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Competing to increase sales with Enterprise Gamification


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Employee engagement
Competing to increase sales
Competir para incrementar las ventas

Published in: Business, Technology
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Competing to increase sales with Enterprise Gamification

  1. 1. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  2. 2. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  3. 3. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  4. 4. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanOne answer is …… Enterprise GamificationSales field
  5. 5. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanthe untapped “competing” gen.
  6. 6. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  7. 7. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  8. 8. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
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  10. 10. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  11. 11. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanPlan-Bexperience2 tickets for agreat Music FestivaliPad Mini
  12. 12. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanFormula 1PiratesFarWestRealitiesNinjas SailingSynchroMisses &Tops
  13. 13. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanEQUIPO: CENTROObj:RealFalta# Jugador Valor1 A. Rodaballo 75,23%2 M. Martínez 72,15%Reto Activo EQUIPOS 3 C. Escobar 68,12%…6 J. Pérez 59,45%7 S. Mañana 53,20%(Premio Directo) 8 D. Torres 47,78%70,00%53,37%16,63%Alcanzar distribución70% Mega-Active enMayo-SepObj:RealFalta# Jugador Valor1 LEGANES 245.1222 ALCALÁ 1 237.921Reto Activo COLECTIVO 3 CLÍNICA 30 232.279…22 CLÍNICA 15 110.11424 MORATALAZ 109.821(Premio Directo) 24 DENIA 105.100Vender 3M€ acum enQ13.000.0002.156.921843.079
  14. 14. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanBeautyIndustry Dental FranchiseHotelsCar Rental5 CustomerStories
  15. 15. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanAn well known cosmetics manufacturer with arenowned brand.His team of 139 business developers located in80 centers of El Corte Ingles compete for "MissExcellence".They should be good at someindicators such as sales, product sales or CRMcontacts.BeautyGame DetailsPlayers 139 business developersTheme Miss ExcellenceKPIs % Sales vs Target, % Product Serum Growth,% Product Lifting Growth, CRM newcontacts/ Units soldChallenges Top 20 adelgazante sales, Top 30 Multi-active Sales, top 10 make-up SalesAwards Based on pseudo-cash
  16. 16. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanA Hotel Group with presence in more than 20countries.Every Hotel Manager is a famous pirate. Theycompete to enhance customer satisfaction, in-house sales and customer costsGame DetailsPlayers 30Theme PiratesKPIs % Trip Advisor index, % In-house sales vstarget, COCChallenges Top 10 upgrade sales, top 20 Spa sales, top30 local experiences salesAwards Based on experience packs, tickets forexclusive Shows, and uncommon Trips.Hotels
  17. 17. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanThe world leader in car rentals gamify itsCorporate SalesTeam.Players are formula 1 drivers competing tooutperform in sales KPIs and to decrease Daysin Sales Outstanding (DSO)Car rentalsGame DetailsPlayers 20 Sales RepsTheme Fórmula 1KPIs % Sales vs Target, % Revenue per Day vsTarget, % new Customer Acquisition vsTarget, DSOChallenges Top 7 Medium Term Rentals, Top 5 VanRentalsAwards Based on experience Packs, Trips andelectronics
  18. 18. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanIndustry leader in automation, robotics andpower technologies, makes compete theirfinancial controllers to decrease the NetOperating Working Capital (NOWC).67 business units with their Financial Controllersin 15 EMEA countries compete to enhance someKPIs related to NOWC, such as DSO, DIH andbetter inventory management.IndustryGame DetailsPlayers 67 Business Unit Financial ControllersTheme No themeKPIs DSO, % Inventory Reduction, DIH,% NOWCChallenges Enhance Ageing, Overdues, Cash on HandAwards Electronics: pocket HD, ebook readers, Tablets,…
  19. 19. Jaume Juan @jaumejuanOne of the leaders in dental franchises in Spainwith almost 60 centers competing to enhancesales KPIs.Each center has two players that competetogether as a team against other centers: theManager and the Receptionist.Each Center is a musical band competing in aFicticious Reality game called “The Music”.Thefirst Stage is related to Castings, the second willbe the Game ShowDental FranchiseGame DetailsPlayers 120 players in 60 centers: Managersand receptionistsTheme Reality – Musical Game ShowKPIs % Sales vs Target, % High MarginProducts vs Target, % ExecutionChallenges Increase average Price per customerDecrease operational costsPromote specific financing optionsAwards Experience Packs and Electronics
  20. 20. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan