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Media camp 1: turn worthy into newsworthy


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Turn worthy into newsworthy. The first of three presentations at the 8th annual media relations summer camp presented by The Hamilton Spectator and Mohawk College. The camp is offered free of charge to nonprofits and community groups.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Media camp 1: turn worthy into newsworthy

  1. 1. Turn worthy into newsworthy Media relations summer camp 2015
  2. 2. Seven pitches from last year’s media camp were published in The Hamilton Spectator. Live Different (2014) and The Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra (2013) landed on the front page of the GO section with online videos posted at
  3. 3. Stand out with donors and funders.
  4. 4. Grow your trust and forgiveness account.
  5. 5. Good housekeeping seal of approval.
  6. 6. Reach a larger audience online & off.
  7. 7. Pitch and miss. The stories we tell.
  8. 8. Ribbon cuttings with fake scissors
  9. 9. Grip and grins with fake cheques.
  10. 10. Groundbreakings with fake holes.
  11. 11. Fake indoor groundbreakings with fake holes.
  12. 12. Fundraisers with C-list celebrities and retired athletes.
  13. 13. Rubber chicken galas. With dancing & awards.
  14. 14. Anniversaries with slab cakes.
  15. 15. Worthy? Yes. Newsworthy? Not so much.
  16. 16. And does anyone else care?
  17. 17. Bad stories to pitch #1. Help! We’re broke.
  18. 18. Bad stories to pitch #2. Help! No one’s coming to our party.
  19. 19. News Worthy
  20. 20. #2 First, best or most.
  21. 21. #3 Add to the conversation
  22. 22. Localize the story. What does it mean for our community?
  23. 23. Offer informed opinion and analysis.
  24. 24. #4 Build your pitch around a person. Someone ordinary doing something extraordinary. Give us a hero.
  25. 25. Make a connection. Play matchmaker.
  26. 26. You have a great story you want told. Reporters want to tell great stories.
  27. 27. News Worthy Why should we care? First, best or most Add to the conversation Poster child