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Connected TV & 2nd screen projects development


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Connected TV & 2nd screen projects development

  1. 1. Prisa experience in Connected TV appsdevelopment
  2. 2. The R&D area Prisa Digital We started two years ago developing TV apps;First we defined connected Tv as Now we think multiscreen:“the marriage of television «Connected device interactionengagement & internet interactivity” more important to TVs than apps”
  3. 3. R&D Lab: testing devices key BoxeeSamsung Blue Ray Xbox Kinect iPad / iPhone Samsung Smart 3d TV 42” Apple TV Nintendo 3Ds Android Blue Ray 3D Camera Panasonic LG Connected 3D TV 47” 3
  4. 4. Product Roadmap 2010-2012 December 2010 August01 2011 September 02 2011 Feb 2012 03 Developed by prisa TV May 2012 04 05 NDA Aug 2012 06 R&D
  5. 5. First generation Tv apps: LG/boxee
  6. 6. First generation TV apps LG/boxee El pais weather Los 40 visual radio
  7. 7. Audience for TV apps Average time 5 min/user
  9. 9. Next gen Tv apps: second screen apps2nd screen concept should be defined by aggregation of 3 differentinteraction and consumption features:1. Synchronized TV Apps : playback and control troughout sencond device (ex: iPad Xfinity Remote Comcast)2. Companion TV Apps: Main screen content is reinforced and contextualized (ex: Weather channel ”From the Edge With Peter Lik.” Fox companion app just for “Bones” ABC ”Grey’s Anatomy)3. Interactive TV apps: user interacts with main content (conversational social TV) or plot interaction (Intonow) or content interaction gaming
  10. 10. 2nd screen: Sync appsNew app: AS deportes• Videos, sport socores,twitter• Sync control Remote control syncronized with tablet/smartphones articles and video playback
  11. 11. 2nd screen: Sync appsNew app:Elpais• News and multimedia• Interactive services (weather, sport scores, cinema etc)• Sync control Remote control synchronized with tablet/smartphones articles and video playback
  12. 12. 2nd screen: interactive appsKaraoke TV game with social ranking 3. TV app playback video and lyrics 1. Smartphne analyze vocice patterns 2. Tv/ mobile conecction wifi. Data 4. Audio analysis and Base ecualizing classification comparison with original 5. Sound and lyrics sound synchronization . 12
  13. 13. SummaryTablet adoption next with Connectd Tv and specific apps development will allow a new way ofaudiovisual consunption created that is konw as second screen experience.• The new TV users demand different contents, studios premium and low cost , short and long form content, live and on demand, for being consumed trougthout multiple devices• The new user demands a better usage and targeting of his consumption time integrating the concept of family interactive entertainmet to TV content (social games) and social conversation (social TV)• One of main changes will adress sinchornized commercial campaingns will leverage actual CPM• .Content search will be related to recommendation systems both editoprial an social (netflix 70% of traffic driven by reccommendations)• Search will not be linked to consumtion time since movile apps will let us create playlist in advance for being played back later on larger screens.• Commercialization of 2nd screen campaings