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Deyplasa pvc catalogo

  2. 2. 2 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE WE ARE A CORPORATE GROUP WITH MORE THAN 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Founded in 1975 under the name PLASTISAN, our initial activity was the distribution of building materials. In 1985 we changed our name to DEYPLASA and, in addition to our original activity, became the first Santander-based company to manufacture PVC windows. A few years later we decided to take full advantage of our distribution network and joined forces with the company Plásticos CAE to also begin manufacturing aluminium windows (1991). Once both companies had merged and after having expanded the radius of our activity –not only to the adjoining regions here in Spain, but also to France– we decided to add the manufacture of double-glazed units (also known as UVAs) to the Group’s product range. In 2001 this led to the creation of NORGLASS, which manufactures every time of glass product. WHY CHOOSE DEYPLASA? Because of our technical and human resources: The latest technology and the best machinery; four production centres covering a surface area of over 10,000 m² manned by 70 highly qualified workers and a team of technicians capable of meeting any of our customers’ needs. Because DEYPLASA is synonymous with professionalism and prestige: Our ability to respond to any eventuality has not only given us a first-class reputation within our sector, but is also a guarantee of our professionalism. Because we are the manufacturers of DECANOR products: The most complete range of building and household products is supplied under this trademark.
  3. 3. DEYPLASA 3 35 YEARS IN THEMARKET PROVE THE QUALITY OF OUR JOIN US ON A JOURNEY WORK THROUGH THE WORLD OF PVC WINDOWS AND DISCOVER THEIR SHAPES, COLOURS, QUALITY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY TABLE OF CONTENTS Useful information 4 How is a DECANOR PVC window built? 5 Types of window and colours 6 The DECANOR product rang 7 Metallic parts 8 Glazing | the visible part of the window 9 DECANOR Soundproofing 10 Acoustic insulation 11 DECANOR energy efficiency 12 Internal values 13 The DECANOR difference 14 The DECANOR pledge 15
  4. 4. 4 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT PVC WINDOWS PVC is the best –as well as the most suitable- material for windows and its importance is continuously growing throughout the world. It is not only used in construction, but also in everyday products, such as clothes, bottles and medical applications. An incomparable material Energy saving (PVC is a truly They do not warp when such as PVC offers an entire outstanding insulator). exposed to damp and range of outstanding properties temperature changes. with respect to windows They prevent the spread of unsurpassed by any other raw 2 THE QUALITY OF illnesses caused by fungi and material. DECANOR PVC WINDOWS bacteria. They function perfectly for Apart from this, the acquisition PVC is harmless to people. many years without regular cost of PVC windows is far An excellent acoustic maintenance (for example, lower than that of the other insulator, PVC is especially repainting or other special comparable and traditional suitable for expanding urban remedial work). window building materials, areas. They protect the householder namely wood and aluminium. Thermal insulation, perfect thanks to their excellent There are a great many aspects durability and strength security features. to be taken into consideration (fire resistant, airtight, when it comes to choosing new stability when exposed to UV windows. radiation). Fitting DECANOR PVC 4 THE GREAT VARIETY OF For this reason we would windows and doors in your DECANOR DESIGNS like to provide you with some home increases its value. useful information about PVC Great durability. Attractive appearance with windows that will help you take many different designs to a decision: choose from. 3 THE PERFORMANCE Different shapes (for CHARACTERISTICS example, semicircular 1 THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF DECANOR PVC windows). OF DECANOR PVC WINDOWS DECANOR windows are WINDOWS available in innumerable Dirt and weather resistant. colour variations, foliated The use of lead-free PVC. Easy to clean using a mild either externally or inside Easy to recycle, making detergent or simply soapy and out. it both environmentally water. Suitable for both new builds friendly and a key factor in Resistant to termites and and refurbishments. the preservation of tropical they never rot, rust or Adapted to personal forests. corrode. requirements. BEAR IN MIND THAT: Windows play an extremely important role: they let light into our homes, brighten up our lives and impart a positive feeling of “being at home”.
  5. 5. DEYPLASA 5HOW IS A DECANOR PVC WINDOW CONSTRUCTED?THE DETAILED PROFILEThe individual components of a PVC windowFront view of a PVC window Three-dimensional cross-section of a PVC window WINDOWFRAME SEALS It supports the leaf The co-extruded seals of the window and ensure improved attaches the window thermal and acoustic to the structure of the insulation. building. STEEL WINDOW LEAF REINFORCEMENTS This is the mobile These are incorporated element that allows the into both the frame and window to be opened the leaf of the window and closed. in order to ensure a maximum load support capability. GLASS STOPS GLAZING These are inserted into This protects you from the leaf of the window the weather while and serve to fix the pane allowing you to see out of glass. of your home.
