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elance.com horrible scamming stories

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Elance scam

  1. 1. Elance scammer, elance scam, scam elanceRating: SCAM Name: Elance is the Cheesiest!Im a freelance web designer/developer in Minneapolis that has never signed up withelance and I keep getting calls from people who hired "me" thru elance. People Ivenever talked to about web work before.After further investigation, I come to find out there is some dude or entity posingas me on elance, using my portfolio, directing elance clients to my site, using myname. Its happened twice now and elance doesnt seem to care or have any controlover the situation.I emailed them stating my attorney wants this users full contact information andall transactions between elance and this poser user.I havent heard back from elance yet and its been 2 weeks. I think they may bescared....=====eLance and SynapseIndia - Big Scam!If you are even considering using eLance do NOT. It is one of the biggest scams onthe internet. Read my story and you decide for yourself.I needed some programming work so I decided to try eLance out. I did some Googlesearches and found them. I know HTML and some CSS, but that is the extend of my webdesign knowledge.I needed a job done with localoracle.com so I posted up a project. I got severalbids. You will generally find Indians and Russians bidding on your projects. Ihired some Indians at $20 an hour because they had some fantastic feedback andearned over $1 million through elance. eLance ranks them as "experts" on some 20area of programming (i.e. PHP, ASP.NET, etc) and other areas. Everything seemedlegit and I was happy to have some great, qualified coders that were proven. Boywas I wrong!SynapseIndia is the company I hired. They started work and everything went well. Ipaid for 100 hours up front because they gave a discounted rate of $18 an hour ifyou did this. After the first 100 hours everything seemed great and I leftfeedback. They were getting things done, so I added another hour hours at $1,800($3,600 total now). I had a list of about six things I needed done with the websiteand they had accomplished five so far. My web site APPEARED to function for thefirst 5 items. The final item I needed done was the biggest so I added another$1,800 for another 100 hours. Then everything went down hill!I had a long-term friend of mine and outstanding coder do a small project for me. Asmall add on to the site to detect someones IP and display items based on theirstate. He looked over some of the code and sent me an e-mail that made my mouthdrop.First, he stated that NOTHING was secure and that Google was already caching Adminareas of their work. Basically, anyone could access the admin area becauseSynapseIndia failed to do basic permission work. Second, there work they did wassimply a "cut and paste" code work that was NOT integrated into vBulletin (the coresoftware). The code was a mess and also had security holes a mile wide. Any kidcould hack the site through the work SynapseIndia did. Basically, everythingappeared to WORK on the website, but nothing was iterated, there were HUGE security
  2. 2. holes, and search engines were archiving admin areas. The list was a page long ofthe problems with the code!I immediately STOPPED the work at eLance with SynapseIndia. I lost $3,800 and thethird $1,800 I deposited was still in escrow.I asked eLance to immediately return the third $1,800 payment since SynapseIndianever started on the 100 hours. I then asked eLance to assist with recovering someof the $3,600. I stated I would like to fix the SynapseIndia code and should get arefund for whatever it costs me to replace the code.SynapseIndia stated that I can have the 100 left over hours as credit for futurework (What a JOKE). After a few days, eLance stated, "Your dispute is closed. It isout of our hands and you must now take this issues to court."Even more funny is that they will NOT let me leave a second feedback. After thefirst 100 hours they asked me to leave feedback. Since everything appeared to workfine, I left them GREAT feedback on eLance. Well, now that I got ripped off bySynapseIndia and eLance they will NOT let me leave anymore feedback. By right, Imsuppose to leave feedback for each 100 hour block I paid. Now I know whySynapseIndia has "great" feedback because most of their feedback is probably muchlike mine.eLance will do NOTHING to help get your money back while making a nice commissionoff the work. Their coders are mostly Indians, Russians and other coders thatlikely cant program at all or have an intro level understanding. The eLancefeedback system is a sham because once things go down hill the feedback system isshut off. Their "escrow" is a sham because they take a commission and send themoney along BEFORE any work is done