Web logic server administration training course


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WebLogic Server Administration- We are provideing Oracle Weblogic Server online training by real time Experts for for demo sessions Call us @+91-9160254000. This course teaches the basics of the administration and deployment of Web applications in Oracle WebLogic.

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Phone: 651-368-9086 (USA)
Cell: +91-9160254000 (India)
Email: - rajuonlinetraining@gmail.com

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Web logic server administration training course

  1. 1. Web Logic Server Administration Training Course  Introduction to Web Logic Server o o o o o o    Web Logic Server Compatibility, Licensing Server Life Cycle J2EE Architecture Overview of Domains and Infrastructure Components Modes of Operation Differences between WLS versions Creating, Extending, and Managing Domains o Starting and Stopping Servers o Management Utilities o Customizing the Environment o Node Manager Configuration o Configure the Administration Server, Managed Servers, Clusters, Machines o Monitoring server health and performance o Management Utilities o Monitoring application performance Overview of the Deployment Process o Supported Deployment Units o Deployment Tools o Command Reference Package and Deployment of Applications o Archive file and exploded archive deployments o Deployments to Servers, Clusters, and  Manage Server and Network Communications o Configure Web Server Functionality o Use Web Server plug-ins o Unix basic commands  Logging Services o Server and Subsystem Logs o Log Message Format o Message Attributes o Message Severity o Viewing Server Logs  Troubleshooting Common Problems o VM Heap Size o Garbage Collection o Custom Metrics o SNMP o Backup/Restore WL S Configuration  WEBLOGIC Security o Security Fundamentals o Security Service Architecture and Terminology o Security Realms  Top Tuning Recommendations o Operating System Tuningh o Tuning Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) o Thread Management o Best Practices
  2. 2. Virtual Hosts Managing Application Life Cycle Events o Fast Track Deployment o Session Replication JDBC and JMS Settings o Configure JDBC Data Sources o Test Data Source Connections o JMS Servers o JMS System Modules and Resources o Messaging Bridge o Persistent Store o   WEBLOGIC Scripting Tool o Invoking WLST o Requirements for Entering WLST hhhCommand o Running Scripts o Exiting WLST For more details contact Rohan Phone: 651-368-9086 (USA) Cell: +91-9160254000 (India) Email: - rajuonlinetraining@gmail.com www.rajutechnologies.com