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Mandisa Ndlovu - Funding Your Business


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Mandisa Ndlovu - Funding Your Business

Published in: Business
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Mandisa Ndlovu - Funding Your Business

  1. 1. Role of Commercial Banks in Entrepreneurships • Enablers of Economic Activity • Core Function is Credit Creation
  2. 2. How Commercial Banks work? • Acceptance of Deposits • Deposits used for loans • Governance and Strict Credit lending
  3. 3. Typical Business Banking Products
  4. 4. What Banks look for when Lending? Affordability Security Credit History/Track Record
  5. 5. Entrepreneurs Funding Stallers • Non viable business model/business plan • Business Financial Affairs not Separate from Personal Affairs • Judgements on Credit Records • Excesses on transactional business accounts • Availability of latest Financial information • Overly Optimistic Budgets and Cash Flows
  6. 6. Commercial Funding Ready ü Viable Business Model ü Detailed Explanation of the intent of the loan ü Latest Signed Financial Statements: Profitable and Healthy Balance Sheet ü Realistic Healthy Cash Flows ü Latest Management Accounts ü Collateral ü Clean Credit Record ü Healthy Account Behavior