on 100 hour blocks. Before a single hour wasstarted on the third 100 hours they send the $1,800 to SynapseIndia (after theircut of course).Im likely out the $4,800 and it will cost me $4,000 to get the job done now. Howin the world will I go to court with an Indian company? Id likely spend $5,000+ onlegal fees and likely lose the case because Im sure the Indian economy needscompanys like SynapseIndia.Please pass this story on to as many people as possible. SynapseIndia and eLance isa scam and people need to know!Just type "elance scam" in Google!http://www.google.com.ph/search?q=elance+scamhttp://www.ripoffreport.com/computer-graphics/elance-inc-elance-co/elance-inc-elance-com-scam-fa638.htm======elance scam and elance scammer is downright scammerI paid ******* Universe $3k to help me improve my business plan for ******* underthe grounds that i would receive a full refund if their services did notsubstantially improve upon the services I already paid for with another company inthe range of $5k. I have requested their follow through on that commitment multipletimes and have received nothing but excuses as to why I dont qualify for a refundnow. They also acknowledge that their services were unsatisfactory but will nothonor the refund. As far as the service they offered me, they just stated obviousthings that I already knew myself and that the other company I am working with hasstated. (ie. i dont have any of my own money, i dont have a board of advisors, idont have financial history as a start up, (duh) etc.) these are all things i amaware of and they want to charge me $3k to tell me the obvious! Thats ridiculous.
  3. 3. If anything, theres a company called MasterPlans who I would recommend over******* Universe.http://scam.com/blog.php?b=9955Elance, Inc. Elance.com, Scam Rip off Company Scam, Elance Rip off, Elance Scam,Elance complaints , DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!http://www.ripoffreport.com/computer-graphics/elance-inc-elance-co/elance-inc-elance-com-scam-fa638.htm==========Scam jobs at elance scammerI have a million prospects, however, there is so much competition and being thatI’m a new member, my level was just at 1, but I looked at it yesterday and I was atlevel 4. I wonder how the level is determined. I am currently working 1 project fora marketing campaign. I am trying to land the perfect Virtual Assistant job.Speaking of Virtual Assistance…I applied to a VA job about a week ago. It ended upthat I was competeing against 107 other applicants.After the job had closed, I received an email from the employer saying I got thejob! I was ecstatic! It paid $20/hr and it was an indefinite position! After I emailed my acceptance, I got another email explaining the job, it had acontact name, busines name and a telephone #.They told me I would recieve some money for my small office expenses etc..I wasecstatic but curious about the business, so I googled it.Gotta love Google.SCAMMER! RIPOFF! Great. I sulked all evening that night.I thought that being on eLance would protect me from scam jobs. I was wrong. Icontacted eLance to report the violation.Not even two days later, guess what came Fed Ex? $2700 in money orders. I almostpissed my pants. But knowing it was fromthat job posting, I knew the money orderswere bad. I immediately contacted MoneyGram and I was right. The mO’s had beencashed a month earlier. I was SOOO pissed that these people are doing this toothers at Christmas time! My profile states I have 4 children. How DARE theseassholes try to scam me. And what about the other 107 applicants? I hope none ofthem fell for it.I stared at those money orders for probably 2 hours, just thinking about what Icould have done with that money for Christmas. And also thinking if I was as stupidas they thought I was, how totally FUCKED I would be right now had I followed theirdirections and cashed the MO’s.Lesson Learned. And the moral of this story is:If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.=====Beware of Elance, Inc. ScammerI got numerous verbal abuse by a Pakistani member ARTOLOGICS on Elance.comElance.com responded that the Pakistani member has to abuse me THREE times (!!)before they suspend him from Elance.com. Well, he abuse me 5 times instead. Heplaced fake bids on my project urging everyone not to bid on my project, he calledme a scam while he is the one who is a scam as he bid on my project withoutagreeing with my requirements and then he started his verbal abuse. I did not evenbegin any dealings with his sorry butt. So Elance.com responded even after numerous
