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Tatum french


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Tatum french

  1. 1. French Culture Tatum F 5-C
  2. 2. Introduction• Dance and music has always been part of the French culture.• The French culture is located in France, on the continent of Europe.• Music and dance is important to the French because they can express themselves, their cultures, and their traditions. The capital of France is Paris.
  3. 3. Types of French drum Accordion instruments• Some types of instruments that the French use to make their French French flute music, are: accordions, french Saxsaphone saxsaphones, french pianos, french drums, and french flutes.• ? v=pz8bGgVGltYhttp://m.youtu French Piano v=pz8bGgVGltY
  4. 4. Music
  5. 5. French accordion musicFrench accordion music
  6. 6. I think this music piece is very coolbecause they use accordions and French accordions.
  7. 7. Traditional Music I think this music piece isTraditional music very unique because it shows different places in France.
  8. 8. Music is important in Francebecause it expresses their culture.
  9. 9. Dance
  10. 10. Dance Both of these dances represent the French culture French folk danceTraditional French dance
  11. 11. Dance is very important in thisculture because French people can express who they are.
  12. 12. ConclusionI learned lots of new things during this presentation. One ofthe things I learned is that in France they have a dance called the French Folk Dance. I also learned that France has lots of different cultural traditions.
  13. 13. Bibliography