  6. 6. 6 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE TYPES OF DECANOR WINDOW SOMETHING FOR EVERY TASTE The types of window and door differ in the way they are mounted and how they open: FIXED PANE CASEMENT. The glass fits directly INWARD OPENING into the frame (there is no turning sash). The window can be opened inwards. HOPPER. TURN AND TILT INWARD OPENING The window can be The window can be opened inwards and tilted to ventilate the tilted. room whilst continuing to provide protection. DOUBLE WINDOW. PARALLEL SLIDING OUTWARD OPENING The leaf can be slid to The leaf must be one side to open the opened outwards. window. TILT AND SLIDE LIFT AND SLIDE The leaf can be tilted The leaf is raised in and slid to one side to one movement and this open the window. ensures a far better seal than a conventional sliding window. FOLDING WINDOW MANY The leaves can be COMBINATIONS folded, with each of AVAILABLE them sliding along a guiderail. PVC WINDOWS DO NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE WHITE Add a dash of colour to your life and choose your MAHOGANY favourite shade from among a huge variety of tones. The supplier of the system uses a WALNUT special manufacturing technique to apply the decorative finish to the PVC window profiles. This technique guarantees an even texture and colour combined with maximum weather resistance and meets the maximum climatic protection requirements. GOLDEN BRUSHED OAK ALUMINIUM
  7. 7. DEYPLASA 7PRODUCT RANGESOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Windows are a long-term investment. You should therefore choose a product that is truly capable of meeting your requirements.TAKE A LOOK AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: DECANOR CLASSIC Modern PVC windows are an intelligent investment for the future. DECANOR CLASSIC is our window with the most substantial characteristics, with 3 to 4 chambers, 2 sealing levels and a frame depth of 60 mm. It offers the best possible quality-price ratio and an unbeatable economic performance. It is the recommended window for fixed panes, hopper and turn and tilt windows. The multiple variations available enable this system to be used in commercial buildings and private homes. DECANOR PLUS With their standard combination of 5 chambers, acoustic insulation of up to 45 dB and depth of 70mm, DECANOR PLUS windows offer excellent thermal insulation properties, meaning that a range of windows is currently available that will meet the standards of the future. It is also the perfect window for large sized doors on balconies and terraces. DECANOR SUPREMA With its profile depth of 85mm, its strength lies in its maximum thermal insulation values. It combines pioneering technology with outstanding energy efficiency to achieve exceptional results. Small section profiles and classical lines maximise the amount of light entering the home. Superb acoustic insulation of up to class IV. Capable of taking glass of up to 52mm thick. Anti-break in features tested in accordance with WK2. Available in numerous foliate variants. LIFT AND SLIDE Thanks to their smooth-running lifting mechanism, even 60 MM AND MULTIPLE SLIDING WINDOWS extremely large sliding With their slim line design and matching elements with a width of reinforcement elements incorporated up to 3 metres, a depth to provide the best possible structural of 70 mm and heavy- properties, the designs of our range of duty reinforcements sliding windows can be adapted to your that provide maximum individual needs. strength can be moved Capable of providing a great number of with great ease. solutions from windows to large balcony The interior light doors. entering through large- sized elements provides DECANOR BASSIC a harmonious transition Our 40 years of experience in the world of PVC has between the inner and enabled us to bring you the most hermetic window outer spaces of the on the market while continuing to produce traditional dwelling combined with doors and windows currently aimed at those places the best sealing values. with lower thermal requirements. It is for this reason that we have retained our BASSIC System with its thickness of 45 mm and two chambers. This system is ideal for use not only in private apartment buildings, but also in modular dwellings. This is due to its different frames that enable the attachment of plasterboard on the interior and a bond with the materials used for cladding the façade on the exterior. This versatility provides a high degree of functionality and reduces the configurations to a minimum for a perfect finish.
  8. 8. 8 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE METALLIC PARTS ESSENTIAL INFORMATION The metallic parts perform a wide range of functions. They connect the window leaf to the frame, thereby enabling it to move. This is why we would like to provide you with some interesting information about the metallic parts of our PVC windows that will help you to make a better choice. The metallic parts are vital components of the window, above all with respect to its movements and security. The metallic parts for the most common turn and tilt systems in Europe offer maximum reliability, security and comfort for your home. The finest METALLIC PARTS metallic parts are also available for double ADDITIONAL and sliding windows. INFORMATION At DECANOR our aim is to ensure LEAF RAISER comfort and peace of mind for The turn and tilt metallic you and your family. This is why parts raise the leaf to we offer you the opportunity of the correct position with minimum effort and incorporating greater security guarantee a long working life. into your doors and windows based on: • 40 years of experience in MULTI-BOLT LOCKS enclosure elements. The multi-bolt locking system • Exchanging professional provides greater security. The system guarantees basic experiences and information security. with police forces, insurance firms and independent institutes. • Research, development and HANDLE WITH LOCK design innovation. Whenever security is a priority, the first choice is a handle with • Permanent quality control. a built-in lock. • German manufacture. This locking mechanism • The use of high quality increases the security of the window or door. materials. • DECANOR products are tested and certified by independent HANDLE The essential element is and neutral test institutes of the handle that moves the different European countries. metallic parts. A single turn • The tests carried out confirm of the handle can open, close, tip or fold a window or door. the extraordinary security of DECANOR products.
