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Pantech embedded system project 2016-17


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Embedded system project 2016 2017

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Pantech embedded system project 2016-17

  1. 1. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PROJECT CODE PROJECT THEME APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY |CORE PSEMB801 IOT based Home Automation using Android and Arduino Automation 2016 INTERNETOFTHINGS PSEMB802 MQTT Protocol Implementation using Raspberry Pi MQTT PSEMB803 Home automation using MQTT and Node Mcu or Arduino Interactive social robots IoT RBI MQTT PSEMB804 An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management Based on Internet of Things IoT PSEMB805 An Automated Thing Speak System representing MPU6050 Sensor data using ESP8266 IoT PSEMB806 Analysis of TOI (Things of Internet) Industrial Monitoring System using ESP8266 IoT PSEMB807 Wi-Fi Controlled Robot using Link It ONE IoT PSEMB808 Mobile Station prototype for Environmental Data Capture ("a Mars Rover emulator") IoT PSEMB809 Advanced online examination Raspberry Pi IoT IoT PSEMB810 POE-Intelligent Household LED lighting System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction POE PSEMB811 QR Based ticketing machine IoT Raspberry Pi IoT PSEMB812 Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control in Embedded Systems Automotive PSEMB813 E-Umbrella forecasting weather information IoT PSEMB814 Think speak weather station using Raspberry Pi IoT PSEMB815 Quad copter with Raspberry Pi automatic target detection and shooting Smart Robot PSEMB816 Implementation of sensor Data monitoring and Transmitting Using ESP8266 with reference to Healthcare Industry Bio Gadgets
  2. 2. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB817 Hand in News Feeding Using Image Sensing Technique IOT 2016 RaspberryPiwithOpenCV PSEMB818 Augmented Reality Virtual Keyboard Bio Gadgets PSEMB819 Digital art - Drawing in the Air Through Gesture Digital Note PSEMB820 Image Processing based Icon Switches to Automate Environment Machine Vision PSEMB821 Cam Find - An Interactive Search Method for Images Machine Vision PSEMB822 Color Object Tracking Robot by Using Raspberry Pi with OpenCV Machine Vision PSEMB823 Eyeball Movement Based Cursor Control Bio Gadgets PSEMB824 Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR):A State of the Art Review Automotive PSEMB825 Portable Camera based Assistive and Product Label Reading from Hand Held Objects for Blind Persons Ambient Intelligence PSEMB826 Computer Vision based Automatic Toll Management System Automotive PSEMB827 Low-Cost Speaker and Language Recognition Systems Running on a RaspberryPi Ambient Intelligence 2016 RaspberryPi PSEMB828 RaspberryPi based Interactive Home Automation System through E-mail Smart Home PSEMB829 Motion Sensing based Intelligent Management System for Surveillance Motion sensing PSEMB830 RaspberryPi based Automatic Device Control by Using Bluetooth Low Energy Automotive PSEMB831 Accident Avoidance by Using Road Sign Recognition System Machine Vision PSEMB832 Raspberry Pi and Image Processing based Electronic Voting Machine Automotive PSEMB833 Raspberry PI Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication Smart Monitoring
  3. 3. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB834 Browser controlled robot using brick pi ANDROID 2016 BRICKPI PSEMB835 Book reader using brick pi Ambient Intelligence PSEMB836 Environmental Monitoring powered by Intel Edison Smart Monitoring 2016 INTEL EDISION PSEMB837 IOT Garage Door Opener (Android and Intel Edison) IoT PSEMB838 Arduino based Animatronics Hand Bio Gadgets 2016 ARDUINO PSEMB839 Tongue Movement for Bio-metric based Wheel Chair Control Bio Gadgets PSEMB840 An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and data logging in SD CARD Bio Gadgets PSEMB841 Tracking limbs motion using a wireless network of inertial measurement units Bio Gadgets PSEMB842 Human Inspired Control Humanoid Robot using Kinect Sensor Super Droid Robots 2016 Kinect PSEMB843 Trolley follower for hypermarkets Smart Monitoring PSEMB844 Real-Time RGB-D based Template Matching Pedestrian Detection Smart Monitoring PSEMB845 Real Time Person Tracking and Identification using the Kinect Sensor 3D environment scanning PSEMB846 Autonomous Learning of Object Models on a Mobile Robot Ambient Intelligence PSEMB847 Real-Time Human-Robot Interaction in Complex Environment Using Kinect Image Recognition conversation robot PSEMB848 A Gesture based TV Control Interface for Visually Impaired using kinect sensor Ambient Intelligence PSEMB849 Using Kinect on an autonomous vehicle for outdoors obstacle detection Obstacle Avoidance PSEMB850 Human arm replication system trajectory tracking ARM Replication PSEMB851 Object Avoidance Robot using Kinect Sensor based Dijkstra's Algorithm Machine Vision
