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  1. 1. SRI LANKA FOUNDATION INSTITUTE The Sri Lanka Foundation which comes under the purview of the Presidential Secretariat is a Statutory Body established under the Sri Lanka Foundation Act No.31 of 1973 with the patronage of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany. The Sri Lanka Foundation Institute which is the main project of the Sri Lanka Foundation is committed to capacity building for democratic development and social progress through adult education. Main Objective of SLFI - The promotion of an understanding and belief in the democratic way of life and the protection of human rights - The promotion in furtherance thereof, of international understanding and cooperation in a universal respect for the observance of human rights and fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion, colour and creed - The encouragement and promotion in furtherance thereof, of educational activities and the acquisition and diffusion of knowledge among the masses in all branches of knowledge and social progress In order to achieve the above objectives, workshops, lectures, seminars, diploma and certificate courses are conducted under the three strategic areas i.e. Human Rights, Good Governance and Industrial Relations. For more details: Programme Coordinator Sri Lanka Foundation Institute No. 100, Independence Square, Colombo 07. Tel: 011-2691814 / 011-2695249 Fax: 011-2679686 / 011-2691028 E-mail: Web: Workshop on Human Talent Management 29th & 30th November, 2010 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute Organized & Conducted by Sri Lanka Foundation Institute SLFI is registered at Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission as a Certificate Awarding Institute SRI LANKA FOUNDATION NATIONAL ADULT EDUCATION & TRAINING CENTRE (An Institution under the purview of the Presidential Secretariat)
  2. 2. Introduction: One of the key managerial roles is to manage the human factor of any organization. A good manager would consider employees talents rather than treating them as a mere resource to be manipulated easily by just like the other resources. We need to shift our paradigm in relation to Human talents. There is vast amount of new knowledge about how human talents could be effectively utilized. This knowledge has not yet been made accessible to local managers; This new workshop organized by SLFI caters to that important need in management training and development. Objectives: • To impart vital skills in Humantalents Managements to practicing managers. • To emphasise the significance of human talents in a work setting Target group: Programme is suitable for production Managers, Marketing managers, Human resource managers, and Human resource development managers, all the executives in decision making and operational levels in government, non government and private organizations. Medium: Sinhala / English Duration: Two days Sinhala Medium: 29th & 30th November, 2010 Venue: SLFI, No.100, Independence Square, Colombo 07. Course Fee: Rs.4,600/- (Rs.4,000/- + 12% VAT + 3% NBT) per participant (VAT Registration No. 409035558/7000) Accommodation facilities: Rs. 575/- (Rs.500/- + 12% VAT + 3% NBT) only per night per head (including breakfast, dinner and lodging) Contents: • From Human resources to Human Talents • From Job description to competency profile • What is wrong with the way we select people • IQ Vs EQ & Multiple Intelligences • How people learn and how to train and develop people • Results of the world largest survey on motivation • How to acquire leadership skills Training Methodology: Participatory and interactive learning methods including Lecture, simulation, group exercises, discussions, brain storming, short presentations, relevant role - plays done in the most positive and effective way. Out come: • Managers will effectively utilized the talents of their employees. • Productivity of those companies will be increased Programme Coordinator: Ms. Kanthi Hettigoda, Lecturer Secretary: Ms. Kumudu Gunasekerea, Secretary Contact Numbers: Tel.: 011-2691814 / 011-2695249 (Ext: 208/226/259/254/) Fax No.: 011-2691028 / 011-2679686 E-mail: