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Morales john visual_resume


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Morales john visual_resume

  1. 1. href="h'p://">videocrab</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>   My dream Started here
  2. 2. A Visual Resume By Jay Morales
  3. 3. My Drive href="h'p://">marfis75</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>      
  4. 4. My Spark href="">Joe Martin Photography</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>  
  5. 5. My Dream
  6. 6. My imagination href="h'p://">Shermeee</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>  
  7. 7. Seeing differently
  8. 8. Always improving
  9. 9. Open Minded
  10. 10. href="h'p://">Tambako  the  Jaguar</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://­‐nd/2.0/">cc</a>   Fast Learner
  11. 11. href="h'p://">MSVG</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>   Mistakes have made me grow
  12. 12. Upbeat and friendly href="h'p://">*Light  PainJng*</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>  
  13. 13. Creating life long passions href="h'p://">vages</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>  
  14. 14. From Culinary href="h'p://">avlxyz</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>  
  15. 15. ref="h'p://">laffy4k</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>   and Volunteering
  16. 16. href="h'p://">The  Pug  Father</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>   To creating what I love
  17. 17. Success To Me href="h'p://">quinn.anya</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>    
  18. 18. Enjoying what I do href="h'p://">Pink  Sherbet  Photography</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>  
  19. 19. href="h'p://">kennymaJc</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>     And doing what I love
  20. 20. href="h'p://">JD  Hancock</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>     bringing enjoyment to the world
  21. 21. href="h'p://">JD  Hancock</a>  via  <a  href="h'p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h'ps://">cc</a>   Thank you