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Media relations summer camp 2012


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The 2012 edition of the Media Relations Summer Camp offered free of charge for nonprofits & community groups in Hamilton, ON and presented by The Hamilton Spectator and Mohawk College. Campers will practice, polish and pitch story ideas to reporters, columnists and editors at The Spectator with help from PR pros / camp counselors.

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Media relations summer camp 2012

  1. Media RelationsSummer Camp 2012
  2. On July 10 & 12, campers from a dozen nonprofitsand community groups in Hamilton, ON got togetherwith a team of seasoned PR pros / camp counselors.Together, they got crash courses in media relations &social media, practiced and polished story ideas andthen made their pitches to reporters, columnists andeditors with The Hamilton Spectator.The annual media relations summer camp is offeredfree of charge by The Hamilton Spectator and MohawkCollege to support local community builders. 2
  3. The positive press payoffTelling the wrong storyPitching the right story 3
  4. The positive press payoff 4
  5. Reputation & profile building 5
  6. Relationship building 6
  7. Standing out. 7
  8. Showing appreciation. 8
  9. Building up your trust and forgiveness account. 9
  10. Too many nonprofits pitch the wrong stories. 10
  11. Just because it’s worthydoesn’t mean it newsworthy. 11
  12. Ribbon cuttings!
  13. Giant cheque presentations!
  14. Groundbreakings! 14
  15. Fundraisers!
  16. Gala dinners! 16
  17. Do you really want to be known for big scissors, big cheques and big holes in the ground? 17
  18. And does anyone else care? 18
  19. We’re broke! 19
  20. No one’s buying ticketsto our big event!
  21. The media is under no obligation to help bail you out. 21
  22. You have a much better story to tell. 22
  23. The first question every reporter,editor and producer will ask you.
  24. Why should I care?Why should our readers?Our listeners?Our viewers? 24
  25. You provide this... 25
  26. Create that… 26
  27. Make this a better place. 27
  28. Build resilience. 28
  29. Build hope. 29
  30. Build a healthier community.
  31. Build a more prosperous community. 31
  32. In 30 seconds or less, what do you provide, create or build?
  33. Focus on where you’rea trailblazer – first &better than the rest. 33
  34. Put someone amazingin the spotlight. 34
  35. Make it as easy as possible forthe reporter to tell your story. 35
  36. Give the reporter anall-access pass. 36
  37. Pitch to the right reporter.
  38. Email your pitch. 38
  39. The subject line isyour headline.Make it clear,concise andcompelling.Max. of 3-4sentences in thebody of your email.End with contactinfo (work & cell #s,weekend #) 39
  40. Be bold. Be brief. Be quiet. 40
  41. Be flexible. 41
  42. Don’t be annoying.
  43. Don’t pick a fight. 43
  44. Email a quick thank you. 44
  45. Be there when themedia need you. 45
  46. Other ways to make a name for yourself and your organization. 46
  47. Be a thought leader. 47
  48. Submit award nominations. 48
  49. Use social media. 49
  50. The key to great media relations. 50
  51. Jane AllisonManager, CommunityPartnershipsHamilton RobbDirector of CommunicationsMohawk 51