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Lean Manga (CPD)nA. Lean Business Communication


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This Lean Manga explains how to deal with (CPD)nA.

For more information visit the website or read the book The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design by Productivity Press.

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Lean Manga (CPD)nA. Lean Business Communication

  1. 1. CONTACT ME! Dr.-Ing. Javier Villalba-Diez (CPD)nA My name is H4. and I can show you how to achieve your Lean Strategic Goals while increasing trust with...
  2. 2. When we talk about processes, we talk about a system that transforms an input into a more valuable output. All systems have certain limits! Raw Materials Cash Technology Management Customers Systems are, by nature inter-dependent At any point in time, the most important input for a system is the one that limits it the most.
  3. 3. There are differences… For this reason, our organizations need more process thinkers, that are able to identify proper frames to understand such systems … like complexity, feedback loops or the variability related to the system. It is a useful Metaphor to think of (Check-Plan-Do-…- Act) (CPD)nA as a frame. (CPD)nA is the frame with which we take the“bull by its horns”and guide it… … by making each Process Owner (PO) response able for his or her process. Now let me show you how.
  4. 4. The first thing to understand is that (CPD)nA is a Process oriented frame of thought. Not a Problem Solving one. We could solve acute problems with (CPD)nA… … but it would be like curing a broken leg with an aspirin… The process goal of (CPD)nA is double: (1) to reduce variability of the system and (2) to improve the system´s performance. Process KPI Time A process is a Value Stream But… How can we best measure the process? What is the KPI? Each KPI assigned to a PO… … is like a knife that constrains her moves.
  5. 5. A good way to know if a KPI is a process KPI is to prove it to be fractal. The Sierpinski triangle is a good way to visualize a fractal structure. Process KPI Output KPI Find your balance! Usually Leaders tend to define only Output KPIs. It is important to find a balance between Output KPIs and Process KPIs. HOSHIN KANRI will help you find that balance.
  6. 6. The DNA Routine of any Process is Check-Plan-Do-Check-Plan- Do-… Act (CPD)nA All you need is an A3 paper and a pencil. Look for Muda-Mura-Muri and understand why they happen.
  7. 7. Your (CPD)nA should look like this so far… The foundation of (CPD)nA are two: 1. Our understanding of the current state of Gemba. 2. Our will to perform KAIZEN. In order to continually improve, the PO must invest angry in the system constantly. At this point, you might be worried, that your (CPD)nA is almost empty. Maybe your boss is pushing for results. Well, guess what. (CPD)nA is designed to develop your character, so do not give in to inner or outer pressure and take time to analyze.
  8. 8. In the moment you know where the process is, guide it towards KAIZEN. Gather a group of POs touching the process and analyze in the Plan. PO´s Round Table At this point of the process it is important to connect emotionally with others. Nobody will care how much you know until they know how much you care. We can standardize the analysis process… Step Step Step Left Brain RightBrain Whole Brain Prioritization Statistics Correlations With the left side of the brain, you can understand Gemba in numbers and graphics
  9. 9. Brainstormingonwhy youarefacingthe3M ´sisacreativetask. First ask situational questions… … then ask WHY.
  10. 10. By now your (CPD)nA should look like this… Your process is an inter- connected reality where everything influences everything else. Electric Hydraulic People Mechanic Too fast or too much action might get things worse! After the Analysis in Plan the temptation of creating magic long action plans is huge. Do not fall in this trap!
  11. 11. In Do define one action… … and nail it down! Then go to Gemba… … and try to understand how the action influenced the process. Gain If the action was successful, include it in the standard in Act.
  12. 12. Repeat this (CPD)nA until you have achieved a“Plateau”in the KPI. Then close the Standard in Act. If you follow this (CPD)nA I guarantee you a black belt in KAIZEN in a very short time! Never, never, never stop performing (CPD)nA! Think of (CPD)nA as waves in the sea.