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Lean Manga. Hoshin Kanri


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Lean Manga describing Hoshin Kanri.

For more information visit or read the book The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design by Productivity Press

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Lean Manga. Hoshin Kanri

  1. 1. CONTACT ME! Dr.-Ing. Javier Villalba-Diez HOSHIN KANRI My name is H4. and I can show you how to achieve your Lean Strategic Goals while increasing trust with...
  2. 2. Let´s observe three different systems with different complexity degrees. Corporation Human Body Cells All three evolve following two simple PRINCIPLES of EVOLUTION Survive Copy This is also true for IDEAS and all biologically based behavioral patterns. Religion Culture Economy Very complex looking human behaviours… … have its root in these two simple rules If you observe human´s interactions … … you will observe three main motivators
  3. 3. In order to attain Alignment, you need to go through a process. HOSHIN KANRI can only emerge in an evolutional manner. Integrity Trust Empowerment Alignment Sustainable success can only be achieved through evolution. Empowerment Level 3. Managerial Trust Level 2. Relational Alignment Level 4. Organizational Integrity Level 1. Personal An evolutional process in 4 levels…
  4. 4. Integrity means that what you do, say and think must be aligned. Think Say Do If we observe human beings as ecosystems, we can find FOUR DIMENSIONS. MIND HEART SPIRITBODY This human paradigm is a solid foundation for the strategic direction of an organization The inability to understand this four dimensional nature of human beings, is probably the #1 reason why leadership fails to deliver.
  5. 5. The biggest challenge in implementing this paradigm… … is the fact that these characteristics… … are INTRINSIC of the system. Please allow me to present the only know system in the universe able of consciousness. The Human Brain The reason why Thomas will soon be able to guide his dad´s dog… … is the intrinsic ability his fantastic brain has: LEARN and sustainably retain this knowledge. This learning process is possible, because of the structural and functional nature of the brain: a gigantic network of cooperative and competing agents. All possible because of the“miracle of MYELIN”. MYELIN is a sort of fatty substance that increases the information exchange performance between neuronal cells. Myelinization is stronger if the individual repeats certain tasks. The more the brain trains a certain task, the “smarter”it will get at this task.
  6. 6. The challenge for the LEAN LEADER is to guide organizational network, so as to achieve organizational strategic goals while increasing trust. Now think of your organization as a big brain… … a complex NETWORK in which agents are integrated throughout value streams. Wild Waters The frame conditions are ever changing
  7. 7. Probably is your organization designed as a hierarchical matrix. The most important characteristic of a Lean Management System to be attain is Value-Stream oriented fractality. The way I understand HOSHIN KANRI helps you attain and sustain such value-stream oriented fractality.
  8. 8. The fractal unit in LEAN MANAGEMENT is (CPD)nA. Following the brain analogy, (CPD)nA develops a structural process oriented connection between Process Owners. The more you train (CPD)nA in your organization, the more effective and efficient it will become. In KAIZEN (改善) there is not cause and effect. It is all a continuum.
  9. 9. Still today in the 21st century, many Leaders manage following the IBM-DOS“Command and Control”efficiency paradigma. In fact, many doors remain closed for those Leaders because they are unable to recognize that the rules have changed. They themselves ARE the problem. The fact of the matter is that the process owners in the system, the people, are able to choose who they follow. They have an almost unlimited connectivity. The complexity of this universe is too big to be controlled, can only be guided. For this reason is HOSHIN KANRI the leadership system of the future. In order to cope with these new challenge, any leader must master 4P disciplines: People, Project, People and Product Management.
  10. 10. The classic two dimensional matrix organization has many more dimensions Product Function Process The biggest challenge is for managers to lead the “Knowledge Worker”(*) from the two dimensional world to a more-dimensional environment. The agents can“swim”in the network and perform their activities virtually in flexible teams. Hey! I drive No! I drive But no organization can be completely decentral! The consequence of lack of alignment could be fatal. HOSHIN KANRI offers strategies for attaining a common direction.
  11. 11. A Lean Leader makes sure, like a Zen priest, that the necessary conditions for sustainable growth of his HOSHIN KANRI TREE are given. He knows that to know and not to do is not to know. This is why he is at Gemba and tries to understand the truth behind facts. He understands that when you cut a branch off the HOSHIN KANRI TREE, the whole tree will suffer the consequences. This is why he practices contemplation, self control, selflessness and patience. Organic growth is possible throughout the endless (CPD)nA spiral. The structure of the HOSHIN KANRI TREE is given by the fractal value-stream structure. The HOSHIN KANRI TREE is supported by the Integrity of the people within the organization.
  12. 12. The only goal of a Lean Leader is to make sure that EVERYONE, EVERY DAY, the WHOLE DAY practices (CPD)nA. C P D - A