Mathematics Quiz - You Can’t Solve Me

  1. 1. By Vishal Vishwanathan
  2. 2.  This round will have application-type questions of considerable difficulty. Each team will get one question chosen by them from the grid. The time to solve each question is 2 minutes Every correct answer will get a team 30 points.
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6Exit
  4. 4. The formula to convert degrees Celsius (C) to degrees Fahrenheit (F) is :What is the value of F when C=35? Time Up!
  5. 5. The length of a cruise ship is 300 m, and the length of a scale model of the ship is 25 cm. What is the ratio of the ship to the model? Time Up!
  6. 6. Simplify: y3 × y7 ÷ (y2)4You are given that: xm X xn = xm+n xm ÷ xn = xm-n (xm)n = xmn Time Up!
  7. 7. The division of a whole number N by 13 gives a quotient of 15 and a remainder of 2. Find N. Time Up!
  8. 8. Deepak scored 46 out of 50 in Mathematics, 45 out of 50 in Science and 42 out of 50 in Social Science. Calculate his total percentage, taking all three subjects together. Time Up!
  9. 9. The following tally marks table shows how many people in a group ordered rice, chapati or both in a restaurant. What is the total number of people who visited the restaurant? Time Up!
  10. 10. Presentation Design by Jayanth Rajakumar