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Media evaluation question 3


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Published in: Education
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Media evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Media Evaluation Question 3 What Kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2.  Dimension films have distributed 5 different horror films worldwide over the past 3 years $8, 493, 728 $101, 314, 000 $26, 421, 747 $58, 510 $25, 562, 924
  3. 3.  Dimension films have credibility when it comes to successfully distributing horror films as each of the 5 films did considerably well at the box office (some doing better than others).
  4. 4. My sequence bares similarities to both Scream 4 and Piranha 3DD as they all include a cast of younger actors (18-25), appealing to a younger audience, who is most likely to attend a horror movie screening. The antagonist of both my film and Scream 4 is also a human, as opposed to the mutant fish in Piranha 3DD. This gives the movies a ‘realer’ atmosphere and enhances the audiences anxiousness.