Final Questionaire


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Final Questionaire

  1. 1. FinalQuestionnaireFor our final questionnaire we asked 50people to see what their thoughts were on our main and ancillary tasks.
  2. 2. Impressions of the Police
  3. 3. What do you think represents the Police most? • This question helped us as it a) The uniform told us what we needed to show in the documentary. b) The badge • The highest was The uniform c) The car and after interviewing a police officer, he did said that The Uniform The badge The Car people feel like they are safe when they see the uniform but some people are also 20% scared of the uniform. • The lowest was 20% which was the badge. People 50% hardly tell they have a badge and therefore it not very 30% important to our documentary.
  4. 4. Do you believe the police are doing an adequate job? a) Yes • This question was important as we needed to find out b) No what people thought of the police and the work that the Yes No police are doing. • 68% said they thought the police were doing a good32% job. • 32% said they thought the police were doing a good 68% job. • We need to try and change that around and show that what the Police do, is helping the community and Leicester
  5. 5. How do you think policing of Leicester could be improved a) More patrols • This question helped us as it b) Better equipment told us how the Police could c) More police in improve. general • 50% said they felt there should be more patrols – This is something to show on ourMore patrols Better Equitment More Police in general documentary. 30% • 30% said they needed 50% better equipment and 20% said they needed more 20% police in general.
  6. 6. Actual content of the video
  7. 7. How can the documentary show a balanced opinion of Leicester a) Show the ‘grimmer side’ of • This question told us how we Leicester, but one being handled by the police need to set out the b) Show the ‘fun side of Leicester through documentary. clubs, but also order through focus on security • 68% said that we should c) Show ‘real footage’ of criminals, but also of them being apprehended by show real footage of police.Show the ‘grimmer side’ of Leicester, but one being handled by the criminals, but also of thempolice being apprehended byShow the ‘fun side of Leicester through clubs, but also order throughfocus on security Police.Show ‘real footage’ of criminals, but also of them being apprehended • It is important that we showby police. our audience real footage 12% so they get a feel about what the Leicester Police 20% actually do. 68%
  8. 8. Should there be a ‘visible presenter (i.eshould it be walked through or be voiced over) a) Yes • This question told us if b) No we needed a visible Yes No presenter or not. • 68% said they would 32% and therefore we should consider having 68% a visible presenter on board.
  9. 9. Should Leicester or the Police be given more priority in the product? a) Leicester b) Police • This question told us c) 50/50 who should have priority over the Leicester Police 50/50 documentary. • 64% said they would 24% like it to be 50/50 – This will be to show both sides and have a wide 12% 64% range of content.
  10. 10. Actual content of the radio Trailer
  11. 11. Should the trailer provide some information that will be covered during the course of the documentary? • This question told us what are a) None trailer should prove. This helped b) Some, to get the us as we needed to know if audience hooked some of the information about the documentary should be c) A good chunk covered in the trailer.None Some, to get the audience hooked A good chunk • The most popular one was 78% - A good chunk and therefore 0% information about the 22% documentary should be provided. • We need to make sure that we have this content on our trailer 78% as no-one said that it shouldn’t provide information that will be covered during the course of the documentary.
  12. 12. If so, should we focus more on the police or Leicester itself? • This question told us whata) Police we should focusb) Leicester on, should it be about the Police or Leicester itself. • As this is a documentary Police Leicester about the police 70% said that it should focus on the 30% Police more then Leicester. • This doesn’t mean that 70% we are not going to focus on Leicester, it just means that more of our focus will go on the Police.
  13. 13. Should we have ‘actors’ voicing opinions or extracts of vox pox if needed? • We were unsure what ifa) Actors we should have actorsb) Vox Poxs playing a set narrative or if we should have Vox Poxs. Actors Vox Pox • By far the most popular one was 73% who said 27% that we should have Vox- Poxs instead of actors. • From this result and 73% previous result, it seems that the audience want to see real footage of Leicester and Leicester nightlife.
  14. 14. Actual content of the poster
  15. 15. What Iconic image of the police should we include?a) The uniform • This question told us what icons of theb) The badge Police should be The uniform The badge included. • Our audience felt the Uniform represented 36% the police more then the badge. 64% • From the final questionnaire about police icons people felt the uniform represents the police.
  16. 16. What iconic image of Leicester should be included? • This was also important as it tolda) Clock Tower us what iconic image ofb) Highcross Leicester we should have on the poster.c) Liquid Envy • 58% of the people said they would like to see the Clock a)Clock Tower b)Highcross c)Liquid Envy Tower which is more then half. • Whereas only 12% of the 12% people said they wanted to 30% see Liquid Envy however we 58% have decided that we are going to have a few nightclubs on the poster as our documentary is about Nightclubs and nightlife in general.
  17. 17. What percentage should each have (with 10% already dedicated to title. Broadcast info and credits)? {{Police/Leicester}} a) 20/70 • This question told us what percentage we b) 45/45 should base the police c) 70/20 and Leicester on. 20/70 45/45 70/20 • By far the most popular was 45/45 with 64%. 18% 18% • This means we should have an equal amount of Leicester such as 64% Liquid and the Police, for example police badges.
  18. 18. What are we going to take forward?1. We have seen from this questionnaire that the Uniform represents the police more so therefore we will be showing more uniformed officers in our documentary.2. We are not going to have a visible presenter but instead we will be having a voice over.3. The footage that we get is all going to be real and we will not be using any archived footage.4. The background image of the poster will be of the clock tower as that is an iconic image of Leicester.5. Most of the voice on the radio trailer will be taken from the final documentary.