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Presentation on home work

  1. 1. Presentation on Home work ByJaved Iqbal PDT EDIP project funded by AUS aid your name
  2. 2. Outline• Objectives• Definition of home work• Purpose of home work• Types of home work• Tips for assigning and checking home work• Benefits of home work• Draw backs of home work• Home work schedule
  3. 3. Objectives• By the end of this session C.Ps could be able to:• Reflect on their existing practice of assigning home work.• Discuss types and purpose of home work.• Identify different strategies for assigning and checking home work.• Develop home work schedule.
  4. 4. Definition of home work• Homework is the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned activities to practice, reinforce, or apply newly acquired skills and knowledge to learn necessary skills of independent study. (Jocelyn A. Butler, School Improvement Research Series (SIRS)).• Home work is the out of class room task assign by the teacher to extend and elaborate class room task as well students learning.• It is means of assessing how well students have learnt what you have needed to teach.
  5. 5. Purpose of home work• Help students prepare for the next day.• To review concepts to ensure that students are learning and extending academic performance.• To complete the days assignment.• To assist and improve a student’s progress towards National Standards• To extend or make more meaningful concepts introduced at school.• To engage students in purposeful practice relevant to their learning.
  6. 6. Cont…..•To reinforce lesson taught during class time..•To teach students to manage their time.• To help students to develop self-reliance to enable parents tosee their child’s progress and to show interest in their child’seducation.•To strengthen the ties between home and school, particularlywhen parents can help with assignments in some way.•To develop effective study habits.
  7. 7. Types of home workThe five major homework types are as follows: Practice, which is designed to reinforce skills and information covered in class. Preparation which is given to prepare students to benefit from subsequent lessons. Extension which is provided to determine if a student can extend the concept or skill learned in class to a new situation.• Creative which is designed to require students to integrate many skills and concepts in producing some project;• Completion which is a continuation of assignments stared in class.
  8. 8. Tips for assigning home work• Based on clear specific goals and or purposes.• Do not assign as punishment.• Ensure that students understand the purpose .• Make sure that students succeed with their homework and new concepts should not be included."• Regular homework can be assigned for the sake of learning.• Parents should be well aware of these homework expectations.• Quality, not quantity should be stressed.• Consider the students’ ability.• Consider the time for homework, it should be reasonable.• Homework assignments should always be checked.
  9. 9. Tips for checking home work Peer checking Involve parents in the process of assigning homework Prepare an answer sheet and paste it in the classroom where students could assess their assignments OR check a few notebooks and share them with other students so that students can compare and correct their mistakesDevelop homework timetable for your class and set specific time for checking homeworkCheck homework in your free periodsSpare extra time after school time or before school time
  10. 10. Benefits of home workImmediate achievement and learning• Better retention of factual knowledge• Increased understanding• Better critical thinking, concept formation, information processing• Curriculum enrichmentLong – term academic benefits• Learning during leisure time• Improved attitude towards schools• Better study habits and skills
  11. 11. Drawbacks of home work• Loss of interest in academic material• Physical and emotional fatigue• Denial of access to leisure time and community activities• Parental interference• Pressure to complete assignment and perform well.
  12. 12. Home work scheduleDay and date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdaySubjectUrduEnglishMathScienceArabicDrawing
  13. 13. Thank YouFloor is open for questions, suggestions and feedback.