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  1. 1. Scan the barcode or use the e-ticket number below for self service kiosk check-in e-Ticket Receipt & Itinerary 1762143568560Your electronic ticket is stored in our computer reservations system. This e-Ticket receipt/itinerary is your record of your electronicticket and forms part of your contract of carriage. You may need to show this receipt to enter the airport and/or to prove return or onwardtravel to customs and immigration officials.Your attention is drawn to the Conditions of Contract and Other Important Notices set out in the attached document.Please visit us on to check-in online and for more information.Economy Class passengers should report to Emirates check-in desks 3 hours prior to departure of all flights. First and Business Classpassengers should report to Emirates check-in desks not later than 90 minutes prior to departure. Boarding for your flight begins at least35 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Gates close 15 minutes prior to departure.Please check with departure airport for restrictions on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels in hand baggage.Below are the details of your electronic ticket. Note: all timings are local.PASSENGER AND TICKET INFORMATION PASSENGER NAME KHAN/AHMEDMR BOOKING REFERENCE DDY44W E-TICKET NUMBER 176 2143568560 ISSUED BY / DATE DUBAI / EMIRATES IBE 22NOV2011EKWWWWWTRAVEL INFORMATIONFLIGHT DEPART/ARRIVE AIRPORT/TERMINAL CHECK-IN OPENS CLASS COUPON VALIDITYEK 241 09 JAN 12 DUBAI INTNL (DXB) 09 JAN 12 ECONOMY NOT BEFORE 09 JAN 12CONFIRMED 0955 TERMINAL 3 0655 NOT AFTER 09 JAN 12 09 JAN 12 TORONTO (YYZ) BAGGAGE 1450 TERMINAL 1 ALLOWANCE 2 PIECEFLIGHT DEPART/ARRIVE AIRPORT/TERMINAL CHECK-IN OPENS CLASS COUPON VALIDITYEK 242 02 MAY 12 TORONTO (YYZ) 02 MAY 12 ECONOMY NOT BEFORE 09 MAY 12CONFIRMED 2140 TERMINAL 1 1740 NOT AFTER 09 MAY 12 03 MAY 12 DUBAI INTNL (DXB) BAGGAGE 1835 TERMINAL 3 ALLOWANCE 2 PIECEFARE AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFARE AED7510 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONTAXES/FEES/CHARGES AED75AE AED5TP AED100CA AED100SQ NON-END/SKYWARDS FLEX//NON- AED20RC END/SKYWARDS SAVER/TOTAL AED7810FORM OF PAYMENT CREDIT CARDFARE CALCULATIONSDXB EK YTO1195.25ELE1YAE1 EK DXB848.11BLE4MAE1 NUC2 043.36 END ROE3.67285© 2009 Emirates. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 1