  9. 9. DEYPLASA 9 GLAZING THE VISIBLE PART OF A WINDOW The importance of the glass in your window also forms part of your decision- taking process. MANY SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE: TINTED GLASS The addition of colorants to the base glass mixture colours the finished product and reduces its light transmission properties. The colour extends throughout the entire thickness of the glass. TEMPERED GLASS This is a type of safety and/or security glass that has been subjected to a controlled heat or chemical treatment to increase its strength in comparison with normal glass. Tempered glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than thermo-hardened glass of the same thickness when subjected to uniform static compression loads. LAMINATED GLASS Two or more sheets of glass that are permanently bound together sandwiching one or two sheets of intercalary material. It provides good soundproofing and high security against break-ins. DOUBLE GLAZING Two, or even three, panes of glass separated by a chamber of air or another gas such as argon to reduce thermal transfer and/or sound transmission through a part of the outer skin of the building. In insulated glazing elementsBEAR IN MAND the chamber between the panes of glass isTHAT: scrupulously dehumidified and the edges areThe solar factor shall sealed to eliminate any possible condensation and endow them with greater insulationhave to be as low as properties.possible, whereasvisible transmittance VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE This expresses the amount of visible lightshall have to be as high possible. The greater the visible transmittance, the higher the amount of light transmitted.We shall be delighted to SOLAR FACTORbe able to help you take The amount of directly transmitted and absorbedthe best decision. solar energy that penetrates the interior of the building (in comparison with an open space). This factor should be as low as possible.
  10. 10. 10 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE SOUNDPROOFING ENJOY THE SILENCE AND COMFORT PROTECTION AGAINST NOISE FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE Noise has a huge impact on our quality of life. Two of its effects are disturbed sleep and constant stress, both of which can cause lasting damage to our health. PVC windows are an effective protection against noise and help towards creating a permanently agreeable ambience.
  11. 11. DEYPLASA 11SOUNDPROOFINGPermanent exposure to a noise, or even exposure toan intense noise over a brief period of time, can have adamaging impact on human health.This is why soundproofing is so necessary. We canprovide you with the best possible protection against theunwanted negative effects of noise. INFLUENCING FACTORS dB (decibel) is the unit of measurement commonly used in acoustics to quantify the noise levels 1 | Frame perceived by the human ear. 2 | Glazing 3 | Glazing seals OPEN WINDOW ~ 80 DB 4 | Mounting (dense traffic) OLD-STYLE WINDOW ~ 60 DB (single pane) STANDARD WINDOW ~ 48 DB (double glazing) PVC WINDOW ~ 35 DB (Ideal 4000) BEAR IN MIND THAT: A reduction of 10 dB (decibels) represents a perceived noise reduction of 50%.
  12. 12. 12 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE ENERGY EFFICIENCY COMFORT IN THE HOME AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Innovative high quality DECANOR PVC windows cut energy loss down to a minimum. By fitting PVC windows you can contribute towards the conservation of increasingly scarce natural resources and the reduction of contaminating emissions. Insulating with DECANOR PVC windows will combine environmental protection with a comfortable home life. U (Uw) Value The U value of the glazing (Ug) * glazed surface area (Ag) + the U value of the frame (Uf) *frame surface area (Af) + Psi value (H*) * length of the perimeter seal (I) / glazed surface area (Ag) + frame surface area (Af). The U value determines the thermal transference coefficient of the material. The subscript w of this value refers to the window as a whole. The calculation thereof is based on the U values and the dimensions of each individual material of all the components, in other words the glass, the material of the frame, as well as the psi value, which describes the thermal flow that occurs via the perimeter seal with the spacer of the insulating glass. CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS Thanks to our wide experience and the fact that we BEAR IN MIND have our own high-end glass manufacturing plant, we THAT THE LOWER at DECANOR shall be able to advise you as to the most suitable glass for your windows in accordance with the THE U VALUE THE type of window chosen, the direction it faces, height BETTER above sea level, etc. We use many factors to determine the best choice.