  4. 4. abuse they can not suspend him as he is a nice guy. I suppose Elance protects itsown abusers and creinials. The guy was terrorizing my project several times. I justnoticed that in their responses Elance removed any trace of that abusive membersID while posting my id on there. As if they wanted me to forget what his id was.And then later on I found that Elance has charged my credit card even if I did notaward any projects to anyone!I still to get that money back from them! And when I wanted to close my elanceaccount there is no way to do it! You can open an account on "Elance" but you cannot close it! BEWARE of Elance!!!======elance sides with scammersI think this thread and its eventual degeneration pretty much sums up the elanceexperience in a lot of ways.In any case, if you have content needs, I recommend finding a good writer who willwork to match your specific needs. You can find native English speakers who producetop-drawer content affordably.I happen to know one, but this isnt the advertising area..elance scam, elance scammer=====elance scam is a big elance scammerXicom Technologies of New Delhi, India Scams Elance User out of $10,000Well this is something we’ve never had to do before, but we have also never beenscammed out of $10, 000 from a a company outside of the United States. At thispoint we feel like this is the only recourse we have. So this is our story of howwe contracted out Elancer, Xicom Technologies, and how they managed to swindle $10,000 right out from under us, and Elance did nothing. How did it happen? We’re goingto explain, so it does not happen to you too!About a year ago, our company set out to find a developer on Elance who coulddevelop a web site solution for us to bring to market. We did a lot of searchingand came across Xicom Technologies from New Delhi, India. They were one of the mostexpensive developers on Elance, but that was ok. We understand that you get whatyou pay for. We checked their profile, their portfolio, feedback, earnings, etc.Everything checked out. Xicom had great feedback, and had brought in over $3million on Elance and had big time experience in PHP and MySQL development….wefigured this must be the perfect company to work on our project.The relationship went ok for a month or so, aside from the regular communicationproblems with the company. It was not uncommon to spend 3 hours talking to theirdevelopers over AIM about details, and then have them tell us to “Please email thedetails to us”. That was very frustrating. Overall though, this did not feel like ascam and we were willing to be patient with what was supposed to be a great, Elanceapproved company.Unfortunately, this story does not end well though. Xicom obviously knew much moreabout Elance than we did, and ended up scamming us easily, with Elance watching theentire time. I’m going to post all the details in additional posts, but long storyshort, they worked for a year, and then when they got too busy and could no longerhandle our project, they sabotaged the code they had written, leaving us withabsolutely nothing. Elance’s policies protected them because they also tookadvantage of a loophole in Elance’s feedback system allowing them to do this to our
  5. 5. company, without us even having the option to leave public feedback!!!The ironic thing is, we utilized Elance for this job because we thought there was alevel of protection, but we still managed to get scammed and Elance wouldn’t evenstep up and help. Sound interesting? Well it is…. VERY interesting.How could something like this happen? Simple really…Xicom is a BIG TIME player onElance and pretty much calls their own shots. Since starting this project we havewatched their feedback fall considerably, and then pop right back up after havingthe real feedback removed by the Elance staff. Our feedback was also removed, dueto a loophole in the Elance agreement that Xicom has become very familiar with.When you’re posting a job on Elance, there are things called “Milestones” thatsupposedly determine what is done, and when during your project. Being a new Elanceuser, we had no idea what this meant, so each month when Xicom submitted a new setof “terms” to us, we didn’t pay attention to the fact that the “End Date” for the“milestone” was always the same — The START date of the project. This may not soundlike a big deal, but now that we know better, it is HUGE. On Elance, you have only30 days after the final milestone to leave feedback. So even though we worked onthis project for over a year, the ability for us to leave feedback was cut off just30 days into the project because of Xicom’s ability to circumvent the Elancefeedback system, by rigging the dates on the projects milestones.We argued the point with Elance, and were eventually allowed to leave feedback. Wefigured they realized how big this issue was but we were totally mistaken. Just 3days after we left the feedback, it was removed by Elance in “accordance with theirterms”. What terms? The terms that say feedback can only be left 30 days after thefinal milestone…. even though our project ran for a year, and the last activity wasjust days before, the