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This my presentation on Bhagwat Gita for my Human Bheviour course. And since I am studying Electrical engineering, I decided to present Gita with Digital electronics concepts.

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Digital gita

  1. 1. Sanskrit Translated You have a right to perform your"Karmanye Vadhikaraste prescribed action,but you are not entitledMa Phaleshu Kadachana, to the fruits of your action. Ma Karma Phala Hetur Never consider yourself the cause of the Bhurmatey Sangostva results your activities,and never be Akarmani" associated to not doing your duty."
  2. 2. It seams that there is lot of confusion regarding the laws of KarmaLet’s Decode the Confusion !!!!!!!! Laws of Digital Gita Input Output Option A Option B 0 0 R1 = N/A 1 0 Result 2 0 1 Result 3 1 1 Result 4
  3. 3. Karm Phal: or Result of your karma•Think of the Decoder as a switch: thatmeans if you press one switch, it will Result •Think of the Output asin some action. As simple as that. predetermined result based on selection. This means that every•Now What if you have Multiple switches, one has a set of pre determinedNow You have a choose to select one input results in life and based on whatout of many input. HA!!! decision people take in life, they end up archiving the corresponding•So the decision of selecting one of the result.option is called Karma Yoga. Simple?
  4. 4. •Karma Yoga can be explained as a discipline of making the best choice based on one’sduty or moral values•In relation to the “digital model of Gita” We can think of Karma Yoga as selecting thebest option based on one’s duty and not based on the resulting out come !!! Here is an example•Scenario: Say you are a security guard at a bank and the bank is robbed and the robberhas hostages. You have two options• Option A: Stop the robber by fighting him. Option B: Help the Robber and split the $•Outcomes: Result 1: get fired Result 2: Get hurt in the fight. Result 3: Get rich. Result 4Get fired•Solution: Use the Rule of Karma Yoga: Don’t worry about the result (Phala) Performeryour Karma (choice ) according to your Duty (Dharma)
  5. 5. Relation Between Karma yoga & Self control•Karma Yoga is a byproduct of self control. Only a person with self control canperformed karma based on the notion of Karma yoga.•In order to Make decision’s based on one’s duty, the person needs tremendous selfcontrol to control his or her decision making process, so that it is not influenced bythe outcome of the decision.•Often making decision based on one’s duty may not seem as the most profitabledecision at that time, but the whole point of Gita is not to make decision based onindividual profit or loss, as it always corrupts the Thought process of mind and thenpeople loose the ability of differentiating the “rite” and “wrong” there fore keep itsimple and perform Karma yoga and do what you are suppose to do .•So in order to overwrite the Human mind’s profit or loss calculations, one needs agood amount of self control.
  6. 6. Finally What is Moksha ? The Moksha described by Lord Krishna in Gita is different than Nirvana. According to Lord Krishna, “Sansarik Moksha” is state of mind in which outcome of events do not matter any more, or all outcomes are treated equally !!!!!This Can be only achieved by following karma yoga again and again so that you areonly selecting the inputs for the sake of selecting it only (Karma) and you are notworried about whatever outcome you get (Karma phala) Therefore all the outcomewill mean the same to you and this means you have achived “Sansarik Moksha”
  7. 7. The Devine Form of KrishnaThis is a Youtube video of Famous Television interpretation of the Mahabharatain form of weekly episodic ShowThis video shows the “Virat ROOP” or the divine form of lord Krishna that hereveled to Arjuna while reciting the Gita.
  8. 8. Thank You for Your time & attention