  4. 4. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB852 PSoC Based Wearable Glove Pulse Oximeter With GSM Module for Telemedicine Bio Gadgets 2016 PSOC PSEMB853 Device Control by using PSoC4 with Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Ambient Intelligence PSEMB854 PSoC based Isolated Speech Recognition System Bio Gadgets PSEMB855 PSoC based Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles Smart Surveillance PSEMB856 A Tactile Micro Transceiver for Fingertip Touch and Movement Recognition with Texture Expression PSoC Bio Gadgets PSEMB857 Car Reverse Guide Using LIN Protocol Automotive COMMUNICATIONPROTOCOL (CAN,LIN,PLCC) PSEMB858 Vehicle Health Monitoring System Using LIN Protocol Automotive PSEMB859 Fault tolerance Identification CAN using 3 nodes Smart Surveillance PSEMB860 Using a CAN Bus for Control of an All-Terrain Vehicle Automotive PSEMB861 A Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN Smart Surveillance PSEMB862 Design of an Automotive Safety System using Controller Area Network Ambient Intelligence PSEMB863 A CAN protocol based embedded system to avoid rear-end collision of vehicles Automotive PSEMB864 A CAN Bus based system for Monitoring and fault diagnosis in Wind Turbine Smart Surveillance PSEMB865 Monitoring Driving Habits through an Automotive CAN Network Automotive PSEMB866 Design And Implementation of smart home control systems based on wireless sensor networks and power line communications PLCC PSEMB867 PLCC based boiler monitoring PLCC
  5. 5. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB868 Micro-IMU-based motion tracking system for virtual training using 9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU Ambient Intelligence 2016 WIRELESSCOMMUNICATION (ARM7,ARM9,CORTEX,MSP430) PSEMB869 Hardware based braille pad on mobile phone Digital note PSEMB870 Automatic Docking System for Recharging Home Surveillance Robots Super droid Robot PSEMB871 Android Enabled Kids Tracker with Geo Fences Light Fidelity PSEMB872 Automatic Vehicle Navigation Using Dijkstra's Algorithm Robot Navigation PSEMB873 RFID Based Intelligent Bus Management and Monitoring System Energy Management PSEMB874 Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles ITS PSEMB875 Multisensory Railway Track Geometry Surveying System ITS PSEMB876 Novel Designing of Electronic Voting System based on Biometric Authentication Biometric Security PSEMB877 A Third Generation Design for the automation of Inter Networked Banking and Teller Machine Operations using Universal Subscriber Identification Modules Biometric Security PSEMB878 An Embedded Real Time Finger Vein Recognition System for Mobile Devices Biometric Security PSEMB879 Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control Ambient Intelligence PSEMB880 Energy Efficient Image Transmission in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Super droid Robot PSEMB881 An advanced Ambulance Rescue System using Prioritized Traffic Switching Ambient Intelligence PSEMB882 User Identification for Home Entertainment Based on Free- Air Hand Motion Signatures Bio Gadgets PSEMB883 A Smart Phone-based Pocket Fall Accident Detection, Positioning and Rescue System Smart Phone
  6. 6. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB884 Novel Architecture for Future Li-Fi Wireless Technology Ambient Intelligence 2016 WIRELESSCOMMUNICATION (ARM7,ARM9,CORTEX,MSP430) PSEMB885 Touch Screen Enabled Data Transfer between Two USB Flash Disks IACS PSEMB886 NFC Smart Tourist Card: Combining Mobile and Contactless Technologies towards a Smart Tourist Experience Ambient Intelligence PSEMB887 NFC enabled intelligent hospital appointment and medication scheduling Bio Gadgets PSEMB888 Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using LiFi Ambient Intelligence PSEMB889 Blind navigation using LiFi system Bio Gadgets PSEMB890 MEMS Technology assisted Digital Class Room Ambient Intelligence PSEMB891 Hardware Implementation of BCI with Arduino for smart home applications Smart Home 2015 BRAINWAVE(EEG) (ARM7,ARM9,CORTEX,MSP430) PSEMB892 EEG-Based Attention Tracking during Distracted Driving Bio Security PSEMB893 Design of a multimodal EEG based hybrid BCI system with Visual servo module Machine Vision PSEMB894 Involving graduating engineers in applying a commercial BCI to motorized wheelchair driving Bio Gadgets PSEMB895 A Generic Framework for EEG-Based Biometric Authentication Bio Security PSEMB896 A Brain Computer Interface for Smart home Control Smart Home PSEMB897 Brain Controlled Quad copter Drones-Feature War Technology Bio Gadgets PSEMB898 An RTOS based Energy management system Energy Management 2016 RTOSPSEMB899 Advanced medical box for distance patient supervising using RTOS IoT PSEMB900 Design and implementation of Graphics Display system based on RTOS Graphics Display PSEMB901 Analyzing the Effect of Gain Time on Soft Task Scheduling Policies in Real Time System Automation PSEMB902 Wind Turbine Tracking based on RTOS IACS
  7. 7. Embedded Systems Email: | | P a g e ©2016 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PSEMB903 Street Lighting using Solar Powered LED Light Technology Ambient Intelligence 2016 ELETRICALBASEDPROJECTS (ARM7,ARM9,CORTEX,MSP430) PSEMB904 Separate Dimming Controlling and Data Transmission for an Indoor Visible Light Communication System Ambient Intelligence PSEMB905 An Energy Management System for a Smart Office Environment Energy Management PSEMB906 Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Distribution Management with Photovoltaic System Energy Management PSEMB907 Design of Automatic Energy Meter Based on Zigbee Energy Management PSEMB908 Reduce the Standby Power Consumption of a Microwave Oven Automation PSEMB909 Induction Machine Fault Diagnosis using Microcontrollers and real time Digital Simulation Unit IACS PSEMB910 A Smart Prepaid energy Metering system to control electricity theft Energy Management