Networking - Part I


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Networking - Part I

  1. 1. Compiled by: Jayakumar Balasubramanian Web: Email:
  2. 2. Types of networks LAN  Same physical technology  No switching elements  Channel contention problem  Range: 10 m to 1 km WAN  Different physical layer technologies  Switching elements  Hosts and routers  Internet
  3. 3. Types of networks WPAN  Consumer home networking  Connected home ‘experience’  Connect everything  Low range, high power  Office on the move
  4. 4. Circuit switching Vs Packet switching
  5. 5. How these things work?
  6. 6. What is protocol ? Protocol: Set of rules Protocol suite: Combination of protocols Protocol stack: Protocols that send and receive data.
  7. 7. Some answers from protocols What type of cable or transmission media is used to connect hosts on the network? How is data transmitted on the transmission media? How do the hosts on the network know when to transmit data? How does each host know how much data can be transmitted at a time? How can hosts using different operating systems communicate? How can a host check the data received for transmissions?
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