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2010: A Service Provider Odyssey



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What is a cloud
What is a cloud
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2010: A Service Provider Odyssey

  1. 1. 2010:A Service Odyssey Disruptive Technologies and What Service Providers Should Be Doing NOW source: litmuse
  2. 2. About us....
  3. 3. Tranquility... source: Flickr
  4. 4. Or Not? source: Flickr
  5. 5. harbinger: one that pioneers in or initiates a major change... or foreshadows what is to come source: Flickr
  6. 6. hindsight: perception of the nature of an event... after it has happened source: Flickr
  7. 7. Quick History Lesson • First web server: 1989 (or thereabouts) • And here we are... source: Wikipedia
  8. 8. Perspective source: Flickr
  9. 9. Miles, Locations,Variety • Wireless Symposium • CTIA • IP Possibilities • Google I/O • Mikrotik UM • TechCrunch50 • and the list goes on... (TelcoTV next month) source: Flickr
  10. 10. Experts: 4 years ago •IPTV •FTTP •WiMAX •IMS •FMC •Mobile TV •VoIP •P2P •ENUM •IPv6 source: Billing & OSS World 2006, Flickr, GoGo Internet at 37k feet
  11. 11. Also ~4 years ago $30 in flight WiFi (and it was horrible) source: GigaOm, Boeing
  12. 12. Today... source: Flickr
  13. 13. Have you seen this? • So-called “netbooks” • < $350 • Nimble • Purpose built Linux • Coming soon:Windows 7 • Cloud based storage • Single click application installs (“stores”) source: TechCrunch
  14. 14. Towers? What towers? source: YouTube
  15. 15. Nice parking job... source: Flickr
  16. 16. The race to zero... source: Flickr
  17. 17. LIPITOR ® not included... source: Flickr
  18. 18. We care when it matters... source: Wikipedia, Flickr
  19. 19. source: USA Today You know...
  20. 20. source: Digitel Wireless, i-Linc Technologies, BusinessWeek We should talk.
  21. 21. And now... source: Flickr
  22. 22. source: Wikipedia • CDNs • Fiber Tails • Multi-RF Devices • Cloud Concepts • Affinity Models • Social Constructs • NGVoice • Session Control • VRouters • Impulse Enablement A List... I see...
  23. 23. CDNs • Over the Top (OTT) as the truly IP STB • Akamai, Limelight,Amazon S3, YouTube, and more.... • Device specific appliances • Files of all varieties • Easy access, easier math • Tied to specific high capacity NAP • Only hold up? The speed of light. • Create a center of excellence with a nice couch
  24. 24. Fiber Tails • Customer owned fiber NID • Builder friendly designs • Price competitive (CPA) • Increasingly common references • Copies the RLEC model for mutuals and co-ops • Offer discounts starting now source:, OPASTCO,TANE
  25. 25. Multi-RF Devices • Multi-network ready • 3G+WiFi in your pocket • Bluetooth (UWB) • Potential for increased density of radios, HD IP TV delivery, etc... • Budget for and make relevant investments source: OPASTCO
  26. 26. Cloud Concepts • Microsoft vision: 3 Screens and a Cloud • Google vision:AppEngine, BigTable • Apple vision: iTunes, .ME • Amazon vision: EC2/S3 • Cisco vision: Enable private clouds in enterprise and the telco market • Find a partner now and work towards a localized flavor source: TechCrunch ME TOO!!
  27. 27. Affinity Models • Low tier product set matched to similar use patterns • Access across networks with SSO • Typical add on is WiFi but can extend to third party services • Roaming concepts apply and partner agreements extend • Open your authentication (p.s. get it right) source: Flickr
  28. 28. Social Constructs • Turnover every 2 years • Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo,AOL • Namespace scarcity • One way caveats and controls • Limited interop at this time but likely in the immediate future • API key oriented vs. authentication • OAuth exposed/exploited • XMPP, PubSubHubBub, RSSCloud, Firehose, etc... • Google Wave, Live Mesh, Federation • Pick a platform today
  29. 29. NGVoice • Skype,Yext, GoogleVoice • The ultimate “app” (they say) • iPhone takes voice notes • Transcription revolution • Lowered barriers to entry for minor players • API and pay by the drink models • Convergence links enterprise presence to consumer notion of availability • Leverages clouds, race to zero pricing, and years of standards wars • Find a partner but start small and think local
  30. 30. Session Control • AUP/ToS presentation on access or as reflected by marketing demands • Traffic qualification for business analytics • Provisioning hooks and metering enablement (DPI with purpose) • Up-selling as an advertising platform • Monetization via aggregation and collection of subscriber patterns and metrics • Start with a business problem or revenue trial
  31. 31. VRouters • Virtualization comes to network devices • Demarc shifts to inside device vs. physical world • Mix and match processing on metarouters • Emergence of so-called hybrid web gateways • Highly disruptive to units based sales models • Routers in a cloud are now considered “on demand” • Reconsider network elements management, SLA calculation, and mediated
  32. 32. Impulse Enablement • Swinging door selling and just in time provisioning • Lowered friction self service • Set and forget for latent functionality • Build everywhere with consumer driven turn up • Holistic or converged approach via BRAS vendors • Simplifying overall integration and trust (non-repudiation) • Ask your vendors about it before you buy/renew source: Flickr
  33. 33. Technology Day 30 Day 180 Day 360 CDNs Monitor Experiment Refine Fiber Tails Experiment Refine Go to market Multi-RF Devices Experiment Experiment Experiment Cloud Concepts Experiment Refine Go to market Affinity Models Refine Go to market Iterate Social Constructs Monitor Experiment Experiment NGVoice Refine Go to market Iterate Session Control Experiment Refine Go to market VRouters Monitor Experiment Experiment Impulse Enablement Refine Go to market Iterate Service Provider: Start NOW source: Cuthrell Consulting, LLC
  34. 34. Developer Environment Out of Band Access Alerts Paging Ops Role Backup Recovery Monitoring SLA Apps Role Cust Svc Role Pro Svc Role CTO Role Services Engine Multiple Carrier Internet Vendor Matrix Diverse Carriers Best Effort <Custom Alpha Beta GA SLA> Partner Matrix Preferred Carriers Custom Services Engine Metrics Reporting Dashboard Tools Core Customers Niche Customers Emerging Customers Biz Dev Force Inside Sales Force Outside Sales Force Biz Dev Force Outside Sales Force Inside Sales Force Start it... like you plan to finish it.
  35. 35. You have reached the end of the Internet this presentation source: Flickr Take a breather before the Q&A
  36. 36. 877-CUTHRELL