final milestone data was months old because of Xicom’sability manipulate these dates to benefit and protect THEM.Consumers need to beware of what can happen to them if they use Xicom on Elance.Currently our only recourse in the US Courts is with Elance themselves. Xicom,being outside of the country is essentially “untouchable”.We’ve got lots of screenshots, chat logs, emails, and PMB saves that we will beposting in the coming days. We really hope something comes of this before we haveto go further but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.Have you had a similar experience with Xicom Technologies on Elance? Please leave anote below for all to see.http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/xicom-c172139.html====elance works with scammershttp://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/synapsaindia-and-elance-c445163.html======eLance founder indicted on fraud chargeshttp://news.cnet.com/2100-1017-254708.htmlKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers-backed eLance, a Web-based marketplace forfreelancers, is keeping mum following the indictment of its founder and generalmanager on securities fraud charges.The Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday said it had charged SrinivasAnumolu--known to coworkers as Srini--with accepting kickbacks during his pre-eLance tenure as a securities trader for New York Life Insurance.
  6. 6. "I can only tell you at this point that we have no statement in the matter," saidMaria Miller, vice president of marketing for eLance, which is based in Sunnyvale,Calif. "We cant comment on the situation for legal reasons."Since its launch in 1999, eLance has raised more than $66 million in institutionalfunding, including a $50 million round led by Kleiner Perkins in February 2000.Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr sits on the companys board of directors.The SEC charged Anumolu and his New York Life co-worker Anthony Dong-Yin Shen withtaking kickbacks and other "improper gifts and gratuities" from other brokerages.The SEC said that Ronald Pinto, then at Nomura Securities, had paid the pair atotal of more than $450,000 in kickbacks. Others were charged with giving Shenlesser amounts.In return, Anumolu and Shen funneled transactions to the brokers at pricesdisadvantageous to New York Life, the SEC alleged.Anumolu the other traders face criminal charges as well as the SECs civil suit.Anumolu is in prison awaiting a hearing Tuesday, according to a Reuters report.One associate of Anumolu, who declined to be identified, expressed concerns thatAnumolu, who is not a citizen, could face deportation if found guilty.============elance is a fraudi started as a service provider on elance in 2002. within my first year i was askedto refund $500 i was paid to complete a project, caliming a stolen credit card wasused to pay. i have read on elance that a credit card is confirmed by chargning twominimal amounts and once the owner confirm those. a credit card that is stolen cannever do this. but i was still given this reason. i was also told that FBI wasinvestigating the issue. anyways the point is i was asked refund of $500... i paid$250 that i recieved from another client on elance... after that i asked elancesupport to provide me with any emailing/reports they have related to the fbiinvestigations... i never recieved those and funny thing is nobody asked me for theremaining $250 also... strange... if FBI had solved the case.. at least i shouldhave recieved my money back...recently, i am asked to refund $3500 that i was paid to complete a project and forwhich i had made the delivery of the software together with its source code... andfor which i have a 5star rating from the client... elance claims the client hasasked for a chargeback... for the first time when i got this email. i immediatelytold elance that i have given the source code to the client and there is no waythis can be reversed and so we will not refund any money... and i had shown proofof delivery and my conversation with client on elance itself... the matter wasresolved or thats what i thought... it happened on 7th of October 2005.on 4th of March i recieved the same email again asking for a chargeback... and myaccount also inactivitated... i have sent the same reply... but have not heard fromthem yet. and my account still inactivated i wonder if they can/should be doing it?i have been thinking about this for a very long time... since we are not given anyproof if some buyer has really used a stolen credit card or asked for chargeback...might it be possible that its elance workers themselves who create such claims? istrongly believe in this when they donot provided me with any information of suchclaims... my reason to post it here is to figure out if i am the only one or thereare others too who have been asked such refunds?
