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Brain science &

  1. 1. Brain science- New method of Mind Programming Jayadeva de Silva.M.Sc, MBIM, FIPM, FITD 1
  2. 2. It's time to make your mind give up its secrets. If you find yourself searching for answers to your toughest questions ...struggling to come up with solutions to the challenges in your life ... or trying to figure out what you have to do in order to get what you want ... I've got some advice for you: STOP. Not because you'll never be able to discover that information. But because you already have it! The breakthroughs, innovations, great ideas, insights, solutions, and even miracles you're looking for have already been formulated inside your MIND. They're sitting there right NOW. There's a long blueprint for getting them out, and a short one. A hard way and an easy way. A way that bypasses long, drawn-out, and often unsuccessful approaches to transformation and goes straight to the neurological source of your actions and outcomes. A way that's supported by years of scientific research and backed up by the real-life experiences of thousands of people (and counting). A way - a shockingly simple process - that enables you to actually COMMAND your mind to instantly reveal to you the specific knowledge, information, and answers you're looking for. Incredible? Yes. But that's not all. This process takes you one critical and possibly unprecedented step further. It empowers you to IMPRINT that knowledge onto every molecule of your being. And once that happens ...Things can get pretty amazing: Eliminate debt and achieve the desired income Write three books AND get them published Regain strength and overcome fear after battling cancer Turn "just an idea" into a multimillion-dollar business Instantly erase decades' worth of emotional pain And much, much more But before you can make this work for YOU, you first need to understand something about ...The secrets hidden in your miraculous theta mind Science has long recognized the amazing features and functions of theta- the name given to the pattern your brainwaves take while you're sleeping. What makes the theta brain so interesting is that, as far as it's concerned, there's no such thing as "can't.” The limitations and restraints - good and bad - that govern your waking thoughts and actions recede when you're in theta. Your mind is free to imagine whatever it 2
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