Content validity


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Content validity

  1. 1. Content Validty in Assesment ByJaved Iqbal Anjum Professional Development Teacher AKU-IED, PDCN for EDIP Project Gorikot LRS Ihr Logo
  2. 2. Presentation‘s Roadmap Session learning outcomes (SLOs) Main features of assessment What is validity Content Validity Marks allocation Formula of content validity Content validity sheet ConclusionJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  3. 3. Check Your (I.Q) Intelligence Quotient There are pigeons and rabbits living in a room. They have twenty (20) heads and forty Eight (48) feet. Find out the quantity of rabbits as well as pigeons. 18 Pigeons and 2 rabbitsJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  4. 4. How would you relate this with assessmentJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  5. 5. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session, C.Ps could be able to;  Share main features of assessment,  develop their understanding regarding content validity in assessment,  use content validity sheet for exam paper formation,  maintain content validity while developing exam papers.Javed Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  6. 6. Main features of AssessmentFeatures Definition Relevant Questions to ConsiderReliability The extent to which the assessment How much are students scores affected by instrument yields consistent results temporary conditions ? for each student. Do different people score students‘ equally?Standardizatio The extent to which assessment Are all students assessed on similar content thoughn procedures are similar for all same criteria? students. Do all students have the same types of tasks to perform? Are instructions same for everyone?Validity The extent to which an assessment Does assessment cater curriculum needs? instrument measures what it is supposed to measure.Practicality The extent to which an assessment is How much class time does the assessment take? easy and inexpensive to use. How quickly and easily can students responses be scored?Taken and modified from: Logo Your Javed Iqbal Anjum
  7. 7. What is Validity  Validity is the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure. It is vital for a test to be valid in order for the results to be accurately applied and interpreted.  The extent to which a test adequately represents the subject- matter content or behavior to be measured commonly used in evaluating achievement or proficiency tests/ Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  8. 8. Content validity  If an assessment encompasses wide range or large proportion of syllabus or content from a book or area that will fall in the domain of content validity.  When a test has content validity, the items on the test represent the entire range of possible items the test should cover. Individual test questions may be drawn from a large pool of items that cover a broad range of topics. Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  9. 9. Formulas for allocation of MarksJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  10. 10. Marks AllocationS. No. Name of class % Objective Marks % subjective marks Total Marks1 0-1 100 - 502 2-3 80 20 503 4 25 75 1004 5-8 30 70 100 Javed Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  11. 11. Content validity sheetS. No. Chapter/Unit No. of Pages Allocated Subjective% Objective% Total Marks Javed Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  12. 12. Group Work Group No. 1. English Group No. 2. Math Group No. 3. Science Group No. 4. Urdu Group No. 5. Social StudiesJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  13. 13. Conclusion Content Validity determines the quantitative aspect of assessment. In order to maintain the qualitative aspect, the exam papers need to be divided into three portion of 33% (i.e. average, below average and above average). The prime purpose of assessment should be the promotion of students rather than failure. Using content validity sheet a teacher can save the time and energy while developing exam papers.Javed Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  14. 14. Joke of the dayJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo
  15. 15. Any ? Thank YouJaved Iqbal Anjum Your Logo