  7. 7. ================Nothing good about elance, elance scamI dont have one good thing to say about Elance. The management team is made up ofincompetent idiots who dont value service providers at all. There is a starkdifference between Guru.com and Elance.com. They both operate the same way, butGuru.com actually seems to value their service providers and they give you theimpression that they need you in order for the site to be successful. With Elance,they act like theyre doing you a favor by letting you be a member on their site(which costs money, btw).A couple of years ago, they decided to triple their membership fees for writerswhile reducing the number of bids each member gets. I voiced my opinion of themadness on their forum and I said that the competition was looking much moreattractive because they had cheaper rates and actually seem to value their writers.Elance didnt like that. Instead of just censoring my post, they deactivated myaccount and refused a refund for the membership I had paid in full for. Afterpleading with them (and reminding them that I had generated a fair chunk of changein both membership fees and commission over the last year (they take just under 10%of each project) they reinstated my account. However, they refused to give meaccess to the message boards.I complained to management again, informing them that if I was paying 100% of mymembership fees, I shouldnt be given 75% of the services offered to everyone else.They didnt agree.I decided to walk, taking my money to Guru.com where providers are actually valued.I also figured my money was better spent on Google PPC advertising. Ive generatedfar more work that way than I did with Elance.To be fair, since leaving, Elance has come to their senses and changed the numberof bids they offer providers. I think their idiotic business decision led a lot oftalented providers to walk. They new offer 10 free bids for basic members. I willcontinue to use my free bids to steal clients from Elance and bring them to Guru.In a nutshell, if youre thinking about using Elance, dont bother. They are beyondhorrible.Read more: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1017-254708.html#ixzz1M16M25Yd=======scam elance, elance+scamI paid $350 into Escrow re a project for 60 SEO Links from a provider that failedto provide reports and project outcomes within specified period. Due to unforseenpersonal circumstances it was over the 6 month deadline period that I was able topursue the provider further - unfortunately they no longer exist on Elance.The project is not completed to satisfaction and a year later $350 sits in Escrowand Im unable to return it to my paypal account.
  8. 8. Ive tried on a couple of occasions to contact Elance - but all I receive is set ofinstructions including forms to fill in that specify a 6 month deadline less a setnumber of days - over which the Escrow money appears to roll up to the Bank ofElance.As I say, project was not completed to time or satisfaction, I was over the 6 monthdeadline re claiming with supplier - but they no longer exist - and I seem unableto get my $350 back.Read more: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1017-254708.html#ixzz1M16SEonm=====elance is worst scamElance is nothing but a scam. They post false buyer jobs to improve their numbers.They do not adhere to any of their policies. They allow buyers to post multiplenon-awarded jobs which service providers pay to bid on. They LIE and say buyers areautomatically stopped from posting jobs if they award less than 20% of those jobs -however anyone can see that there are tons of buyers whove posted 10, 20 and morejobs that are never awarded.Elance offers an escrow service but this is a scam as well. If you are a buyer whoputs money into escrow it will ALWAYS be paid to the service provider NO MATTERWHAT. If you hire someone to setup a website and they upload a chicken soup recipe,Elance WILL release ALL of your Escrow money and say, "we cant be responsible forthe quality of work".Elance does not tolerate dissent. They never answer their phone, rarely returnemails and their website is full of bugs. Many service providers and buyers whohave complained on their forums have had their accounts banned.I could write pages on the schenanigons going on over there. I learned my lessonthe hard way (after they stole my money).Elance has to be the worst scam out there.Read more: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1017-254708.html#ixzz1M16bmYagPOSTED BY:Cecilia Gonzalez Garciainfo@speedread.orgAve Las Primaveras #75MelaqueJAL48980Mexico City
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