  13. 13. DEYPLASA 13INTERNAL VALUESCOST SAVINGS Energy saving calculations (examples)RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil):Saving (first year)*: €790.62 In order to save energy, the depthSaving after 20 years: €26,142.64 of the profiles of the window is not*Assumption: window surface area 30 m2, the only essential factor. Its “internal€0.10/kWh, energy price increase: value” must also be convincing.5% per year. The development of isotherms provesMELBOURNE (Australia): the significant improvement of insulationSaving (first year)*: €865.11 quality:Saving after 20 years: €28,605.79*Assumption: window surface area 50 m2,€0.18/kWh, energy price increase:5% per year.DUBAI (United Arab Emirates):Saving (first year)*: €1,130.61Saving after 20 years: €37,384.78*Assumption: window surface area 30 m2,€0.07/kWh, energy price increase:5% per year.CAPE TOWN (South Africa):Saving (first year)*: €416.90Saving after 20 years: €13,785.23 Single pane window*Assumption: window surface area 40 m2,€0.12/kWh, energy price increase:5% per year.MUMBAI (lndia):Saving (first year)*: €1,001.32Saving after 20 years: €33,109.55*Assumption: window surface area 25 m2,€0.08/ kWh, energy price increase:5% per year.Comparison between a DECANOR PLUSwindow (Uw = 1.1 W/m2K) and a single panealuminium window (Uw=5.2 W/m2K). PVC DECANOR PLUS window system withThe resulting saving for you may vary with insulating glazingrespect to the examples given above interms of the local specifications, such as thesize of the rooms or the climatic conditions.These examples assume climatic conditions andframeworks taken from historical values, such asthe heating and cooling degree days. We cannotguarantee the accuracy of the data provided asexamples.
  14. 14. 14 PVC WINDOWS CATALOGUE HANDLES DECANOR sees handles as being a detail that sets your windows apart. DECANOR supplies a range of different handles for enhancing the decoration of every type of home. INTERIOR SHUTTERS Interior shutters are used as an element to darken rooms with an aesthetic similar to that of old-style wooden windows. SHUTTER HOUSING The DECANOR shutter housing can be installed in hinged and sliding windows with any type of lowering and raising system: strap, handle, motorised, etc. in order to adapt to the customer’s requirements. All the profiles are of white PVC and include a chamber, and our wood coloured housings are fitted with the corresponding exterior foliated PVC profiles. The possibility of incorporating aerators into both the metallic parts and shutter housings. GLAZING DECANOR recommends that its windows are supplied fully glazed and ready for fitting. Comprehensive service. TECHNICAL BUILDING CODE AND CE MARKING: BEYOND OFFICIAL STANDARDS All DECANOR systems bear the CE marking as an EU guarantee, an essential requirement for any windows sold within the European Union. All DECANOR systems are in compliance with the thermal, acoustic and sanitation requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code.
  15. 15. DEYPLASA 15THE DECANOR PLEDGEPERSONAL CUSTOMER CAREDECANOR offers every one of its customers the services ofa personal technical team to advise them at all times and, ifnecessary, pay personal visits to their worksites.DIRECT PHONE LINEDECANOR offers its customers a direct contact phone line(+ 34 942 56 54 66) for resolving any doubt or problem that may arise.A SKILLED WORKFORCEMore than 70 people all working to ensure that DECANOR productscontinue being a reference point with respect to quality and safety.OUR OWN LOGISTICS SYSTEMOur logistics system consists of more than 25 distribution centresin Spain and France.TRANSPORT FLEETA fleet of over 20 vehicles ready to transport any order to itsdestination.30-D SERVICEYour order manufactured in 30 days.IMMEDIATE DELIVERY SERVICEOnce your order has been manufactured, we immediately deliver itto its destination.QUALITY GUARANTEEThe quality of all DECANOR PVC, DECANOR ALUMINIUM andDECANOR GLASS products is certified by the CE marking.DECANOR RECYCLINGWe are also fully committed to the environment and sustainability,and this is why we recycle all PVC, aluminium and glass by-products so that they can be reintegrated and converted intomaterials ready for reuse.WE TRADE IN SPAIN AND HAVE BEENDOING SO IN FRANCE FOR OVER 15YEARS
  16. 16. SHOWROOM AND OFFICESC/ Honduras, 2739005 SANTANDER · SPAINTel.: + 34 942 318 831 · Fax: + 34 942 318 832info@deyplasa.comFACTORY AND OFFICESParque Empresarial Morero, P1-139611 GUARNIZO - EL ASTILLERO (Cantabria)SPAINTel.: + 34 942 565 466 · Fax: + 34 942 565 465info@ventanascae.comcomercial@ventanascae.comPol. Ind. Trascueto, Nave A6 - A739600 REVILLA DE CAMARGO (Cantabria)SPAINTel.: + 34 942 269 277 · Fax: + 34 942 269